Treasure Trees – Tagging Mecklenburg County’s largest, most historic trees

Are you thinking about creating a legacy tree program for your city or county? The check out what Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, NC did with their Treasure Tree Program!

The original tree program started in the 1989 and went until 2000 with 123 treasure trees listed. It eventually stopped with no one to run it. Fortunately, the program was picked back up and is now bringing in even more treasure trees! The new Treasure Trees Program seeks to locate the original treasure trees and tell their stories, as well as recognize a new generation of special trees and share their ecological importance to the region’s environment. Local tree enthusiasts, private arborists, city of Charlotte staff and TreesCharlotte representatives make up the program’s committee.

The original tree program used hand-stamped aluminum tags with a tree identification number. Many of the old tags were faded, and some had even been swallowed by the trees as the tree grew around the tag. The new Treasure Tree Program wanted to replace the old tags and modernize the tags to include more information about the tree to educate the public. That is when they contacted National Band & Tag for their new tags! Our UV Stable Arboretum Tree Tags can be customized in any way you want. The Treasure Tree Program choose to have the tree common name, scientific name, and a QR code that would lead visitors straight to a web page dedicated to each tree. Also, to avoid losing tags to tree growth again, they used NB&T’s aluminum nails with stainless steel springs to mount the tags off the tree surface about an inch to allow for future growth.

Brett Dupree, Tree Hunter for the program stated, “We have seen parents and kids utilize the QR codes on our program trees to visit the web pages and learn more about the trees and the program itself, so this tagging solution has been a big win for us.” The new and improved Treasure Tree Program is currently up to 147 trees.

To learn more, check out their website:

View their self-guided tree tours here:

Photo Credit: Brett Dupree

NOTE: National Band & Tag is only responsible for manufacturing the black, rectangle tags. We did not make the white, diamond shaped signs.

2022 – Our Year In Review

2022 has been a busy year here at National Band & Tag! We have been working hard to bring you the best identification solutions possible. Thank you to all our loyal customers, we look forward to serving you in 2023.

Just in case you missed it, here are some important updates from this past year!

New Products

  • In April we announced the launch of new quick ship options for Chain Sling Tags and Wire Rope Tags. Quick ship tags are select items kept stocked, ready to ship out in 2 business days. These new products are great options for those who need tags fast.
  • Style #93C – 2″ inch round tag, now available in colored aluminum.
  • Style #95 – 2 7/8″ inch round tag. Our largest round tag yet!

Company Updates

  • Please join us in welcoming a new family member, Amanda Haas! Mandy joined us in November. She is a part of the 5th generation, and the 12th family member now working in our facility. She has joined our HR team.
  • We were very excited to celebrate our 120th anniversary this year!
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, many products are now available to be checked out through the new online shopping cart system. We will continue to add more products to the shopping cart system in 2023.
  • 2022 was our first year trying out a limited tag menu during the busy season for dog and cat tags. This allowed us to offer faster lead times for the most popular tag styles. If you have any feedback about this new program, please contact us.
  • Due to supply chain and labor changes, the 1005-1P has been discontinued as of 9/13/22. You can see alternative products here.

Upcoming in 2023

  • New pricing will start on January 1, 2023. Quotes are good for 30 days. We will only honor 2022 pricing for those that have a quote in by 12/23/22. (We will be closed December 26th – 30th.)
  • Come visit us at these upcoming trade shows!
    • Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) – January 14th – 18th (Orlando, FL)
    • National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention & Sport Show – February 14th – 19th (Nashville, TN)
    • Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) – February 19th – 22nd (Las Vegas, NV)

The Wonders of Bird Migration

Have you ever wondered why researchers band and GPS tag birds? One of the many reasons is to track migration routes. According to the article, “Bird appears to set non-stop distance record with 8,435-mile flight from Alaska to Australia” we may have a new world record for the most miles in a single flight! The previous record was 7,580 miles from Alaska to New Zealand in 2020. Although it is said that the same bird broke its own record in 2021 with a 8,100 mile flight. This new bird in 2022, a bar-tailed godwit, appears to have beaten both records at 8,435 miles. The bar-tailed godwit was equipped with a GPS chip and tiny solar panel. It took 11 days for the bird to travel from Alaska to Tasmania according to the data from Germany’s Max Plank Institute for Ornithology.

From the article above, researchers weren’t sure if the bar-tailed godwit was flying alone, or as part of a flock. The USGS Bird Banding Laboratory receives on average, 1.2 million banding records each year. But even still, there is not enough banded birds out there. Researchers aren’t sure if the bar-tailed godwit traveling that much distance is the norm, or an outlier.

