Arboretum Tags/Tree Tags/Plant Signs

Custom Layout

Style 14ARBOR – 3″ X 5″ with 5/32″ Holes Top & Bottom (For Nails/Springs)

Style 14ARBORNH – 3″ x 5″ with No Holes (For Stakes)

How to order:

  1. Select your Tag Style: 14ARBOR & 14ARBORNH blanks are stocked and ready to be laser etched. Or choose from one of our custom tree tag sizes. Different hole sizes and layouts are also available.
  2. Select your layout and fill out the template. This is how you will send us the data your want laser etched on your tags.
  3. If you have a sketch/mockup/image off our website, special requests, or any other notes. Email that to your customer service representative along with your completed template.

Shown below are just a few examples from our customers of Custom Layouts. A custom layout is anything that does not fit into one of our other pre-made layouts. Examples include more than 6 lines of text, logos or QR Codes on the top of the tag instead of the bottom, just logos and no text, etc. Click here to see other layout options.

(An “Option” is a QR Code, Logo, Artwork, Numbering, Additional Text not centered with the main text, etc.) 

MATERIAL: Black UV Stable Aluminum (.040″ LA Dark Bronze) ***Back side of tags will vary in shades of dark bronze.*** Guaranteed to last outdoors for 20+ years.

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    StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
    14ARBORArboretum Tags - 3" x 5"50 lbs$12.008.8006.600
    14ARBORNHArboretum Tags without Holes - 3" x 5"50 lbs$12.008.8006.600
    LAYOUT FEEArboretum Tag Layout Fee (Applies Per Layout)$35.00

    Contact us for a quote on different tag sizes/materials/holes sizes & layouts.

    Layout Fee of $35 per layout. An additional $35 layout fee will apply each time you change the number of lines, tag orientation, logo or artwork.

    Scenario 1: Different text, same amount of lines, same logo, same orientation = 1 layout charge
    Scenario 2: Same logo, same orientation, half the tags have 4 lines, half the tags have 5 lines = 2 layout charges.
    Scenario 3: 5 tags with 5 different logos, same amount of lines, same orientation = 5 layout charges

    How To Fasten Your Tag

    Aluminum Nails with Stainless Steel Springs allow the tag to stay off the tree. As the tree grows, the springs will compress. This helps keep the tree from growing over the tag. 5/32″ hole size is recommended when using our 3″ aluminum nails.

    2 1/8″ Stainless Steel Springs (Box of 50)
    Style 1528
    Spring Diameter – 3/8″

    3″ Aluminum Nails (Box of 50)
    Style 1529
    1/8″ diameter (you will need larger than 1/8″ hole)

    arboretum tag hardware

    nails and springs attachments for tree tags

    If you don’t want to put anything directly on the tree, you can use stakes in the ground next to the tree.

    3/4″ x 20″ Stake
    Style 1530
    Black Aluminum
    3″ bend and 1/8″ thick
    Comes with a 3″ strip of 3M tape already adhered to the stake.

    StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
    15282.125" Stainless Steel Springs (Box of 50).15 lbs/box$0.25
    15293" Aluminum Nails (Box of 50).20 lbs/box$0.12
    1530Arboretum Tag Stake18 lbs$7.00