Order Your 2018 Rabies Tags

2018 rabies tags

The 2018 style of the year rabies tag is the Orange Oval (Style #228).

Why purchase from National Band & Tag?

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Low cost leader
  • Made in America
  • Multiple shapes and sizes available to fit both cats and dogs
  • Your information, custom stamped to meet your rabies vacc needs
  • Annual order reminders are sent out each year after your first purchase
  • Both 1-year and 3-year rabies tags are available, with thicker aluminum or stainless steel material available for 3-year tags 

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¿Quiere hacer destacar sus placas para gallos?

La sofisticada 892-3 con el remache integrado al cuerpo de la placa presenta la posibilidad de marcaje en fusión para óptimo contraste y elegante acabado.

Estas son las siguientes opciones que tiene:

  1. Numeración por un lado y una línea de texto por el otro. Compra mínima: 500 unidades

placas para alas de fusion placas para alas de fusion placas para alas de fusion2. Numeración por un lado y dos líneas de texto por el otro. Compra mínima: 500 unidades

placas para alas de fusion3. Numeración por un lado y código de barra por el otro. (el código de barra puede ser 2D también y leído por un App en su Smartphone). Compra mínima: 1000 unidades.

placas para alas de fusion placas para alas de fusion4. Numeración y una línea de texto por un lado y código de barra por el otro. Compra mínima 1000 unidades.

placas para alas de fusion


Do you want your Wing Bands to stand out?

The sophisticated style 892-3 wing band with the integrated rivet is an excellent choice, with fusion marking for optimum contrast and a stylish finish.

These are the following options you have:

  1. Numbering on one side and one line of text on the other.
    (Minimum purchase: 500 bands)

fusion orange wing band fusion orange wing band fusion orange wing band

2. Numbering on one side and two lines of text on the other.
(Minimum purchase: 500 bands)

fusion pink wing band3. Numbering on one side and bar code on the other. (Bar code can be 2D as well and read by an App on your Smartphone). (Minimum purchase: 1000 bands)

fusion green wing band fusion white wing band4. Numbering and a line of text on one side and bar code on the other.
(Minimum purchase 1000 units)

fusion blue wing band


115th Anniversary

August 15, 2017 is National Band & Tag’s 115th anniversary since its founding in 1902!

For 115 years, we have been a family owned business, manufacturing our products in Newport, Kentucky. National Band & Tag has continued to grow and broaden our product lines over the years, and even to this day, we strive to bring our customers unique, and innovative identification solutions.

Check out the growth of National Band & Tag over the years with this timeline video:


  • 1902 – National Band & Tag is founded by Joseph Haas – Poultry leg bands start being produced so neighbors can tell birds a part.


  • 1914 – 2nd Generation Elmer Haas joined NB&T
  • 1918 – Style 681 Ear Tag is created


  • 1926 – 2nd generation Fred Haas joined NB&T


  • 1930 – National Band & Tag moved to Orchard Street in Newport, KY
  • 1936 – NB&T starts selling Rabies Tags
  • 1939 – Founder Joe Haas invents rose-colored Chicken Glasses to prevent cannibalism


  • 1949 – The style 49 cattle ear tag was invented


  • 1952 – National Band & Tag moved to York Street in Newport, KY
  • 1952 – Celebrated 50th Anniversary
  • 1953 -3rd generation Don Haas joins NB&T
  • 1956 – the style 56 cattle eat tag was invented


  • 1960 – 1600 series of Tongue & Slot Tags are created
  • 1961 – 3rd generation Fred Haas II joins NB&T
  • 1962 – International Identification Inc. becomes Incorporated
  • 1965 – 3rd generation Joe Haas Sr. joins NB&T


  • 1972 – The T-Lok Tags are created


  • 1981 – 4th generation Eric Haas joins NB&T
  • 1981 – 4th generation Faye Haas Wendel joins NB&T
  • 1983 – The Hasco brand splits from NB&T and becomes Hasco Tag Company
  • 1988 – Bought 1st laser machine to create barcoded wing bands
  • 1989 – 4th generation Kevin Haas joins NB&T


  • 1994 – 4th generation Fred Haas III joins NB&T
  • 1995 – 3rd generation Donald Haas retires
  • 1996 – 4th generation Joe Haas Jr. joins NB&T
  • 1997 – 4th generation Brad Haas joins NB&T
  • 1999 – 1st full line all color catalog is mailed out


  • 2000 – USGS Bird Band Contract is established
  • 2002 – 100th Anniversary
  • 2003 – 4th generation Sean Haas joins NB&T
  • 2004 – 3rd generation Fred Haas II retires
  • 2005 – 4th generation Chris Schwalbach joins NB&T
  • 2005 – Winner of the Tri-State Family Business of the Year Award
  • 2008 – 3rd generation Joe Haas Sr. retires
  • 2009 – Winner of the Tri-State Family Business of the Decade Award


  • 2011 – 5th generation Lan Haas joins NB&T
  • 2011 – 5th generation Alex Wendel joins NB&T
  • 2014 – New logo and Statement of Purpose
  • 2015 – 5th generation Andi Wendel Tabor joins NB&T
  • 2015 – 4th generation Eric Haas retires
  • 2015 – Perfect 10 Certified Culture Award
  • 2016 – NB&T acquires Hasco Tag Company
  • 2016 – 5th generation Ryan Haas joins NB&T
  • 2017 – 115th Anniversary

Steps for Designing Custom Tree Tags for Labeling Trees

Labeling trees can be beneficial to any arboretum, botanical garden, park, or tree trail so that visitors can be educated on the type of tree they are looking at. Tags can be customized to relay any information you need, and designing your tree tag can sometimes be overwhelming.

arboretum tags

Use the following steps below to start designing your tree tag:

Step 1. Tag Size & Material: All the examples above are the standard arboretum tag Style 14, 3” x 5” inches, UV Stable Black Aluminum. If you would like a different style or material for your tree tags, browse through our website to view other examples.

Step 2. Hole Size & Layout: The standard hole size is a 1/8” inch, either at the top/bottom or left/right side of the tag. Different hole sizes and layouts are available depending on how you plan to attach your tag to the tree. No holes are available if you plan to attach the tag to a stake. (Nails and stakes can be purchased at local hardware stores or forestry supply stores).

Step 3. Text: Decide on what text and fonts you would like on your tag (all TrueType fonts are available).

***If you need help finding out the correct taxonomy of a tree, many of our customers have recommended using: https://www.itis.gov***

Step 4. Logo (Optional): All logos will need to be sent to us in a black and white line art format.

Step 5. QR Code (Optional): We will make the QR Code for you, all we need is the URL of the website you want your QR Code to go to. (Read more on using QR Codes for educational walking trails here.)

Download this PDF of a 3” x 5” blank arboretum tag to practice your design!

Order Your 2018 Orange Oval Rabies Tags!

The 2018 recommended style of the year is the Orange Oval style 228! If you were a Hasco customer, we still have their oval shape available, now National Band & Tag’s style #226. Don’t forget to order early! We recommend ordering before November to guarantee you receive your tags before January 1st.

Order by September 30, 2017 using coupon code: RBLOG2017 for $10.00 off your order of 1,000 or more Orange Oval Rabies Tags!

How to order:

  • Return the order reminder you received in the mail with any edits
  • Order online
  • Call us at 859-261-2035 and place an order over the phone
  • Email your order to [email protected]
  • Fax your order to 859-261-8247
  • Print and fill out the PDF order form and email or fax it to us

2018 rabies tags

Not interested in the NASPHV recommended color or shape? Check out all our dog and cat tags here: Over 150 shapes and 11 different colors to choose from!