National Safety Month – Part 2

The National Safety Council uses June to observe National Safety Month, which focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, and in our homes and communities. Last week we discussed how using colored aluminum tags can help label dangerous areas in the workplace. This week we want to focus on the OSHA-NSC alliance. One of OSHA’s newer requirements and one of National Band & Tag’s newest product lines is Wire Rope and Chain Sling Tags!

These tags help keep workers in the rigging and lifting industry safe. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that all wire rope and chain slings be identified at all times with specific information such as the work load limit, angle limitations and vertical, choker, and basket limitations. Our tags help keep workers safe with proper identification which is important in this industry with large pieces of material and equipment being lifted.

wire rope tagchain_sling_front_paint-horizontal
To learn about more ways you can stay safe in the workplace and at home all year long check out:

National Safety Month – Part 1

The month of June is recognized as National Safety Month with the focus being on reducing injuries at work, in our homes, on the road and in our communities. The National Safety Council has been the leading advocate on safety for over 100 years. According to NSC there are nearly eleven American worker fatalities on the job each day.

No company wants to have injuries; this is how National Band & Tag can help reduce injuries in your workplace.

Here at National Band & Tag we offer a variety of safety tags that come in colors that coordinate to levels of safety. For example, using red colored tags to signify danger, or yellow to express caution under certain circumstances. These colored tags are convenient for labeling your workplace based on colors or use large letting to catch worker’s attention and help ensure safety. Let National Band & Tag help make your workplace safer for your workers today!


1 7/8″ x 5 7/8″ (Style 14)
Shown with Optional 1/8″ Holes
Red Aluminum

flame detector

1 3/4″ (Style 116)
Shown with Standard 1/8″ Hole
Red Aluminum

gas corp tag

1 7/8″ x 5 7/8″ (Style 14)
Shown with Optional 1/8″ Holes
Red Aluminum

elevator inspection tag

1 1/4″ x 3″ (Style 144)
Yellow Aluminum

inspection tag

1 7/8″ x 5″ (Style 14)
Shown with Standard 1/8″ Holes
Black UV Stable Aluminum

How much do you love your pet?

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! Every year the first full week of June is Pet Appreciation Week (June 7-13, 2015) dedicated to your beloved pets! A pet is so much more than just an animal, they are a symbol of companionship, love and happiness. Some people even consider their pet to be a family member! So make sure to give your pet extra attention this week while also following some National Band & Tag tips for caring for your dog!

Tip #1.) Get your pet their license.

Did you know, it is the law to have your pet licensed? Many states require you to renew their license annually! Dog licenses on average cost $10-$20 dollars which is less than the fine you will pay if your dog is caught without a license. Other benefits include improving chances of animals being returned if lost and license fees support local animal shelters.

Tip #2.) Get your pet up to date on their rabies vaccination.

Depending on what state you live in, your pet may receive annual rabies vaccinations or receive them every three years. Rabies is a severe viral disease of the central nervous system that can be passed by salvia. The most common method of transfer is an infected wild animal such as a bat, fox, raccoon, or skunk biting your pet and infecting them. Rabies vaccinations are also required by law in all states.

Tip#3.) Get your pet a name tag.

This is simply a tag with your pet’s name on one side and your contact information on the back so if your pet is found they can be easily and quickly returned to you!

In all, your pet should have 3 tags on them at all times, pet license tag, rabies vaccination tag and name tag. This will help ensure that if they get lost they will be returned to you while also following all the laws!

Happy Pet Appreciation Week from National Band & Tag Company!

2016 Rabies Vaccination Tag Options
(Style Numbers are below tag)

2016 rabies tags

National Dairy Month

The month of June is dedicated to the hard working dairy farmers all over the country that produce one of America’s most valued items: Milk. Milk is produced in all 50 states of America and the farm value of milk production is second only to beef among livestock. Most everyone in the world consumes dairy in their daily diet. It’s safe to say that dairy is pretty important to the economic production of America.

National Dairy Month started as National Milk Month in 1937, but over the years has turned into National Dairy month to recognize the hard work of the dairy industry. But what would the dairy industry be without the dairy cows? When you have that many cows to keep track of, life can become hectic unless they are tagged and accounted for.

Here at National Band and Tag Company we make quality livestock ear tags including plastic ear tags and metal ear tags that come in many different styles, sizes and colors. These tags can be customized with your ranches name, barcodes, numbering and more. We also have RFID tags, AIN Tags and Lifechips for all your livestock identification needs!

Style 49 Cattle Ear TagsStyle 49 Cattle Ear Tag

RFID Livestock Ear Tags

RFID Livestock Ear Tags

Destron Fearing Plastic Ear Tags

destron fearing plastic ear tags