Style 681S-MOD

Tautog Tag Applicator

scrapies tag applicator


The states of Massachusetts through Virginia have implemented a commercial tagging program for Tautog as part of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Fishery Management Plan for Tautog. States will be distributing tags to commercial stakeholders prior to the start of the 2020 commercial fishing season. To apply the tags to the fish, a tag applicator from National Band & Tag is required.

To purchase a Tautog commercial tag applicator you must order directly from National Band & Tag. If you would like to order the tags, contact your local state fisheries department. 

To order your Tautog commercial tag applicator (Style #681S-MOD), you may call us, order online, or fill out the PDF order form below and fax, email, or mail it to us with payment.