11 Uses For Plastic Spirals That You May Not Have Thought Of!

Plastic Spirals are one of NB&T’s most versatile products! With 11 different sizes and 11 different colors to choose from, these tiny spirals are made of strong, resilient, colored plastic. There are hundreds of uses for this product, but below are some ways our customers use them.

  1. spiral bandsBird leg bands
  2. Booklet rings
  3. Wire markers
  4. Display sign hangers
  5. Art and craft supplies
  6. Tree and plant identification
  7. Mark different assets for different departments
  8. Mark inventory based on the production date
  9. Identify equipment inspections by year
  10. Hang name tags on mailboxes
  11. Hold together loose sheet music

These Plastic Spirals can color code almost anything you can think of. Just wrap the spiral around the object and you have a visual marker!

sign hangers

Sign Hangers

book binding spirals

Book Binding Spirals

A Look Back at 2015

happy 2015!National Band & Tag Company has had a wonderful 2015! We have introduced new products throughout the year as well as new features for our existing products and more. Check out the links below to see what you might have missed!

New Products

  • Split Ring Chain Sling – Joining our chain sling tag line up, this tag is made of galvanized steel and has a split in the ring that can be welded shut.
  • Plumber Tags – Now available laser etched with boxes that can be written in with a sharpie.
  • Size 14 Bandettes – Our largest sized plastic bandette with a 7/8th inch diameter.
  • Wire Bundles – Customized to the length you need between 3” to 20” inches. Available in 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel.
  • Black UV Cable Ties – These cable ties will stand up to UV exposure, are 18 inches long and come in a 50lb bag.
  • 3/16th hand stamps – Our largest sized hand stamp for letters and numbers so that you can stamp tags yourself.

New Product Features

  • The letter Ñ ñ stamp is now available to be stamped on any band or tag.
  • Laser etched corners and borders can be added to almost any tag to give it a more decorative look.
  • Laser etched inverted logos are a new creative way to show off your company’s logo.
  • Yellow backing on the Write-On Tag (Style 2702) has been removed, the cardboard backing is biodegradable.
  • Zip 892-3 Wing Band, the 1,000 band minimum has been lowered to a 100 band minimum.

New Services

Are there any new products, features or services you would like to see from National Band & Tag in 2016? Just let us know in the comment section below or call us at 859-261-2035!


We’d also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and many blessings in the New Year!

Champions of Problem Solving

NBT employees“Agile and solution-centered customer service.”  At National Band & Tag Co, we feel so strongly about the importance of customer service we included this statement in our Mission.  Each day, our solution centered customer service team reaches people all over the world, assisting with orders, helping customers choose the appropriate items for a specific purpose, and answering numerous questions regarding the type and use of our products.  They are champions at problem solving and delivering information in a professional and courteous manner.

About a year ago when our company updated its logo, we added a Thank You card to many of our orders.  This was our way of letting the customers know they were receiving the best products from the best team of people, from order entry to manufacturing through shipping.  It is a team approach for each order!  We are always thankful the customer chose our company to meet their tagging needs.

Looking ahead to 2016, we are grateful for each and every customer and look forward to hearing from you again in the new year.  We will continue to provide excellent customer service, making the decision making and order process simple and solution-centered.  If you have not ordered from us yet, look over our website.  We hope to have the product you are looking for and if not, give us a call or e-mail us.  We will work with you hoping to accomplish your tagging needs.

How do you plan to attach your tags?

“How do you plan to attach your tags?” That’s our favorite question that seems to stump customers.

There are multiple ways that you can attach a tag depending on your application. We offer a variety of fasteners to meet your identification needs. If you plan on hanging your tag we offer multiple lengths and materials from ball chains, to custom length steel wires, to plastic cable ties. If you plan on mounting your tag, adhesive backing is available, but limited to aluminum tags and certain sizes only.

