Which Scanner is Best for your Barcoded Tag?

National Band & Tag specializes in barcoded tags of all kinds, including, but not limited to: wing bands, small animal ear tags, metal plates, asset tags, dog tags, and labels. To go with your barcoded tags, you will need a scanner to read it, unless you are using a QR Code, then you will need to download a QR Code scanning app on your phone.

NB&T offers a few scanner options, but you may want to try researching scanners online that will fit your need. For example, scanners that are out in the field will need to stand up to dirt, and being cleaned often, while a scanner in a hospital may need to be purchased from a specific vendor. Do you want a mounted scanner or a portable Bluetooth one? Do you have the right scanner for your barcoded tag? A 1D scanner will not work with your 2D barcoded tag. NB&T offers 1D linear barcodes, 2D Data Matrix barcodes, and QR Codes.

Wing Band Scanners

Hands Free Bar Code Scanning Station

barcode scanner for wing bands barcode scanner for wing bands

Apron Tag Scanners

DS4308-HC Scanner

2D Scanner that comes with a cord and attaches to your computer. Great for a hospital with a rolling desk or portable laptop. Scan each apron and watch it appear on an Excel sheet on your computer.


Apron tag scannerCS4070 Scanner

A 2D scanner that is wireless. Take it with you and scan all your aprons, once scanning is complete, plug it into your computer and load all your data into your Excel sheet at once.

Apron tag scanner


Small Animal Ear Tag Scanners – Click to View Videos

  • Cognex DM8500 on a Stand.
  • PowerScan D8590 held in the hand.
  • Cognex Dataman 300 on a Stand.
  • DataLogic CBX300 imager – Can be stand mounted.

If you already have a scanner that you plan on using, please request samples of the tag you would like to make sure that they are compatible together, and that your specific scanner will read the barcoded tag.

For more information on barcodes check out our Barcode Cheat Sheet.

Or for instructional videos on how to use these scanners, check out our YouTube Page.

Vineyard Row Tags – Metal VS Plastic

NB&T Metal Tags AllFlex Cattle Ear Tags
(Distributed through NB&T)
metal vineyard tag plastic vineyard tag
How long will they last? Our Black UV Stable Aluminum will last outdoors for 20+ years, even in harsh environments These polyurethane tags can last anywhere from 3 – 10+ years. Different environments (extreme hot/cold) will affect them differently.
How many colors are available? Black is the only UV Stable color currently available. In regular aluminum we offer 10 other colors. It will depend on the style of ear tag you choose. The largest style (Global Super Maxi Female) has 8 colors, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Green, Light Pink
What can I put on them? Logos, barcodes, numbering, text, graphics, and more. Logos, barcodes, numbering, text, graphics, and more.
How much do they cost? Roughly $3-$5 dollars a tag (quantity discounts available) Contact us for a quote. Roughly $1-$2 a tag. Contact us for a quote.
What’s the largest size? 3” x 6” (can be horizontal or vertical) show in picture above. Other sizes available. Global Super Maxi Female
3” x 4-5/8”. Shown in picture above. Other sizes available.
Are there any minimums? $25.00 per order $25.00 per order and 25 tags per pack
How do I attach them? 1/8” hole standard. Custom holes and slots available. Can use a nail, screw, strapping, etc. 3/16” hole – can use a nail, screw, twine, etc.

World Landscape Architecture Month

April is World Landscape Architecture Month, a month-long celebration of landscape architecture and design in both public and private spaces. Established by the American Society of Landscape Architecture, WLAM aims to demonstrate how landscape architecture affects our daily lives.

Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments. You may see landscape architecture at parks, college campuses, streetscapes, walking trails, plazas, and more.

National Band & Tag creates custom metal tags that landscape architects can use to identify their projects. These metal tags can be customized with the company or designer’s name, information, website, date, etc. and then placed somewhere in the landscape, such as on a tree or rock. This is a great way to help promote and identify your work. Our black UV stable tags are great for outdoors and will last 20+ years, even in harsh environments. The white text on black background provides a high contrast that is visible and easy to read.

Check out our website for more design ideas, or email your tag designs to [email protected] for a free quote.

Here are some examples from our other customers:

landscape tags

tree tags for landscapers

tree tag

Barcoded Tags Compatible with your Software

Why Use NB&T Tags:

National Band & Tag is an identification solutions provider, which means we will work with you to find the best solution for your ID needs. We offer multiple shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and engraving methods so that you can get the look you want.

We can assist software companies with designing a general tag that is used with your software, or we can work directly with project managers to come up with a tag that meet’s each of your client’s specific needs. Since your client doesn’t have to go searching for the tags to work with your software, your company is now a one stop shop, full service solution. Our customers use barcoded tags for multiple applications, including, but not limited to, asset management, inventory management, food traceability and more.


Our barcoded tags are compatible with most scanners. We can send a free sample tag for you to test with your own scanners to make sure they will read before you place your order.

Getting Started:

To start the design process, we recommend scrolling through our website to look for a tag shape and size that fits your application. After you pick out your style number, you will need to pick out a material, quantity, and what you would like on it. A sales representative will be able to give you a quote, and answer any customization questions you may have. If you would like to start designing with a sales rep, give us a call at 859-261-2035.

Use the links below to help you get started:

Shop by Material: Shop by Shape: Shop by Barcode:
Stainless Steel

UV Stable Black Aluminum

Plain Aluminum

Colored Aluminum

Plastic / Vinyl





1D Linear Barcode

2D Data Matrix Barcode

QR (Quick Response) Code

Do you have any questions for our resident barcode expert? If so, comment below.