Spring Turkey Season in Kentucky

Season Dates: April 16, 2016 – May 8, 2016

Kentucky’s Spring Turkey Season is in full swing with hunters out to get their two bird bag limit! All hunters know they are required to call in and report a harvested bird when they get it, but what about a banded bird? Here at National Band & Tag we encourage any hunter who lands a banded turkey to call the number on the band and report it to help researchers with their studies! Below is an example of a turkey with our Rivet Bands, who is being used by biologists to collect data on turkey’s brooding habits and population.

Kentucky’s Bag Limits for the 2016 Spring Season are:

“A hunter may take a male turkey or a turkey with a visible beard. No more than one (1) bird may be taken per day. No more than two (2) birds may be taken per spring season. Any combination of male turkeys, or female turkeys with visible beards, may be included in this two-bird season limit.”

Good luck to everyone out there this season! Comment below with pictures of your prized gobblers and any banded turkeys as well!

turkey band




Reports of Squirrels Chewing on Aluminum Tree Tags

gray squirrel in treePlain Aluminum and UV Stable Black Aluminum are some of our most popular materials for Tree Tags. But, some of our customers have reported squirrels chewing on their aluminum tags causing them to have to replace their tags more often. This happens mostly on college campuses or parks where there are large populations of squirrels due to all the food and trash left behind by people.

Squirrels can chew through just about anything that’s not made of metal. Their front teeth continue growing throughout their entire lives, therefore, to keep them trimmed, squirrels chew on things, like the conveniently located tag on their tree.
brass tree tag

Some customers prefer the UV stable quality and aren’t worried about squirrels chewing on their tags. For those who would rather find something more squirrel-resistant, we have a few customers who have tried our stamped brass tags and have had better results. Squirrels have been known to like aluminum, but it seems like brass may be less appealing to them.

Are you having trouble with squirrels and your Tree Tags? Comment your story or share a picture below!


NUEVAS placas para alas 898-3 con código de barras 2D Fusión

placas para alas 898-3 con código de barras 2D Fusión

En National Band y Tag comenzamos nuestro negocio de fabricación de placas de identificación para  aves a principios de 1900. Motivado por dos vecinos que discutían de quién eran las aves que se movían de corral en corral, Joseph Haas encontró una solución creando placas de diferentes colores para las patas y  alas de las aves para cada dueño. Esto ha evolucionado considerablemente a lo largo de los años, primero añadiendo números consecutivos, luego estampando nombres particulares, hasta nuestra oferta actual que incluye códigos de barra, entintado fusión y placas mas seguras. ¡Siga leyendo para obtener mas detalles sobre las emocionantes ofertas  que ofrecemos hoy en día para aves de corral y de competencia!

898-3 Placa de lengüeta: Esta placa pre-formada es rápida de colocar y segura. Puede ser colocada a mano ¡no requiere una herramienta especial!. Las dimensiones aproximadas cuando están cerradas son de 4.8mm de alto x 15.9mm de largo.

Los caracteres marcados con tinta fusionada son realizados con una tinta permanente de color negro que es fácil de leer. Esta técnica proporciona códigos de barra y números con contraste óptimo. El proceso de fusión se realiza en un mínimo de 500 placas para las 898-3. Los colores disponibles son: blanco, rojo, azul, verde, amarillo, violeta, rosado, café y gris.

Códigos de barra de matriz de datos:
Este tipo de códigos de barras es muy superior a los códigos de barras lineales por varias razones:

  1. puede contener hasta 2335 caracteres alfanuméricos, mientras que uno lineal puede contener solo hasta 6 caracteres alfanuméricos.
  2. Las matrices de datos son excelentes para codificar grandes cantidades de información en un área pequeña, lo cual la hace ideal para una pequeña placa para el ala.
  3. Es el código de barra mas seguro que existe. Los datos no pueden ser modificados una vez el código es creado.
  4. Este tipo de código de barras puede ser escaneado con un teléfono “smartphone” o escaner 2D.

Secuencias numéricas completas-sin números duplicados-ningún número faltante-¡garantizado!



NEW 898-3 Fusion 2D Barcoded Wing Bands

tab end wingbands barcoded

At National Band & Tag, our poultry business started with backyard birds in the early 1900s. When neighbors squabbled about who’s birds were who’s, Joseph Haas found a solution in creating different colored poultry leg bands and wing bands. This has evolved a great deal over the years, from adding numbering, to custom stamping of names and farms, to our current offerings that include barcodes, fusion ink, and tamper-resistant seals. Keep reading for more detail on the exciting options we offer in poultry bands today!

Tab End 898-3: A pre-formed band that’s fast and secure. This wing band can be applied completely by hand, no applicator required! Approximate dimension when closed 3/16” height x 5/8” length.

Fusion: “Fusion Marked” characters utilize permanent ink for an easy to read, black, contrasting barcode and number. The fusion process on the Tab End and Zip have a 500 band minimum. Tags are available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, and Light Gray.

2D Data Matrix Barcode: The data matrix is superior to the linear barcode for multiple reasons:

  • It can contain up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters, while a linear barcode can contain up to 5 or 6 alphanumeric characters.
  • Data matrixes are great for encoding large amounts of information on a small amount of space, such as a wing band.
  • It is the most secure barcode there is, data cannot be changed or altered once the barcode is created.
  • A 2D data matrix can be scanned with a smart phone or 2D scanner.

Complete number sequences – No duplicate numbers – No missing numbers – Guaranteed!



Durable Stainless Steel Identification

stainless steel tags on liquid nitrogen tanksTags that stand up to harsh environments are needed in many industrial applications and whether it be extreme hot or cold, our 304 stainless steel tags can stand up to the task! Below is a picture provided by a customer of our stainless steel tags in their liquid nitrogen tank. They have been very happy with their tags because even when covered in frost, the large, bold, laser etched letters and numbers are still highly visible. This high visibility allows our customers to conduct their research and identify each box in the tank without having to reach in and pull it out.

These tags are one of our most popular tags, style 14, rectangular with rounded corners, 1” x 3” inches. We offer two different thicknesses in this material, .030 and .047. These particular tags also have a 3/16” x 5/16” slot so that they can easily swing around the handle.

What type of environment do you need tags for? We’d be happy to send samples and work with you to find the perfect form of identification for you!