Other fasteners that we do not currently carry but can be used to attach tags are pop rivets, welding, nails, screws, and more. If you are planning on using your own fasteners, make sure to get the correct hole size when ordering your tags.

Click here to request free samples! Have questions, we’re available to help navigate your fastening needs!

S-Hooks Split Rings Rivets Ball Chain
1502 link 1504 link 1505 link 1503 link 1506 ring 1514 ring 1 dog collar rivets ballchain for tags
Style 1502 – Galvanized
Style 1502SS – Stainless
1″ high x .091 dia.
Style 1504 – Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.


Style 1505 – Plated
3/4″ high x .080 dia.
Style 1503 – “Twisted” Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.
Style 1506 – Galvanized
Style 1506SS – Stainless
11/16″ outside dia.
Style 1514 – Plated
1″ outside dia.
Style 1508BR – 1/8″ Brass Plated
Style 1508NI – 1/8″ Nickel Plated
needs 9/64″ hole
Style 1507 – 4″ Brass Plated
Style 1507SS – 4″ Stainless Steel
Style 1507NI – 4″ Nickel Plated
Style 150724 – 24″ Aluminum Neck Chain

If you are using Pop Rivets to mount your tags, you must use a larger hole than your Pop Rivet. (For example, if you have 1/8″ Pop Rivets, you’ll need 9/64″ holes.)

Wire Bundles Black Zip Ties
ss-&-galvanized-wire black-zip-ties
Style 1525 – .040″ 304 Stainless Steel
Style 1526 – .062″ Galvanized Steel
Standard: 12″ long — 100 piece bundles
Also available in custom sizes from 3″ to 18″:
1525CS – .040″ Custom Short 304 Stainless Steel – 3″-11″
1525CL – .040″ Custom Long 304 Stainless Steel – 13″-18″
1526CS – .062″ Custom Short Galvanized Steel – 3″-11″
1526CL – .062″ Custom Long Galvanized Steel – 13″-18″
Style 1527 — 50lb. Black UV Cable Tie
18″ long
Adhesive Backing
adhesive backed tag
Adhesive Backing available only on Aluminum Tags in all tag heights with backing in 3 sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1 1/2.
500 tag minimum. Contact us for a quote.
Ring Application Split Rivet Application
Style 1506S Applicator for 1506, 1506SS, 1514 For Styles 1508BR, 1508NI
Tool to open split ringThis hand tool is a helpful device that spreads the ring apart
for attaching the tag to the ring and to the collar, or cage, or other item.
split rivet application
S-Hook Application Hand Stamps
For Styles 1502, 1502SS, 1503, 1504, 1505 Style 1571: Numbers 0-9 Style 1572: Letters A-Z
s hook application handstampsHardened steel, gothic style, letters and numbers for hand stamping tags.
Contact us for information on Stamping/Numbering. Available in 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″.

Goose & Duck Hunting – Call in Banded Birds

We found a great article from online news source, The Advocate, regarding banded waterfowl and deer during hunting season. The plea is for hunters to call in banded birds and bucks when shot. Bird Bands contain information about the bird, the date of hatch, species, etc. and is extremely useful information for federal and state biologists.

A quote from the article reads, “Federal and state waterfowl biologists want duck and goose hunters to report taking banded birds.” 

“Band data is an important management tool, because biologists use them to continue studies in populations and migration patterns of migratory birds. State teams band in excess of 2,000 wood ducks annually and, in August, completed another banding effort on mottled ducks, the state’s only native duck.”

“To report taking a bird with a band, call toll-free 1-800-327-BAND (2263). Operators are on duty to 24 hours daily through the hunting season to take calls. The operator will ask for the band number and when and where it was recovered.”

To read more of this article, you can find it here.

At National Band & Tag Co., we produce bird bands in numerous sizes, materials, and colors. If you need to band birds in your area, please give us a call. 859-261-2035

Here is a quick look at some of our butt-end bands.

bird bands