Almost any of our tags can be made in aluminum.
Every band and tag on our website is available blank.

Plain & Colored Aluminum (1/2 hard temper) Colors Available (in aluminum only)
Tag Thickness:

            • .050”
            • .064”
Plain (silver), Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Gold, Purple, Black, White, and Yellow.

Please note that shades of color may vary batch to batch. Colors may also look different on your computer or mobile device.

Benefits Uses
  • Low cost price for a metal tag.
  • Multiple colors available for color coding, safety warnings and for getting people’s attention.
  • Durable but lightweight.
  • Anodized aluminum is available, which is scratch resilient.
  • New UV stable black aluminum stands up to outdoor and harsh. environments.
  • Available with adhesive backing (in certain sizes only).
  • Certain styles can be made in .016 aluminum and embossed. Click Here for more information.
  • Identifying assets, wooden poles, survey points, equipment, valves, pipes, meters, wires, cables, nameplates and more.
  • Popular material for inspection tags, promotional and advertising tags, and military dog tags.
  • Blank tags can be used for stamping or engraving your own data on site when you need it.

**All aluminum tags are available blank or custom engraved!**

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