Online Order Form – Red Heart Rabies Tags

westie dog with rabies tagIt’s time to order Rabies Vaccination Tags! The NASPHV recommended tag shape for 2016 is the Red Heart.

We offer 7 styles of the Red Heart Rabies Tags and can custom stamp with your clinic details. We use top quality material and strive to ensure your lettering/numbering is stamped accurately, straight, and deep.

We’ve made the process easy by creating an Online Order System where you can preview your stamping on the tag. If you are a returning customer, just log in with your username and password from last year. You can make edits to your tag on file and submit your order quickly and easily.

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Gone Fishin’ – Fish Tags

For many people who are avid fishermen or just like to fish recreationally, the summer is their favorite season; the fish are abundant and biting while the weather is nice and warm. As it gets hotter, the lake starts to sound pretty good or waking up in the cool mornings to go cast when the fish are biting.

How does National Band and Tag fit into this picture?

fish tagWe make fish bands and tags to help track the fish populations, especially when it comes to recreational fishing. The fish populations in different lakes/ bodies of water are crucial to that ecosystem. Banding the fish with fish tags helps to make sure the fish populations stay in the desired range to help maintain balance in the different ecosystems. Notify park rangers/ people in charge of the area you fish in when you catch a fish with a tag or band to help track fish populations!



Emerald Ash Borer

emerald ash borerThis emerald, metallic- looking beetle has become a nightmare for Ash Trees all over the United States. The beetle originated in Eastern Russia, Northern China, Japan, and Korea. By accident, it arrived in the United States stowed away on cargo imported from Asia. The Emerald Ash Borer causes ash trees to lose 30-50% of their canopy after 2 years of infestation, and death within 3-4 years.

So how can you save your ash tree from this pest? First, you have to save your tree by getting it treated. Ash trees get treated through injections into the trunk close to the ground. After your tree has been treated effectively, then National Band & Tag comes in.

EAB tree tag We sell tree tags that can be used as identification for the trees that have been treated. These tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are nailed into the tree, usually at eye level to ensure they can be seen and are stable. If you have an Ash tree that you think might be infected, please get it tested and treated to help stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer!


Made in America!

239 years ago from this Saturday, the Declaration of Independence was signed, declaring America’s independence from Great Britain. Since then we have accomplished so much and have gone from a nation of 13 colonies to a nation of 50 states. America is all about being proud and working hard to achieve success.

National Band and Tag loves America too, that’s why we proudly manufacture in Newport, Kentucky.

As a family owned and operated manufacturer in America, we are so happy to celebrate this Fourth of July! We are a family business living the American Dream and are thankful for our customers who make it possible. Enjoy your barbecues, fireworks, and parades this Saturday and remember to celebrate our freedom and our country.

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