Keep Track of Your Assets – Asset Tags

At National Band & Tag Co. we are always looking for an identification challenge. We pride ourselves on providing unique and innovative identification solutions for many purposes. Where is this going, you ask? Well, we haven’t started tagging rear ends yet, but the following case study is an example of how a customer came to us with a problem and how we provided them with a solution.

barcoded plastic asset tag

Case Study:

A customer in the sporting apparel industry needed a tag to track inventory from their warehouse to their retail stores all across the country. They needed something heavy duty to stand up to harsh conditions, but still flexible, and that could easily be attached or removed. This customer also wanted to go paperless, so they needed a bar code to scan.

The solution that NB&T came up with for this company was to use our Vinyl Snap Off Tags (Style 144V). These tags are made of vinyl, so they are sturdier than a paper label, but are thin and flexible enough that the customer can staple them to wood pallets. They are also laser etched with a linear bar code, so when scanned, it shows how much inventory should be on that wood pallet, along with which retail store location it is being shipped to. The pallet is scanned at the warehouse and then scanned again at the store to make sure no inventory was lost in transit.

These vinyl asset tags come on a continuous roll or in sheets of 10 so that when a pallet is ready to go, you can snap a tag off the roll and attach it to the pallet. Our newest feature for this tag is an 1/8” hole so they can be nailed to a surface instead of stapled. We are in the business of providing solutions for you and your assets!

What kind of asset tracking need do you have?

World Rabies Awareness Day

IMG_9629In case you didn’t know, this coming Monday is World Rabies Awareness Day. Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system of mammals and is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. This virus is deadly, but luckily there is a fast-acting cure.  The number of rabies cases has gone down as animal vaccination has increased, however, rabies is still deadly and people should exercise caution around animals exhibiting abnormal behavior.

So, what are National Band and Tag’s association with rabies vaccinations?

We manufacture Rabies Vaccination Tags for many veterinary offices. Every time your cat or dog gets a rabies vaccination, they must be wearing the updated vaccination tag alongside their pet license and name tag. Without this tag, it can cost you if your pet gets lost. Keep your pets safe from rabies by keeping them up to date with their vaccinations. Not only are you protecting your pet, but you’re also preventing the possible spread of this deadly virus. Check out the samples of our Rabies Tags!


So long, Sharpie! – Lead Apron Tags

Did you know that the lead aprons worn in hospitals and dentists’ offices need to be checked annually?  The joint commission requires these aprons to be inspected visually, tactually (feeling for imperfections) and fluoroscopically (X-ray) to assess the condition of the apron.  This test must be documented and available for the joint commission during an inspection.  Hospitals have tried numerous methods for marking aprons after they have been tested including a simple sharpie marker.

At NB&T, we were contacted by hospitals who wanted a more professional looking and easier to implement identification solution for tracking their lead aprons.  We love a challenge and pride ourselves on being an identification solutions provider, so we got to work and introduced our new line of lead apron ID tags!

btn-aprong-tagsThese tags are applied once into each apron and are either stamped or laser etched with a unique identification number in the form of a human readable number or a barcode.  The tag is then a permanent part of the apron and drastically improves the tracking ability.  When inspection time is due, the barcode can be scanned and the information uploaded into any spreadsheet including Microsoft Excel.  We have also created a vinyl yearly compliance disk that can be changed out each time the apron is inspected.  These disks are color coded for each year which makes identifying aprons that have or have not been inspected a breeze.  So long Sharpie, hello National Band and Tag’s Lead Apron Tags!

What’s that Lassie? Timmy fell into the well? — Well Tags

lassieDid Timmy really fall into the well? No. But in the classic TV show, Lassie, the dog was always saving Timmy from one thing or another. This catch-phrase was coined by fans, but does speak to the common-known danger of falling into a well. Now, while this isn’t exactly as common now-a-days as it may have been in 1960, it still brings us to the topic of wells.

Did you know, that every well (hole in the ground meant to source, test, inject water), must have a Well Tag? To ensure clean and adequate supply of underground drinking water, programs are implemented to prevent contamination of aquifers from improper well construction, well drilling, or well abandonment. This is why any well drilling must be done by a licensed well driller who must first obtain a permit. Once they have a permit, the permit number will be on the Well Tag, so if any information is needed on the well, there is an identification number for it.

This is where National Band & Tag comes into play. Our metal Well Tags are heavy duty and withstand being outside year-round. The stamping doesn’t fade so the identification number is always readable,

well permit tagsThe section of the well pipe that protrudes out of the ground is where the Well Tag is attached. Use 1/8” x 9/16” slots if you plan on using 1/2” strapping and 1/4” x 7/8” slots if plan on using 3/4” strapping. Most people like to use landscaping and bushes to hide the well head in their yard. If you move into a new home and the Well Tag is missing, call your local water or health department to find your well ID number. Requirements may vary state to state on what your identification tag or label may need to look like, or what information should be included. Check with your state’s Water Management Division or Department of Water Resources to find out your state’s laws.

And if you still need help with your well, chances are Lassie may come to the rescue.


Heavy Duty Metal Wire Markers

metal wire markersNowadays, we have cables and wires everywhere. They keep us connected and they help run our world. We have them in our homes, in our workplaces, and in public places. Whether you are an electrical engineer or a residential handyman, wires can be tough to work with unless they are properly identified. Some wires can be totally harmless, while others could cause major problems. Have you ever been in the position where you had to cut a wire, but didn’t know which one was the correct one?

Let National Band & Tag Co. help with heavy duty Metal Wire Markers!

These wire markers wrap around the end of a wire with a stamped identification number that you can reference. Great for cable wiring, telephone wiring, electrical wiring, wiring outlets and switches, stripping wire, splicing wire, etc. These markers are made of either brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or tinned steel based on your need. They will withstand time and conditions, and won’t rip or tear when crowded in with a large group of wires. The stamping won’t fade or wear, ensuring you will be able to identify your wires for years to come.

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