Bird migration is a fascinating phenomenon of nature. As a bird band manufacturer, we enjoy getting to see the research, and findings that our bands help discover. If you are interested learning more about migratory routes, then check out the Audubon’s Bird Migration Explorer. This interactive tool lets you view the paths of over 400 bird species.

Picture from Audubon Field Guide

Dog & Cat Tags: Material Comparison Chart

  Plain Aluminum Colored Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass
Price Level $ $$ $$$ $$$$
Colors Plain (Silver) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Gold, Black, White Plain (Silver) Plain (Bronze)
Thickness .050”




.031” .036”
Material 3003 1/2 hard temper 3003 1/2 hard temper Type 430 2BA finish (Shiny, attracted to magnet, slightly corrosive) Alloy 260 70/30 – 1/2 hard temper
Benefits / Uses .050″ Plain Aluminum is the best choice for those looking for a low cost option. .050” – Standard 1-year tags.

.064” – 3-year tags

To help differentiate tags by year from a distance, color is the best option because you can rotate colors.

Rabies Tags – NASPHV recommended color of the year

3 year tag

Lifetime tags

Has a shinny surface that gives it a high-quality look.

Butt-End Band: Material Comparison Chart

Aluminum Stainless Steel Incoloy Monel
Style # 1242- NB&T Size

1242F – Federal Size

1242FH-SS 1242FH-IL 1242M
Thickness .050” Colored AL
.061” Plain AL

.064” Colored AL

Varies depending on band size.
See thickness options here.
Uses Standard material used by the federal government. Sizes range from a hummingbird to a swan

Promotional bands, banquet bands, lanyard bands

Ravens, crows. Some predatory birds (but lock-on or rivet bands are usually recommended)

Industrial wire markers

Federal projects, gulls, shore birds Fish jaws, shore birds, Shrimp eye
Band Quantity Minimum 100 Bands 1,000 Bands 1,000 Bands 100 Bands
Price $ – Standard Size Bands

$$ Federal Size Bands

$$ $$$ $$
Sizes Size 3 – 28 Size 1B – 9 F2 – F5A Size 4 – 16
Corrosion Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust

Order your 2023 Rabies Tags

paw finders

Why purchase your 2023 rabies tags from National Band & Tag?

  • We have standard rabies tags and Paw Finders rabies tag options
  • Low-cost leader
  • Manufactured in America
  • Multiple sizes available to fit both cats and dogs
  • Your information, custom stamped to meet your rabies vaccination needs
  • Annual order reminders are sent out each year after your first purchase
  • Both 1-year and 3-year rabies tags are available

How to place your 2023 rabies tags order:

1005-1P Discontinued

As a family owned and operated manufacturer in the USA, quality is very important to us. In order to ensure we are providing the very best products, we’ve decided to discontinue the 1005-1P.

Due to supply chain and labor changes, the 1005-1P is no longer a viable option and we have far superior alternatives available. Style 1005-1 Stamped tags ($) and Style 1005-1L1 Laser Etched tags ($$) are both great options, depending on your budget and needs. We would be happy to send samples of these alternate styles if you need them.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide top quality solutions to our customers.

National Band & Tag’s 120th Anniversary

August 15, 2022, National Band and Tag will be celebrating our 120th Anniversary! We are so proud to have made it 120 years, an accomplishment for any company. Despite wars, depressions, recessions and most recently, a global pandemic, NB&T takes pride in continuing to provide high-quality service that stands the test of time. We dedicate our long-term success to our customers, family, and employees, both past and present.

Started in 1902 by Joseph Haas, an innovator who saw the need for a completely new industry. Haas knew little about poultry farming, but had been informed that breeders were improving their flocks and it was necessary to use some sort of marker to distinguish one fowl from another. Haas went to work designing a few patterns of bands, crude at first, but with recommendations from customers and experimental projects, he was able to come up with leg bands and wing bands that worked.

Over the decades, additional product lines such as livestock tags and rabies tags were added on. Now, 120 years later, in our 4th and 5th generation of family members, we have over ten different identification product lines. You can learn more about National Band & Tag’s interesting, and unique, history here.

120th anniversary

As we reach the 120-year milestone, we’d also like to wish a happy anniversary to other companies turning 120 in 2022. Such as, JCPenney, Target, 3M, AAA, Cadillac, Queensborough National Bank and Trust, Carrier Air Conditioning and ADM.

