The Easter Bunny has an Earring?

Did you know that we manufacture rabbit ear tags? These ear tags are used on rabbits for different research, breeding and conservation purposes. NB&T offers a few different types of ear tags for rabbits, two of our most popular styles are a thin metal tag with an aluminum or plastic washer (style #1841), or a self-piercing ear tag (style 893). Other styles include the style 1005-1 for small rabbits, or the 1005-3 and 1005-4 for larger rabbits. Your tag style and material may vary depending on the species and environments the rabbits are in.

An alternative method for tagging rabbits in the ear, or any large eared animal. is accomplished by first folding the ear in half. Next, locate the piercing point of the tag, half of the tag’s length, down on the folded ear, allowing the other half of the tag length to remain clear. Now pierce through both halves of the ear with a single squeeze of the applicator. This will result in two incisions in the ear. Simply pull the ear back up and the tag will now be located securely in the center of the ear with the number facing out at all times.

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Why Food Traceability in the Supply Chain is Important

When you’re sitting down to eat dinner, do you ever wonder if your food is safe to eat? The CDC estimates that each year, roughly 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases. Food traceability is becoming even more important so outbreaks can be tracked down faster and more efficiently from fork to farm.

National Band & Tag helps keep food safe with proper identification to make traceability easier. For the first part of the food production chain, we offer ear tags for livestock while they are on the farm. For the processing and distribution part of the supply chain, we off stainless-steel barcoded tags that are safe for use on machines, equipment, pallets, and more.

Plastic Cattle Ear Tag

Metal Cattle Ear Tag

Identification and barcodes allow the CDC to track when people get sick, what store they bought the food from, what distributor and processor the store got the meat from, and what farm it all originated from. This then allows the CDC to determine where the outbreak started, and create recalls, thus stopping more people from getting sick.

Looking for more information on barcodes and tag materials? Check out our website, or give us a call at 859-261-2035 to talk with a sales representative.

Laser Etched Logo Samples on Aluminum Tags

Laser Etching is the process where material is physically etched with the laser beam into the surface of the material, deep enough that you can feel it with your finger nail. On anodized and colored aluminum, the metal with change color from the base color to white, thus providing a high contrast character.

Below are examples of all our colored aluminum, brass, and stainless steel material, and what laser etching will look like on each material. As you can see, different shades of gray are available to create a custom, one of a kind looking tag.

You can browse through our website to see more examples of logos and graphics laser etched on our metal tags. For more information on submitting the correct file type for your logo, click here.

Bandas doradas para alas y patas de aves

Trate a sus aves como a la realeza utilizando bandas de color oro, tanto para las patas como para las alas. Las doradas y naranja sobre aluminio, así como las de bronce, ¡todas se ven doradas! Debajo puede ver las opciones disponibles. Dele clic al estilo que quiera si desea más información y precios.

Anillo ajustable para patas 305A / 305AL (aluminio anodizado)



Anillo ajustable para patas 305ABR (de bronce)


Anillo para pata 1242 (aluminio)

Dorado anodizado

Placa para ala Jiffy 893B


Nuevos colores dorado y verde neón para las placas de ala estilo ZIP 890, Jiffy 893 y Zip 892



Gold Colored Wing Bands and Leg Bands

Treat your birds like royalty with gold colored leg bands and wing bands! Gold and orange aluminum, and brass, all look like gold! Below are all the options of leg and wing bands available in gold colors. Click which style you would like for more information and pricing.

Atlas Seal 305A & 305AL Adjustable Leg Bands (Anodized)

Gold Aluminum

Orange Aluminum

Atlas Seal 305ABR Adjustable Leg Band


Butt-End 1242 Leg Band

Gold Aluminum

Jiffy 893B Wing Band


Gold and Neon Green material for Wing Band Styles Zip 890, Jiffy 893, and Zip 892

Gold Aluminum