Remaches de colores en las bandas para la alas

¿Tratando de decidir entre el 890-3 y el 892-3 Los 890 tienen un remache separado, mientras que en el 892  el remache está construido en forma de tubo a partir del cuerpo de la placa. Ambos son del mismo tamaño y usan el aplicador 890S. En ambos, la rotura o violación del remache es evidente, siendo imposible de reutilizar.

890 y 892 placas para alas

Otra diferencia es que el 890-3 puede combinarse con  remaches de distintos colores. Los remaches son normalmente color aluminio (plateados), pero pueden ser sustituidos por unos de color rojo, azul, verde, amarillo y naranja. Los remaches de colores tienen un minimo de 2000 unidades por color.

remaches de distintos colores

remaches de distintos colores

¿Que tipo de Zip prefieres?

Colored Eyelets for Wing Bands

Trying to decide between the 890-3 and the 892-3?  The 890 has a separate eyelet piece, whereas, the 892 has a drawn tube of metal that forms the “eyelet”. They are the same size and use the same 890S applicator. Both are tamper-evident.

890 vs 892 wing bands

Another difference is that the 890-3 can be made more unique looking by adding different colored eyelets. Eyelets are usually a plain (silver) color, but they can be made in red, blue, green, yellow or orange! Colored eyelets have a 2,000 per color minimum.

colored eyelets

yellow band green eyelet

Which Zip wing band do you prefer?

What bands and tags do you sell the most?

At NB&T we offer hundreds of bands and tags to choose from, all in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We sell tags to various industries, including, but not limited to: poultry, cattle, lab animal research, companion animals, wildlife conservation and industrial applications.

With so many different tags to choose from, we took a poll amongst our customer service representatives and asked, “What bands and tags do you sell the most?”

(These numbers are not a true representation of our sales overall, but show what our customer service reps get the most phone calls about).

tag pie chart

History of the Orange Brucellosis Tag

At National Band & Tag, we produce orange Style 49 tags for the Brucellosis vaccine. Brucellosis or “Bang’s Disease” is a disease that infects heifers and causes abortion or premature calving of recently infected animals, most often between the fifth and eight month of pregnancy.

orange brucellosis tag

Bangs was the last name of the Danish veterinarian who first isolated Brucella abortus as the causative agent of Brucellosis back in 1897. Once a vaccine was formulated to immunize cattle against Brucella abortus it took on the name “Bangs vaccine.” Bangs vaccination can only be done by a licensed and accredited veterinarian who applies an official USDA orange metal tag and tattoo to the right ear at the time of vaccination. Orange metal ear tags are reserved for Brucellosis vaccines by APHIS under the Animal Disease Traceability Framework, Official Ear Tag Criteria report.

In 1934, the first year of the eradication program, about 15% of the cattle in the United States were infected with the disease. In 1942, the USDA declared Brucellosis to be the worst bacterial zoonotic disease (disease transferred from animals to humans) present at the time.

Currently, all 50 states are Brucellosis-Free. The biggest threat is from Brucellosis-affected wildlife such as elk, bison, and deer, which can spread the disease to domesticated livestock.

If you are a veterinarian and need to order your orange Brucellosis Tags, give us a call at 859-261-2035!

brucellosis tag

A Few of Our Favorite Tags

Do you have a favorite tag?

At NB&T, we have hundreds of styles of tags to choose from, so we asked some of the employees, what is your favorite tag style and why?

Ryan (Global Accounts): Style 60 – “It was the first tag I ever sold, and I like the 60 versus the 61 because it has the dog stamped on it.”  

dog house tag


Joe (VP Purchasing/Office, Treasurer): Style 1005-1 – “We manufacture hundreds of thousands of these each year. They are our most profitable style of tag, which is why they are my favorite!”  

mouse ear tag


Natasha (Sales Representative): Style 1242 – “Butt-End Bands are my favorite because they can be completely customized.  A lot of my repeat customers use them as business cards or promotional items. I enjoy working with them to find the best layout, size and color for their use.”  

1242 duck bands


Aris (Bilingual Sales Representative): Style 890 – “The Zip is my favorite wing band because a lot of my customers like the style, colors and options available. I love recommending design options if they are unsure of what they want. My customers always end up happy with the final product.”  

wing band


Linda (Office Manager): Style 516 – “The large paw print tag is my favorite because it reminds me of my three basset hounds. The new turquoise color is also my favorite color that we offer.”  

paw print dog tag


Kim (Sales Representative): Style 265 – “I like the small dog bone, style 265, instead of the two larger dog bone styles because it is petite and dainty.”  

bone dog tag


Fred (VP of Operations): Style 14 – “Barcoded 14’s [Rectangle with rounded edges] are my favorite tags because 14’s are versatile, and come in different sizes. The barcode also makes it high tech.”  

barcoded rectangle tag


Chris (Sales Manager): Style 173 – “I like the fun fire hydrant shaped tags. We have four sizes to choose from but I think the largest one, style 173 is the best because you can fit the most information on it.”  

fire plug dog tag


Eddie (Poultry Department Manager): Style 893B – “The 893B is my favorite tag because it is the only brass wing band that we make. They are different from what my department normally produces.”  

brass wing band


Katie (Office Assistance): Style 515 – “The small paw print is my favorite because it’s cute and can fit on both dogs and cats.”  

cat paw print tag


Sallie (Hasco Consultant): Style 440 – “I love hearts in general, but the 440 is my favorite because it is the one we brought over from Hasco.”  

heart shaped dog tag


Medical Case Tags

Looking for a barcoded ID tag for your hospital’s rigid sterilization containers? We can make you a custom barcoded medical case tag to fit your container!

Our UV Stable Black Aluminum material will last for years and ensure the best readability of your barcode. Keeping track of assets and managing inspections in the healthcare industry is of the utmost importance. Tags can be customized based on the containers, and we can work with you so that the tags are compatible with your current instrument tracking system.

One of our current customers, a Systems Analyst in the Surgical Services states, “I am confident the tags would be a major benefit to other health systems. Your [NB&T’s] tags are an excellent enhancement to using P-touch labels and are far more cost-effective, better for the environment, etc.”

Looking for a sample or a free quote? Call us today! 859-261-2035

medical instrument case tags

medical case tag