Tags for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, high heat, abrasion, fluids, and other harsh conditions are unavoidable, so for identification purposes, you need heavy-duty tags that will last. We offer heavy-duty metal tags, and military grade labels that will last for years, even in the toughest automotive conditions.

Our automotive tags can be customized to meet your needs with multiple sizes and materials available, as well as customization options such as text, logos, barcodes (2D, Linear, QR Code), graphics, and more. Barcoded automotive tags allow your company to scan products as they go through production, upgrade from paper tracking, and save your employees time tracking down assets.

Our current customers have used our tags for multiple applications within the automotive sector, including but not limited to: identifying vehicle parts prior to assembly, I.D. metal trays that go through washing cycles to remove metal particles and oils, assets and machines that make the cars, assets, and parts from outside OEM suppliers, inventory management, and inspection.

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