Wild Things – Tagging Sea Turtles

On the popular Travel Channel TV show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, the episode, “Paradise in Palau” (Published April 24, 2016), featured Dominic diving into the ocean to help the Palau Conservation Society Sea Turtle Division capture and tag a sea turtle. We were very excited to see that they used National Band & Tag’s Inconel sea turtle tag to I.D. the turtle on tv!

Learn more about tagging sea turtles and other conservation agencies that have used our sea turtle tags (Style 681IC).

sea turtle tag

sea turtle tag

flipper tag

Como soldar con soldadura de punto una placa de acero inoxidable estilo 894-4SS

Las placas de acero inoxidable 890-4SS para las alas, y las de aluminio 890-4AL pueden ser selladas con puntos de soldadura con una pequeña soldadora de punto. Debajo puede ver un video que muestra cómo utilizar esta máquina para soldar sus placas para alas. La soldadura de punto permite un sellado más seguro de las placas, de manera que no puedan ser abiertas fácilmente para ser reutilizadas. La soldadura en acero es mucho mas resistente que la soldadura de aluminio.

Precio: $230.00 cada una.
Contáctenos para más información.

soldar con soldadura de punto una placa de acero


How-To: Spot Weld a Stainless Steel Wing Band

The Stainless-Steel Wing Bands (Style 890-4SS) or Aluminum Wing Bands (Style 890-4AL) can easily be spot welded shut with a small spot welding machine. Below is a video showing how to spot weld your metal wing bands. Spot welding your wing bands shut helps to provide a tamper-resistant seal so that the band cannot be taken off and used again.


Spot Welder Price – $230 each

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Día Nacional de aves de corral.

¡El 19 de marzo es el día nacional de las aves de corral! Es un día en el celebramos a algunos de nuestros amigos emplumados que son criados para el uso de su carne o huevos, como, por ejemplo: pollos, pavos, patos, gansos, codornices, palomas, guineas y faisanes.

Día Nacional de aves de corral.

Día Nacional de Aves de Corral: 19 de marzo 2019

De acuerdo con la USDA, “la industria de aves de corral en EE. UU. es la mas grande y la segunda mayor exportadora de carne de aves del mundo, así como una gran productora de huevos. El consumo de carne de aves de corral (pollos y pavos) es considerablemente mayor que el consumo de carnes de res o cerdo”.

En National Band & Tag fabricamos una gran variedad de productos para identificación de aves de corral, como placas para alas, anillos para patas, anteojeras y muchos otros. Estos productos son utilizados por una amplia gama de clientes que van desde centros de investigación genética, universidades y granjeros en todas las escalas.

Para más información sobre el Dia Nacional de las Aves de Corral y sus diferentes maneras de celebrarlo, por favor mire nuestra página web: https://nationaltoday.com/national-poultry-day/

National Poultry Day 2019

March 19th is National Poultry Day! It’s a day when we recognize some of our feathered friends that are raised for their meat and eggs, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons, guineas, and pheasants.

According to the USDA, “The U.S. poultry industry is the world’s largest producer and second largest exporter of poultry meat and a major egg producer. U.S. consumption of poultry meat (broilers, other chicken, and turkey) is considerably higher than beef or pork, but less than total red meat consumption.”

National Band & Tag manufacturers a variety of products for poultry identification such as wing bands, leg bands, clip-on blinders, and more. These products are used by a variety of customers in the poultry industry that ranges from genetic research to small farms to universities and backyard farmers.

To learn more about National Poultry Day and different ways to celebrate it, check out their website here: https://nationaltoday.com/national-poultry-day/


Valve Tags & Pipe Markers

Valve tags provide crucial information to your operations and maintenance staff about your piping and valve systems, ensuring their safety and the safe operation of your facility. In addition, valve tags are used to label pipes and valves to meet federal regulations and inspection requirements. We manufacture custom valve tags in a wide range of materials and sizes so that your valves and pipes will be properly tagged with long-lasting identification.

Brass Valve Tags
Brass tags are rust and corrosion-resistant and can be used for high heat, high wear applications. They are durable and provide clear identification for your pipes and valves. They can be stamped or laser etched.

brass valve tags

Stainless Steel Valve Tags
Used for applications exposed to corrosive elements and high temperatures, stainless steel tags are durable and reliable tags. In addition, they are easy to clean and can be sanitized repeatedly, making them ideal for environments that use lots of chemicals. They can be stamped or laser etched.

stainless steel valve tags

Quick Ship Valve Tags
National Band & Tag offers a variety of valve tags, but some sizes and materials are kept in stock to get you fast with easy ordering through Amazon!

Custom laser etched valve tags can have numbering, words, or both.

Stamped valve tags are available in number sets 1-1000.