Uses Include: Aerospace Assets, Defense Industry Assets, Wires, Cables, Equipment, Valves

In the Aerospace and Defense industry, proper identification of assets, equipment, wires, cable assemblies, valves, and other aircraft parts is extremely crucial. Tags and Labels need to stand up to harsh environments such as extreme heat and cold, chemicals, and abrasion.

Our heavy-duty aerospace tags come in a variety of materials including aluminum, UV stable aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.  Our flexible aluminum wire markers are also popular among aerospace part suppliers for identifying parts and equipment. Aerospace tags can be customized to meet your needs including 2D data matrix, logos, serial or custom numbering, text, and more.


StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
2729EAluminum with eyelets3 lbs0.0930.0730.0590.0560.054
2729Aluminum without eyelets3 lbs0.0790.0630.0510.0490.047
2742Copper Wires - Unattached1 lb0.0850.0700.0580.056
2743Copper Wires - Attached1 lb0.1390.1140.094
1605Slot and Tongue3 lbsB,C0.5080.3150.2510.2190.1220.1190.1170.1150.1140.0940.0820.079
1606Slot and Tongue4.2 lbsB,C0.5700.3710.3070.2740.1660.1630.1610.1590.1580.1280.1160.111
1628Double Slot Double Tongue4 lbsB,C0.6200.4250.3610.3290.2100.2070.2050.2030.2020.1630.1460.139
1635Slot and Tongue13 lbsB,C0.6200.4250.3610.3290.2100.2070.2050.2030.2020.1630.1490.143
1636Slot and Tongue13 lbsB,C0.6200.4250.3610.3290.2100.2070.2050.2030.2020.1630.1490.143
2702-1Write-On Tag Size 1( 3/4" x 3-1/2")4 lbs0.1810.1450.1170.1110.105
2702-2(No Wires) Size 2 (1-1/2" x 3-1/2")8 lbs0.2370.1900.1520.1440.137
2702-3Size 3 (2-1/4" x 3-1/2")13 lbs0.3630.2900.2330.2210.210
2702W1Write-On Tag Size 1 ( 3/4" x 3-1/2")6 lbs0.2060.1660.1350.1290.122
2702W2(with Wires)Size 2 (1-1/2" x 3-1/2")10 lbs0.2620.2100.1700.1620.155
2702W3Size 3 (2-1/4" x 3-1/2")13.75 lbs0.3880.3120.2510.2380.227
2729EAluminum with eyelets3 lbs0.0930.0730.0590.0560.054
144VLEVinyl Snap-Off Tag - Laser Etched0.0000.3840.3640.347
1631Wrap Around Tag (M43436/1-1)1 lbB,C0.2000.1440.1270.1170.0790.0750.0720.0700.0690.0480.0370.035
1632Wrap Around Tag (M43436/1-2)2 lbsB,C0.2100.1560.1370.1280.0890.0860.0840.0820.0810.0530.0430.041
1633Wrap Around Tag (M43436/1-3)3 lbsB,C0.2100.1560.1370.1280.0890.0860.0840.0820.0810.0580.0490.047
1634Wrap Around Tag (M43436/1-4)4 lbsB,C0.2430.1890.1710.1610.1110.1070.1050.1030.1020.0700.0590.056
1611Wrap Around Tag (M43436/3-1)2 lbsB,C0.2100.1560.1370.1280.0890.0860.0840.0820.0810.0530.0430.041
Special Charges could apply to these tags.

StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
ORANGE PRICE.050" Plain Aluminum17 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.6700.4010.3120.2670.2400.2230.2100.2010.1930.1870.1770.167
ORANGE PRICE.050" Colored Aluminum17 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.7300.4580.3700.3250.2980.2810.2680.2580.2510.2440.2330.220
ORANGE PRICE.040" UV Stable Aluminum17 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.7800.5040.4160.3710.3440.3270.3140.3040.2970.2900.2770.263
ORANGE PRICE.030" 304 / .031" 430 Stainless Steel30 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.8400.5640.4760.4310.4040.3870.3740.3640.3570.3500.3370.323
ORANGE PRICE.030" 316 Stainless Steel30 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.8680.6180.5350.4930.4680.4520.4400.4310.4240.4180.3990.383
ORANGE PRICE.036" Brass32 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.0200.7000.5900.5310.4980.4770.4620.4500.4420.4340.4150.395
GREEN PRICE.050" Plain Aluminum35 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.7900.4660.3590.3050.2730.2520.2370.2250.2170.2090.2000.189
GREEN PRICE.050" Colored Aluminum35 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.9000.5800.4640.4100.3780.3570.3420.3300.3210.3140.2990.283
GREEN PRICE.064" Aluminum45 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.9600.6300.5120.4570.4240.4020.3870.3740.3660.3580.3390.323
GREEN PRICE.040" UV Stable Aluminum35 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.9600.6300.5120.4570.4240.4020.3870.3740.3660.3580.3390.323
GREEN PRICE.030" 304 / .031" 430 Stainless Steel70 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.0300.7000.5820.5270.4940.4720.4570.4440.4360.4280.4090.393
GREEN PRICE.030" 316 Stainless Steel70 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.2700.8440.6920.6190.5760.5480.5300.5110.5020.4900.4700.451
GREEN PRICE.047" 304 / .048" 430 Stainless Steel70 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.2700.8440.6920.6190.5760.5480.5300.5110.5020.4900.4700.451
GREEN PRICE.036" Brass80 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.2000.8000.6800.6100.5690.5430.5250.5110.5000.4920.4710.448
GRAY PRICE.050" Plain Aluminum50 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.0900.6500.5020.4310.3880.3600.3400.3240.3120.3020.2860.272
GRAY PRICE.050" Colored Aluminum50 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.2500.8100.6700.6000.5500.5220.5010.4850.4730.4640.4400.418
GRAY PRICE.040" UV Stable Aluminum50 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.5001.0500.9100.8300.7900.7600.7400.7200.7100.7000.6700.630
GRAY PRICE.030" 304 / .031" 430 Stainless Steel90 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.5901.1401.0000.9200.8800.8500.8300.8100.8000.7900.7600.720
GRAY PRICE.036" Brass100 lbsB,C,E,F,H1.6501.2101.0600.9800.9400.9100.8900.8700.8600.8500.8100.770

View Special Charges Here


  • Special Charges could apply to these tags
  • Black/White Paint Filled Characters: Price $.15 each (per side)
  • Prices for tags are based on material and size grouping. Each change in material or style is priced separately.
  • Price includes stamping & consecutive numbers – contact us for pricing for extensive type changes.
  • 1/2” number-aluminum tags only -$20 set-up We can laser just about anything if you need a bigger number – contact us for pricing.
  • One 1/8” hole top of tag is standard on most shapes and included in the above prices.
    Additional holes, different locations, sizes, slots – $25 set-up. (Most rectangle and oval tags have 2 holes standard)
  • 2-Sided Stamping add $25 for Aluminum tags and $75 for Brass or Stainless
  • .064″ Aluminum available in Plain, Blue, Red, Green, Orange
  • Wet Tumbling $15 per 1000 or $25/1000 no holes, un-numbered or $150/1000 no holes, numbered (less than 1000 tags – 1000 charge applies)
  • *Some RED PRICE Tags have an asterisk* , add 5% to the RED PRICE above. (#93 not available in Colored Aluminum)
  • Contact us for current stock of materials available for 2 1/8″ and 3″ tag heights