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National Band & Tag Co.

A Family Owned and Operated Business Since 1902

Now in the 5th Generation!

2009 Decade Winner
Tri-State Family Business of the Decade

2005 Winner
Tri-State Family Business of the Year
Award by University of Cincinnati Goering Center for Family Business

The Founders
Joseph Haas
Founders of
                National Band & Tag Company and Hasco Tag Company

& Sons
Fred E. Haas, Sr.   1901-1971
Elmer J. Haas, Sr.   1903-1969
The Retirees
Don Haas
Donald J. Haas
Retired 1995
Fred Haas
Fred E. Haas, Jr.
Retired 2004
Joe Haas
Joseph D. Haas
Retired 2008
National Band & Tag Company
Mission Statement
National Band & Tag Company's mission is to provide to our customers the best source for identification tags, to produce a top quality product at the lowest possible price with the best service. We will expand our sales base by continuing to concentrate on our existing markets, as well as developing new markets that are compatible with our current manufacturing capabilities and by pursuing new technology related to the identification field. This will build a strong, profitable business to perpetuate the company for the benefit of the family, future generations of the family, and our dedicated employees.
The Family Today

4th Generation

Faye Haas Wendel
President, (Seated 3rd)

Eric A. Haas
Vice-President, Marketing (Seated 2nd)

Kevin A. Haas
Vice-President, Laser, R&D (Standing 5th)

Fred E. Haas, III
Operations (Standing 4th)

Joe D. Haas, Jr
Vice-President Purchasing/Office, Treasurer (Standing 3rd)

Brad C. Haas
Vice-President, Production  (Standing 2nd)

Sean C. Haas
Vice-President Logistics, Secretary (Standing 1st)

Christine Haas Schwalbach
Sales  (Seated 1st)

5th Generation

Alan J. Haas (Lan)
Production (seated on green skid)

Alex A. Wendel
Information Technology (standing behind green skid)

Haas Family

Haas Family
Our Team
National Band &
              Tag Company Employees

Our History

National Poultry Comapny   National Band  International Identification Inc

National Band & Tag Company was founded in 1902. On August 15, Joseph Haas of Newport, KY, much like other pioneers of that period, opened a small shop in an abandoned barn at 71 Hooper Street in Clifton, KY. Haas intended to manufacture poultry leg and wing bands. He knew little about poultry farming, but had been informed that breeders were improving their flocks and it was necessary to use some sort of marker to distinguish one fowl from another. Visualizing the possibilities of a new industry, Haas went to work designing a few patterns of bands, crude at first, but with recommendations from customers and experimental projects, he was able to come up with bands that worked. Ads were placed in Poultry magazines, and although he had no competition, orders were slow. By 1914, the business began to grow. In order to keep up with the increase in business he moved to 720-722 Orchard Street, Newport, KY. Other animal identification tags were added to the product line, including livestock tags marketed under the Hasco name.  Over the years more property was acquired around this site and today National Band & Tag occupies almost the entire block between Orchard and York and 7th & 8th Streets.

Now in the 5th generation of the family, the business employs around 50 people and sells animal identification products all over the world. Perhaps the most unusual product is National's Chicken Sunglasses. These small glasses with red lenses were designed to be held on the chicken's beak with a cotter pin through the nostrils of the bird. As a cannibalistic animal, chickens are provoked by the sight of blood and will peck at each other, eventually killing off much of the flock. These red lenses prevented chickens from seeing the red blood and calmed their behavior.   These have not been manufactured for many years and we do not have any available for sale.  These glasses are now considered a collector's item.

glasses for chickens   anti-pix

chicken glasses

This is from a page from our catalog from 1940.  We no longer make these and they are not available for sale.

chicken sunglasses

Click here for a 1947 Paramount Newsreal about the chicken glasses!

Products today include a complete assortment of Poultry leg and wing bands, Bands used for Wildlife - Duck Bands, Raccoon, Ostrich; Zoo animals, Research animals, Livestock Identification, as well as a line of Industrial Tags and even Plant Labels. Many of our tags, while designed for a particular animal use, can be used for other purposes as well. One example is using our dog tags as City Vehicle tags attached to the license plates. Our latest endeavor is Laser Engraving Bar Codes on our tags in order for our customers to take advantage of the efficiencies that computerization brings to their projects.

Click here to watch the Hometown Series Video produced by WCPO about our company - (Large file - about 8MB - may take some time to download)