Critters of the Night

Halloween is next week! Have you noticed any spooky animals out and about? If so, see if they have a NB&T band or tag! We manufacture bands and tags for all kinds of animals including some nocturnal Halloween favorites such as:

cat tagcat tagBlack Cats – Styles 501 and 504 can be used as rabies or license tags for cats.
1005-1 tags for miceRats – Style 1005-1 is used as an ear tag for mice, rats, and other small animals.
1242-14 owl bandOwls – Style 1242-14 is used specifically for barn owls, but we offer other sizes for bigger or smaller owl species.
bat tags 1243-2Bats – Style 1243-2 is crimped over the wing of the bat.
1005-4 raccoon tagRaccoons – Style 1005-4 is used as an ear tag for medium sized animals.


Happy Halloween from all of us here at National Band & Tag!
We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.

happy halloween from nbt

Our Favorite Tags

Here at NB&T we have hundreds of styles of tags to choose from, so we asked some of our family members and employees, “what is your favorite tag style and why?”


1-1/4" round tag with barcodeFaye (President): Style 137 – “The 1-1/4” inch circle is my favorite because it has so many uses and is a top seller. It is used across multiple product categories such as rabies tags, industrial tags and tree tags.
butt-end bandsBillie (Sales Representative): Style 1242 – “The Butt-End Bands are my favorite because they can be used for other things besides leg bands for waterfowl, such as wire markers, jewelry, and business cards.”
dog bone tagAndi (Graphics & Web Manager): Style 165 – “The large dog bone is my favorite because it is on my dog and I get to see it every day!”
black tree tagKevin (Laser Etching Manager): Style 14 ­– “The rectangle with rounded edges is one of my favorite because it can go on almost anything and it can vary in size to fit customer’s needs. I also get to laser etch this style a lot.”
sea turtle tag - 681ICAnne Marie (Bilingual Sales Representative): Style 681IC – “The sea turtle tag is my favorite because it is strong and can last in harsh environments like saltwater. I also like supporting sea turtle conservation.”
millenium falcon tagAlex (IT): Style 148 – “It looks like the Millennium Falcon.”
rat tagKelsey (Sales Representative):  Style 503 – “The mouse-shaped tag is my favorite because it reminds me of my pet rat.”
apron tagSarah (Sales Representative): Style 2351AT – “The plastic apron tags are my new favorite because they are new and exciting product line. They are different from other tags we do and I like working with them.”
small animal ear tagsPablo (Shipping): Style 1005-1 – “The small animal ear tag is my favorite because it is something I pack, ship and handle every day.”
heart tagAli (Marketing Specialist): Style 398 – “This is my favorite of the seven heart shapes because it looks the most like a heart and it is versatile. It can be a pet tag, promotional tag, used for weddings, and more.”

Jiffy Tag – Style 893

Today we would like to feature our Jiffy Tag, style 893! This is one of our most versatile tags that can be used as a wing band, small animal ear tag, rabbit ear tag, fish tag and more! This style is also popular because it is the only self-piercing wing band that comes in brass. Other materials include plain or colored aluminum and monel. This tag has been around for decades and has proven itself in the field time and time again.

Click here to view tagging hints, colors, stamping limitations and other information on the Jiffy:

How do you use your Jiffy tags? Comment below!

jiffy wing bands

Manufacturing Day 2016


Did you know that Manufacturing Day is this Friday, October 7, 2016? Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing and is used to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Celebrated on the first Friday of October, MFG Day is used for manufacturers to address industry challenges, as well as address common misperceptions about manufacturing.

National Band & Tag Company is a family owned manufacturer and has been since its founding over 114 years ago in 1902. Now in the 4th and 5th generation of family members, we strive to follow our company values, one of them being, “Planning success for generations to come.” In this industry, connecting with the next generation to spike their interest in manufacturing can be a difficult thing to do, which is why MFG Day has made it a major part of their mission.

Learn more about Manufacturing Day, manufacturing statistics and about events going on in your area at