Plate Tags for Fall/Winter 2022

August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, we will have a limited selection of what plate tag tag styles will be available. This is our busiest time of the year for these shapes, so by limiting our selection to the most popular styles, we will be able to create better lead times for our customers. If you still need one of the tag styles not on our selected list, they will still be available for a one-time $50.00 charge per order.

Wet Tumbled Stainless Steel Tags with 1 Hole

Wet tumble is recommended for stainless steel tags that are going to be handled frequently. Stainless steel can have a rough edge, and wet tumbling is an extra feature that we offer to remove the sharp edges. If a tag has 2 holes, it is most likely being riveted/screwed onto something. This means it won’t really be handled, and it is ok to have rough edges. But, if a tag has 1 hole, this means it most likely will be dangling from something, where people are more likely to grab the tag. Or, if a stainless steel tag has no holes where it is going to be treated like a coin, or token, this would be another example of where we would recommend wet tumbling. Removing the rough edges from stainless steel tags will help ensure that anyone handling the tags won’t scratch their hands on the rough metal sides of the tags.

While wet tumbling does remove the rough edges on stainless steel, it can cause some scratching. You can see examples of wet tumbled laser etched tags here. Examples of wet tumbled stamped tags can be seen here. If you have any questions, or would like a sample of a wet tumbled tag to test out for your application, please contact us at 859-261-2035 or [email protected].

Memorial Tree Plaque

A Memorial Tree Plaque, or Memorial Tree Tag, is a great way to memorialize a loved one, or even a pet, on a tree that will continue to grow for decades. By planting a memorial tree, you now have a nice place you can visit to reminisce, and remember those that have passed. A tree creates a beautiful space that is relaxing and peaceful for you. The memorial tree is completed by hanging a Memorial Tree Plaque on it, or by placing the plaque on a stake next to the tree. Our UV Stable Black Aluminum allows the plaque to stay outdoors for 20+ years. Guaranteeing that every time you return to the memorial tree to visit, the dedicated plaque will still be there as well.

Here are a few Memorial Tree Plaque templates that you can use. Or, you can custom design your plaque from scratch. See more customer examples and pricing here. 

memorial tree plaques

Please note that text size will be adjusted for tags with holes. Shown with Arial font.

Lost Dogs Awareness Day – April 23rd

On April 23rd, join National Band & Tag and Paw Finders, as we celebrate National Lost Dogs Awareness Day!

This day was created to support the efforts of organizations that are involved in finding missing pets and helping reunite pets with their owners. You can observe National Lost Dogs Awareness Day by updating your dog’s records, making sure their Paw Finders tag is registered, microchipping your dog, and by helping find missing dogs in your area.

Paw Finders is a rabies tag and lost pet recovery system, all in one tag. We want to celebrate Lost Dogs Awareness Day because we created these tags to help get lost pets home. Every pet should already be wearing a rabies tag. Our rabies tags serve double duty by providing proof of a rabies vaccination on the front of the tag, and the QR Code registered with the pet owner’s contact info on the back of the tag. We love pets, have our own pets, and want to help take care of yours as well. We hope that these Paw Finders tags will be that missing link between you and your pet if they ever get lost.

Stocked Tags for the Rigging and Lifting Industry

National Band & Tag will be exhibiting at AWRF Spring General Meeting & PIE, April 24 – 27, 2022. We are a proud member of the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) organization. As always, we are happy to manufacture custom wire rope tags and chain sling tags for our customers. But in honor of the AWRF Meeting coming up, we are excited to announce that we have Quick Ship options now available.

These quick ship Chain Sling Tags and Wire Rope Tags are available to be shipped out in 2 business days. Chain Sling Tags have 5 different layout options available, 3 different materials, and come in packs of 30 tags. Wire Rope Tags have 3 different layout options available, 2 different materials to choose from, and come in packs of 50 tags. Attachments, hand stamps, and a hand engraver are all available add-ons to go with your tags.

