Atlas Seal – ¡Nuestros anillos ajustables para patas más populares!

Las Atlas Seal 305A y 305AL son las más vendidas entre las bandas ajustables para patas debido a su tamaño ajustable, la variedad de colores en que están disponibles y la seguridad de su sistema de sellado. Estos anillos son excelentes para múltiples especies de aves, especialmente populares para aves de corral.


Material: .020 Aluminio: 0.51 mm de espesor.

Estampado y numeración:
Estándar: Hasta 6 números  consecutivos en relieve. Estampados especiales disponibles (nombres, números telefónicos, etc).

Utilice las tablas de abajo para diseñar su estampado. Cada celda representa un caracter. Si su estampado cabe dentro de la zona verde el costo es de $10.00. Si su estampado llega al area anaranjada, costará $20.00. Las letras siempre se hacen lo más grande que permite el espacio disponible (basado en una numeración de 4 dígitos). Para precios y cargos especiales, Haga Click Aqui


305A stamping limits


305AL stamping limits

La herramienta 305S es necesaria para sellar el remache.

anodized legband colors

enamel legband colors

**** Los colores pueden variar según las disponilidad****
Por favor note: los colores en esmalte son duraderos, mientras que los anodizados pueden rayarse.

Atlas Seal – Our Most Popular Adjustable Leg Bands!

The Atlas Seal 305A and 305AL are top sellers amongst adjustable leg bands because of the flexible sizes they can adjust to, the variety of colors they are available in, and the secure rivet that closes them. These leg bands are great for multiple species of birds, especially popular for poultry.


Material: .020 Aluminum

Stamping and Numbering:
Standard stamping is up to a 6 digit embossed consecutive number. Special stamping is available (for example names and phone numbers).

Use the boxes below to find out how much stamping you can fit on your band. One box equals one character. Staying inside the green is a $10 set up charge, and if your stamping goes into the orange boxes, it will be a $20 set up charge. Stamping will be made as large as possible. (Stamping based on a 4 digit number). For tag pricing and other special charges, Click Here.


305A stamping limits


305AL stamping limits

The 305S applicator is required to seal the rivet.

Our Available Colors:

anodized legband colors

enamel legband colors

**** Colors may vary based on material available****
Please note: enamel colors will last, while anodized may scratch

Plastic Coil Bands Have Been Discontinued

We would like to inform our customers that National Band & Tag’s product line of Plastic Coil Bands have officially been discontinued. We offer other leg bands that can be used instead of the coil bands. See the size chart below to find a replacement option for the size band you need.

discontinued coil bands

Plastic Coil Bands Inside Diameter Replacement Option 1 – Aluminum Butt-End Bands Replacement Option 2 – Plastic Spirals Replacement Option 3 – Plastic Bandettes
992 1/8” Size 4
993 3/16” Size 6
994 1/4” Size 8 2104
995 5/16” Size 10 2105 905

Aluminum Butt-End Bands are great leg bands because they can be stamped with your information on them or be blank. The aluminum is also more durable than plastic. Colors available are: Plain (Silver), Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Brown, Turquoise (not pictured), Light Purple, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Red, Light Orange, Pink, Yellow, Tan, White. (Not all colors are available in all sizes–refer to the size band you want to view colors).

1242-4 bird band colors

1242-4 Butt-End Band Colors (other sizes may have different colors available)

Plastic Spirals are most like the Plastic Coil Bands. They cannot be engraved and they do not require an applicator. Colors available are: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Brown, Black and White.

plastic spirals

Plastic Spirals, Sizes 4-9

Plastic Bandettes are similar to the Plastic Coil Bands in the coiling effect. These bands are sold in packs of 25 and come numbered from 1 to 200. Colors available are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Orange.

leg bandettes

Not sure which replacement style is right for you? Give us a call at 859-261-2035 and talk with one of our identification specialists.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday, February 14th, and to get you in the spirit we wanted to share a love story that we helped make possible. Our customer Nick wanted to propose to his now wife, while they were goose hunting together. So, we manufactured him a custom stamped goose band that said:

I Love You
Will You Marry Me?

After Nicole bagged her first goose of the day, Nick ran out to get it for her and slipped the band around its leg. And the best part? Nick got the whole thing on camera!

View Nick’s goose hunting proposal on YouTube:

We love a good goose hunt proposal story! Have you done something similar with one of our bands? Share your story and pictures or video with us here.

Why We Love Tags, And You Should Too!

Tags come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and materials. They are used for hundreds of different applications that are a part of our everyday lives. One of the main reasons why NB&T loves tags, is because they can be completely customized to meet your identification needs. A few other reasons why we love making tags for our customers is because with proper identification, you can:

  • Quickly identify hazardous material
  • Keep employees safe
  • Comply with regulations and laws
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Appear professional to customers
  • Keep accurate records
  • Have proper asset management
  • Protect your pets
  • Conduct accurate research
  • And more!

If you need help figuring out which type of tag is best for you, we recommend browsing through our website, checking out past blogs for helpful tips, or calling and talking to one of our sales representatives. Let NB&T be your #1 solution for all your identification needs!

stainless steel barcoded asset tag black asset tag power pole tag rosette rabies tag on dog