National Cat Day

national-cat-dayOn October 29, we celebrate a day dedicated to one of the most popular American owned household pets. You guessed it; National Cat Day! Approximately 30-35% of American households own a cat, that’s approximately 70-75 million cats.

On your cat’s day, show them you love them and care for them.

Similar to dogs, cats also need three tags on them at all times:

Although more dogs get lost each year, cats still need identification and a way to return home as well.

Make sure your cat’s day is purr-fect! Let them toy with your shoestrings and cuddle up next to you.

What’s your cat’s name? Does he/she have a license tag?


Tagging Techniques – Using Welding Techniques for Fastening Tags

tack welded tag

Tack Welded Tag

We pride ourselves in being a solutions provider at National Band & Tag, and like to share case studies of our tags in use.

Case Study:

An automotive manufacturer uses our stainless tags by spot welding them to their inventory control racks.   The dark etched 2D Data Matrix bar code survives a great deal of abuse when traveling through their work in process.  This technique enables automatic tracking of every batch of parts in this manufacturing facility.    

Our tags can be made in heavy duty stainless steel (.031″ 430 Stainless Steel, .030″ 304 Stainless Steel, .047″ 304 Stainless Steel) which are ideal for welding.

For more information on our bar coded stainless steel tags, click here. For other tag fastening techniques, click here.

If you use our tags, let us know how we’ve helped provide a solution for you!

History of NB&T

joseph haas sr.National Band & Tag was founded in 1902 by Joseph Haas, my great-great-grandfather. That’s right, I am one of the 5th generation now working for this incredible company. It has seen many changes in the last 113 years but has been able to remain innovative enough to stay relevant in a constantly changing market.

The company began when Joseph started making poultry leg bands and wing bands for his backyard flock. He and his neighbors all had birds — and they needed a way of identifying who’s was who’s. Since he saw a need, he started up shop in an abandoned barn and placed ads in local magazines. Business grew and thrived. He quickly had to expand, and eventually, his two sons began working with him. From there, other products were developed, including chicken sunglasses, livestock tags, and so much more.

Today, one of our biggest product lines is still poultry bands, but we have continued to stretch our wings. We have hundreds of different products from a tiny shrimp eye band, to sea turtle tags, to heavy-duty wire rope tags, and laser-etched barcoded tags.

Through the years, our customers have been essential to our growth and innovation. When someone calls with a need, we strive to find a solution to their need. This collaboration and synergy with customers is something we deeply value.

As a member of the 5th generation looking forward, I hope we can continue the legacy of what’s been handed down and entrusted. We strive to make high-quality products, at affordable prices, all with outstanding customer service. We hope to continue this reputation and dream up new and innovative solutions that would make great-great-grandpa proud!

Do you have an identification need? Have an idea for a band or tag? Leave your comment below!

Check out this old Paramount video of our Chicken Sunglasses.

Bandas Aves Wing

¿Está usted necesitando placas para las alas de  sus gallinas o gallos? ¡No busque más! Ofrecemos una gran variedad de placas para alas para satisfacer distintas necesidades: desde la cría, a la investigación, desde el deporte a las exhibiciones y más. Si usted necesita numeración secuencial, el nombre de su empresa o un código de barras, podemos satisfacer casi cualquier necesidad de identificación.

Para ayudarle a decidir qué ala de banda es mejor para usted, por favor vea la tabla de comparación más abajo.

Nacional Band & Wing Band Comparación de funciones Tag Gráfico
Ala Band / Características Inviolable Disponible con código de barras Materiales Aplicador Colores fusion  disponibles Otras características
Tab End Style 898 No Aluminio No 4 tamaños diferentes disponibles. Rápido y fácil de aplicar.

Style 890


(Style 890s)

3 tamaños diferentes disponibles. Remaches de colores disponibles.

Style 892

No Aluminio

(Style 890s)

Tubo incorporado que es similar a un remache

Style 893

No No Aluminio, Latón, Monel

(Style 893s)

Auto perforante


Noticias sobre las placas de alas:nino-tags

  • Se redujo la cantidad mínima de placas de 1000 a 100.
  • Ñ letras ñ ya están disponibles para el estampado.
  • Todas las placas estñn disponibles de colores fusión.
  • Muestras gratis disponibles – ¡llame hoy!

La 890 es uno de nuestros estilos de placas para ala más populares.

¡Comparte aquí cuál es tu favorita!

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Poultry Wing Bands

Haga clic aquí para Español

Are you in need of wing bands for your chickens or roosters? Look no further! We offer a variety of wing bands to meet everyone’s needs from breeding, to research, to game birds and more. Whether you need sequential numbering, your company’s name or a barcode, we can accommodate almost any identification need.

To help you decide which wing band is best for you, view the comparison chart below.

National Band & Tag Wing Band Feature Comparison Chart
Wing Band / Features Tamper Resistant Available Bar coded Materials Applicator Fusion Colors Available Other Features
Tab End Style 898 No Yes Aluminum No Yes 4 different sizes available. Fast and easy to apply.

Style 890

Yes Yes Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes 3 different sizes available. Colored eyelets.

Style 892

Yes No Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes Drawn tube that is similar to an eyelet

Style 893

No No Aluminum, Brass, Monel Yes

(Style 893s)

Yes Self-piercing


Wing Band News:nino-tags

  • The Zip 892 use to have a 1,000 band minimum, it has now been lowered to 100 band minimum.
  • Ñ ñ letters are now available for stamping.
  • All wing bands are now available in fusion colors.
  • Free samples available – call today!

The Zip 890 is one of our most popular wing band styles.

Share below what your favorite wing band is!

Manufacturing Day – Oct. 2nd

mfg dayOctober 2nd is Manufacturing Day! This day is for manufacturers to address common misperceptions about manufacturing, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry. National Band & Tag Company has been a U.S. manufacturer for 113 years and almost all of our products are produced here in our factory, located in Newport, Kentucky.

What does it mean to be a manufacturer?

A manufacturer is typically known as “a person or company that makes goods for sale.” Here at NB&T we produce most of our products in-house to order. We don’t have tags sitting on the shelf, we make them to order from coils of materials using punch press machines to cut out the shape of the tag. This process allows us to create custom tags for a low competitive price. This method also means that we run on a production schedule and during the busy season (August – December) orders can take 2-4 weeks to produce and ship out. As our business continues to grow, NB&T has worked with customers to get tags that are not customized shipped out faster (Industrial Quick Ship, Mouse Ear Tag Quick Ship) as well as tags that are laser etched (Stock-N-Lase). We love working with our customers to create new and innovative solutions for all identification purposes. We are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer!

Our Mission Statement:

We are a U.S. manufacturer providing unique and innovative identification solutions for many purpose. Since 1902, we’ve been building our business to SOAR™:

  • Sequential numbering and custom design for accurate identification
  • On-Time and upfront delivery expectations
  • Agile and solution-centered customer service
  • Reinvention in-house, to save you time and money

Are you a manufacturer? What goods do you make? How are you celebrating Manufacturing Day?