Split Ring
Galvanized Steel
Pre Stamped
Style 14CRQ

split ring chain sling tag

Chain Sling Tag
Galvanized Steel
Pre Stamped
Style 14CQ

chain sling tags

Chain Sling Tag
Galvanized Steel
Style 14CQB

Chain Sling Tag
Blank with Label
Style 14CQBAL

Chain Sling Tag
Stainless Steel
Blank with Label
Style 14CQBSS

Wire Rope Tag
Pre Stamped
Style #14WRQSAL

wire rope tags quick ship

Wire Rope Tag
Blank with Label
Style # 14WRQBAL

Wire Rope Tag
Stainless Steel
Blank with Label
Style #14WRQBSS

stainless steel wire rope tag quick ship

National Band & Tag Makes Tags for Plants Map

As of November 2021, Plants Map will no longer be making identification tags. National Band & Tag is able to manufacture plant and tree tags with your Plants Map URLS turned into QR Codes for you. This will allow anyone walking through your garden to use a smartphone to scan the QR Coded tag, and be taken to the Plants Map webpage on that plant. If you ever need to update the information for the plant, you can edit the page from your Plants Map account.

We offer multiple sizes of tags, but our most popular plant tag (Style #14PLANT) is 1.5″ x 4.5″ and our most popular tree tag (Style #14ARBOR) is 3″ x 5″. Both are made from a UV stable black aluminum material that is guaranteed to last outdoors for 20+ years. After you find a tag style that you like, you can then start the process of getting your Plants Map data over to us.


To choose what plants or trees you want tags made for, check out Plants Maps blog: My Tags: How to order plant tags and signs. This helpful walkthrough shows you how to pick your plants, set your lines of text, and download your Excel Sheet. If you have ordered from Plants Maps in the past, you can email them to get your past order files and logo files sent to you, and then you can forward them onto us.

National Band & Tag can work with the Excel sheet that Plants Map gives you except for column A, “Quantity”. This column will need to be deleted. If you want multiple tags of the same information, you will need to copy and paste the information onto a new row. (Ex: 50 rows = 50 tags).

Email your Excel sheet over to us at [email protected] along with what style tag you want. We will then send you a price quote and lead time.

Post a picture on Facebook of your tags in your garden and tag us @NationalBand @PlantsMap

Pigeon Band Comparison

Not sure which pigeon leg band is the best for your needs? Check out our comparison chart to find the best identification for your birds.

National Band & Tag
Other Companies
(On Amazon)
Seamless Bands Plastic Seamless Band (Style 2408)

Text runs vertically up the band, number is horizontal.

8 mm inside diameter

8 colors available

Bands must be put on newborns within first week.

Aluminum inside, plastic outside.

Text runs horizontally across the band

8 mm inside diameter

Bands with a Seam Aluminum Butt-End Band (Style 1242-10)

Text runs horizontally across the band

7.95 mm inside diameter

Applicator (Style 1242S10) is required to close the band.

12 colors available

Plastic Spiral Bands (Style 2105)
7.937 mm inside diameter
11 colors
No customization

Bands can be put on squabs or adults.

Text runs horizontally across the band

8 mm inside diameter

Clips together to close

Multiple colors available depending on brand.

(As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases through these paid links.)

Tree and Plant Labels for ArbNet Accreditation

What is ArbNet?

The ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program is designed to recognize standards of excellence in tree-focused gardens, foster professionalism of arboreta worldwide, enable conservation collections and scientific collaborations, and advance the planting study, and conservation of trees. An ArbNet Accreditation provides multiple benefits, such as being recognized for your achievements, earn distinction in your professional and local communities, serving as a model arboretum, and having opportunities for collaboration with other arboreta.

The four levels of accreditation recognize arboreta at various degrees of development, capacity, and professionalism. Accredited arboreta are encouraged to seek and achieve higher professional standards and move up through the levels.

Do I need to label my trees?

If you are an arboretum looking to get your ArbNet accreditation, one of the credentials for applying is you must have labeled trees and woody plant taxa.

25+ labels – Level I
100+ labels – Level II
500+ labels – level III & Level IV

National Band & Tag can help both small and large arboretums with our 3″ x 5″ Arboretum Labels and 1.5″ x 4.5″ Plant Labels. These are our two most popular styles. They are made from UV Stable Black Aluminum that can last outdoors for 20+ years. NB&T tags can be customized with text, QR Codes, logos, and artwork. Other styles and materials of tree tags are available.

Thank you to our ArbNet Accredited customers who shared pictures with us!

