Bird Band Applicators – Style 1242s___(Add your band size here to complete the style number.)

Examples: 1242s14 -applicator for size 14 bands, 1242sF7B – applicator for Federal size 7B
Style 1242S sizes 5 through 16 applicators will both open & close bands
Scroll down to see other photos of the applicators for the larger sizes – NBT Sizes shown

Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
1242SApplicators, NBT 3 - 16, Fed 0A-7B131.50
1242SApplicators, NBT 18-22, Fed 8136.80
1242SApplicators, NBT 24-28, Fed 8A-9145.00

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