Brass Tags and the Industries that Use Them

Brass Tags are just one of the types of metal tags that NB&T offers. There are multiple reasons that an industry may require brass tags over other materials, such as corrosion resistance and ability to be used in high-temperature situations. Other industries may prefer brass tags because of their decorative, ornamental look.

Below is a list of some industries and applications that National Band & Tag serves with our brass tags.


  • Automotive / Radiator Repair
  • Coal Mines / Mining Supply Stores
  • Industrial Suppliers / Distributors of: hydraulics, mechanical cylinders, lubrication equipment, air tools, hoists, presses, slings, wire ropes, harnesses, hoses, gaskets, cable, MRO/OEM parts and accessories.
  • Fasteners, pipes, valves, fittings, flanges
  • Hardware stores
  • Surveyors and Surveying Supply Stores
  • Office Supplies
  • Electrical appliances and contractors
  • Electrical Supply Stores
  • Remanufacturing of electrical-mechanical equipment
  • Transformer and substation apparatus installations, services, repair
  • Utility pole markers

Dog & Cat

  • Leather Dog Collar Manufacturers
  • Rabies Tags
  • License Tags


  • Memorial Tree Tags
  • Species I.D. Tags

Promotional and other uses

  • Keychains
  • Museum Plaques
  • Mail Box Name Plates

Not sure how to design your tag? Check out some examples from our other brass tag customers:

round brass tag numbered

round brass tag rabies tag

round brass tag survey tag

round brass tag survey tag

round brass tag survey tag

round brass tag dog license tag

rabies vacc brass tag

brass sealed tag

numbered brass tag

brass dog license tag

numbered round brass tag

brass key chain

brass tree tag

brass valve tag

brass asset tag

brass survey tag

rectangle brass tag with a number

brass power pole tag with extra large hole

brass tag with extra large hole

brass keychain

brass cable marker

Become a Reseller/Distributor

Are you looking to carry more items in your label, tag, or commercial printing shop? Become a National Band & Tag reseller and offer any of our products that fit with your target market. We have over 160+ shapes of tags and bands to choose from, most styles can be customized to meet your needs.

How it works:

  • Choose what bands or tags you would like to sell and list them on your website. We can assist you in getting pictures.
  • Once your customer orders, send us the order. We can process the orders one by one, in batches, or weekly. We are happy to work with you to set something up that works for everyone.
  • NB&T can ship to you or directly to your customer in a plain box without our name or logo on it. We are also able to ship worldwide.
  • Open Accounts are available and may be applied for by filling out the credit application form.
  • After you have reached the threshold to qualify for Wholesale Pricing, that will be offered to you.

Why become a NB&T Reseller?

  • We have a wide range of products and are proficient in providing custom made identification solutions.
  • We will take care of manufacturing and shipping your tags, all you have to do is order.
  • You can choose which of our products you want to sell and what limitations you want to offer.
  • Our sales reps will work with you on support.

National Band & Tag is always looking for resellers, especially ones outside of the United States! For more information on becoming a reseller of NB&T products, contact us at 859-261-2035.



Get Your Tags Faster

At National Band & Tag we manufacture tags to order. But we do offer a few quick-ship options for popular style tags so you can get your tags faster.

1005-1 Quick Ship

  • Sets of 1005-1 numbers 001 – 1000 (stamped), 0001-1000 (laser etched)
  • Can be stamped or laser etched
  • Tags will be shipped within 2 business days after receipt of your order
  • Applicators – $28 each, no limit on applicators included in your order

Stainless Steel Quick Ship

  • Style 14 – Rectangle plate tag with rounded corners
  • Stainless Steel 304 material
  • Blank
  • 1/8” inch holes
  • Tags will be shipped within 2 business days via UPS Ground
  • 3 different sizes to choose from: 1” x 3”, 1.25” x 3”, and 1.5” x 3”

Stock & Lase

  • Any tag that can be laser etched
  • We store your blank tags, then etch them when you need more
  • Reduces production time from about 3 weeks down to 1 week

Anything that does not meet the quick-ship criteria will be entered as a regular order. Production will be around 2 – 4 weeks. If you are looking to get large orders quicker than this but need custom tags, contact us, we may be able to work something out.

Metal Self Piercing Tags

National Band & Tag’s self-piercing tags are usually used as ear tags, but they can also go on wings, flippers, fins, and more. The first row of tags below is made from steel, and are typically used as ear tags for livestock. We offer smaller sizes for sheep and goats (style 505), medium sizes for swine and deer (styles 621, 62, 681), and larger sizes for cattle (styles 49 and 56).

The second row of tags is made from Monel, except for the 681IC which is made from Inconel. (Not shown: 1005-681). These tags are used for wildlife conservation and research purposes. Monel is a metal that has excellent corrosion resistance that performs well in rapid flowing freshwater and saltwater, while Inconel is oxidation and corrosion resistant, and will withstand pressure and heat. The smallest size we offer is the style 1005-1 for mice, the largest size we offer is the 1005-56 for large animals such as deer and elk, and we have everything in between. Our special Inconel tag, 681IC is for Sea Turtles and other animals that live in saltwater.

Sizes 681 and up have the option of both Steel or Monel. All self-piercing tags require an applicator to completely close and are tamper-resistant. The pointed end of the tag will pierce the ear when you are closing it, so a hole does not have to be pre-made.

metal ear tags metal ear tags for conservation

Our Statement of Purpose

As we start into the New Year, we would like to share our company’s Mission and Statement of Purpose. These statements reflect who we are at National Band & Tag and what we believe in. It always has been, and always will be, our mission to provide unique and innovative identification solutions to our valued customers.



We live for the day when…
The spirit of our unbreakable family blesses everyone we reach.
Trust is built into every solution we produce from concept to delivery.
National Band & Tag is the #1 choice for identification bands and tags.


We are a U.S. manufacturer providing unique and innovative identification solutions for many purposes. Since 1902, we’ve been building our business to SOAR™:
•Sequential numbering and custom design for accurate identification
•On-time and upfront delivery expectations
•Agile and solution-centered customer service
•Reinvention in-house, to save you time and money


We are a responsive and resourceful family manufacturer, earning trust as we faithfully continue our legacy of:
•Planning success for generations to come
•Delivering accuracy with every order
•Operating with honesty and integrity
•Adapting our products across multiple categories to provide the best solution