Old Mountain Arboretum (Winona, MS) – ArbNet Level I

Arboretum at Redmond Park (Bensenville, IL) – ArbNet Level II

Carol S English Jr. Botanical Garden (Seattle, WA) – ArbNet Level II

Cave Hill Heritage Foundation, Inc. (Louisville, KY) – ArbNet Level II

Century Park Arboretum – (Vernon Hills, IL) ArbNet Level II

Mary Price Ratrie Arboretum – (Charleston, WV) ArbNet Level II

Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum – (Indian Hills, OH) ArbNet Level II

Share Paw Finders With Your Customers

You’ve upgraded your clinic to Paw Finders Rabies Tags, the rabies tag and lost pet recovery system, all in one tag. The next step is to get the tag registered with the pet owner’s contact information.

Option 1: Register the tag for your client using the Vet Portal. Paw Finders tags are 20 times more likely to be registered when a vet does it in the Vet Portal, versus sending the tag home for the pet owner to register individually. Just like microchips, the chance of a tag being registered goes down as soon as it leaves the vet’s office. The lost pet recovery part of the tag is useless if the tag isn’t registered. At the beginning of each month, we will charge the card on file for all the registrations from the previous month. You can pass the $2.99 fee onto your customer by including it in their bill.

Option 2: The pet owner can register the tag themselves. Notify your pet owners that they can scan the QR Code on the back of the tag, or go to and enter the number manually, then follow the registration prompt, and pay the $2.99 fee. We have posters available on our Media Kit page. You can print the posters and hang them around the office, add them onto your website, post them on social media, etc. Follow Paw Finders on Facebook and Twitter to get helpful posts that you can share to your social media pages. The more you explain what the new tag is and how it benefits the pet owners, the more likely they are to register it.

A registered Paw Finders tag comes in handy should the pet ever get lost. The person who finds them can scan the QR Code, or enter the unique ID number on our website, to get the owner’s contact info. A registered Paw Finders tags means less calls to your office, and the owner gets their pet back faster.

If you still have questions about Paw Finders tags, the Vet Portal, or the registration process, check out our FAQ page, or contact us at [email protected].

Wildlife Society Annual Conference 2021

2021 is the 2nd year of The Wildlife Society’s virtual conference and National Band & Tag will be exhibiting as a Bronze Sponsor. November 1 – 5, 2021, you will be able to chat virtually with our team while scrolling through all that the TWS virtual conference has to offer. NB&T specializes in identification for all your research and conservation needs. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions about our conservation product line:

  • Bird Bands – We offer Butt-End Bands that range in size from a hummingbird all the way up to a swan. Rivet bands are available for raptors and other birds of prey.
  • Fish Tags – Both bands or self-piercing fish tags are available in a range of sizes from fingerlings up to 10+ lb. fish. Materials will last in fresh and saltwater.
  • Turtle Flipper Tags – We offer flipper tags in Inconel and Incoloy material that will last in saltwater. We offer sizes for both small and large sea turtles.
  • Ear Tags – NB&T manufacturers ear tags range in size from a mouse, all the way up to a moose. Metal ear tags are self-piercing. Plastic ear tags are also available in select sizes.
  • Other Identification for Conservation Purposes – A few other tags we produce include Bat Wing Tags, Shrimp Eye Tags, Rabbit Ear Tags, and Pelt Tags.

wildlife conservation tags

We look forward to chatting with you at The Wildlife Society’s virtual conference!
Not attending the conference? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 859-261-2035.

Share your pictures with us!

National Band & Tag is constantly looking for new pictures of our tags in use. It’s the pictures from our customers that we use on our social media, website, catalog, and promotional items! As the manufacturer, once the bands and tags leave our factory, we don’t get to see them put on their final destination, such as an animal, piece of art, tree, or asset. We are asking all our customers for new pictures to use! By submitting your pictures here, your picture could be featured as our next #TagTuesday with a shoutout and link to your company. You can also email pictures, or any questions to [email protected].


Property Tags and Asset Tags


Property Tags and Asset Tags are forms of identification that show a piece of equipment, or any type of asset, belongs to your company. Tags can be something simple such as your company name and phone number. Or they can be highly customized with logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and multiple forms of contact information.


Properly identifying your property and assets can benefit your company by deterring theft and showing ownership. Serial numbers can assist employees in making sure they have the correct equipment. This also allows for asset management which is helpful for assets that move around a lot. QR Codes can be added to the tags which then allows employees to track important information about each item on a website. Proper asset management benefits your company by saving you time and money.


As a family operated manufacturer, it is our mission to provide unique and innovative identification solutions. This means we can assist with small runs or large runs, tags with a simple design, or fully loaded tags. We have multiple tag shapes, sizes, and materials to meet the needs of any work environment.

Check out these examples of Property Tags and Asset Tags from our customers.