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Livestock Tags

Ear Tags
 Metal Ear Tags

Plastic Ear Tag Plastic Tags
Destron Fearing


Deer, Elk, Antelope, Water Buffalo

Metal Ear Tags
RFID Lifechip

840 AIN Tag
AIN Tags
Official "840" AIN Tags.
NB&T is a certified AIN Manager.

Livestock RFID

Ear/Toe Punch

Punches, Notchers, Hog Rings
For marking Ears, Toes, Webbing, etc

RFID Livestock Tag
RFID Livestock
Ear Tags

Regular "985" RFID ear tags
for automating your data collection

Livestock RFID

Strap Band

Ratite Identification

Various ID methods for Ostrich, Emu, etc
Leg & Neck Bands

mane_tag Horses - Equine
Seamless Leg Bands with Laser Etched Numbers
Mane Tags

RFID Readers
We work closely with Microchip manufactures and can help design a system to meet your needs.  Contact Kevin Haas for more information or e-mail info@nationalband.com

Enhance your identification with a database management system
National Band & Tag Company offers the services of ScoringAg, the only complete Global Database for worldwide traceback and traceup of agricultural products with Point-to-Point Traceback™ for each individual Commodity/Entity in just seconds.  This system can be utilized for compliance with the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) Program.

CALL FOR DETAILS or Click on the ScoringAg Logo for more info.

Scoring Ag

National Animal Identification System (NAIS)