Plate Tags for Fall & Winter 2023

August 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, we will have a limited selection of plate tag styles available. This is our busiest time of the year for these shapes, so by limiting our selection to the most popular styles, we will be able to create better lead times for our customers. If you need one of the tag styles not on our selected list, they will still be available for a one-time $50.00 charge per order.

Amazon Prime Day – July 11-12, 2023

July 11th & 12th, 2023, is Amazon Prime Day! Visit National Band & Tag’s Amazon Store on these two days for deals on Prime and Non-Prime products. Check out our exclusive Amazon only products such as our plumber tag variety packs, Marry Me Bird Bands, Numbered 001-1000 1-1/4″ round tags and more! Most of our standard quick ship items such as the stainless steel rectangle tags, 2023 generic rabies tags, stamped mouse ear tags are also sold on Amazon. Stocked items such as spirals, wires, and attachments are available. Stop by NB&T’s Amazon Store July 11th & 12th to stock up on all your ID needs.

Prime products arrive within 2 days. Non-Prime products ship out from our facility in Northern Kentucky within 2 business days. Ship date will vary for customized products.

(As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases through this paid link).

LDAR Tags To Meet EPA Standards

TN & KY Wild Turkey Banding Project

Did you know that the Kentucky Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Resources, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Tech University and the NWTF  are currently collaborating to collect information on wild turkeys? For this project they are using NB&T’s aluminum rivet bands Style #1242FR9. The Tennessee-Kentucky collaborative banding project is in the second year of its four-year duration. This project will help us better understand wild turkey harvest and survival information that may be impacting wild turkey populations.

According to the article, “Multi-State Wild Turkey Research One Year Closer,” the banding project seeks to gather data that will lead to a better understanding of the biological (i.e., mating phenology or timing), landscape (i.e., habitat quality) and regulatory factors (i.e., season timing, bag limits) that influence male harvest and survival rates across Tennessee and Kentucky.

To date, 669 turkeys have been banded in Tennessee, and 659 turkeys in Kentucky.

Make sure you are following your state’s bag limits and reporting any bands you find on harvested birds. You can report your bird’s leg band ID number to the correct state’s website listed below and on the band of the turkey.
Report KY:
Report TN:

Read NWTF’s full article here:

Matching Tree and Plant Tags

Dog Bark Park Inn – The World’s Largest Beagle

Husband and wife artists, and Dog Bark Park Inn owners, Dennis Sullivan and Francis Conklin have been ordering NB&T tags for over 30 years. They add brass tags, Style #298 Heart, as a “license tag” on every chainsaw dog carving they make. Each “license tag” is stamped with the year, business name, location and zip code. They have carved and sold over 30,000 wooden dog carvings from their Idaho art studio and gift shop.

To go along with their dog shaped chainsaw artwork gift shop, Dennis and Francis added a 30 feet tall beagle shaped bed and breakfast inn. Dog lovers visiting Cottonwood, Idaho can stop and get their picture with the World’s Largest Beagle! If you are lucky enough to snag a reservation to stay at the inn, you will find more dog chainsaw creations on the inside of the beagle.

Francis Conklin states, “National Band & Tag has always been a pleasure to do business with, being friendly on the phone, and supplying our needs in the exact fashion as expected. We have recommended your services to others.”

Learn more about the Dog Bark Park Inn, Bed & Breakfast, and Chainsaw Art Gallery by visiting their website and Facebook page.



Don’t waste your money on cheap stainless steel wing bands!

See why National Band & Tag’s weldable stainless steel wing bands (Style 890-4SS) are a higher-quality band than the competition:

MATERIAL: Our material is thicker, thus guaranteeing a more robust weld and stronger wing band. The material of our competition is very thin, making the wing bands fragile and breakable.

STAMPING: NB&T’s stamping is permanent. The marking on our competition’s bands can be easily erased by scratching it, thus completely losing the ID number.

SIZE: The shape of the wing band from the competition does not allow the growth of the bird’s wings, which can cause problems. Ours is longer, allowing it to grow with the bird.

LOGOS: We keep records of all custom stamped logos to guarantee that they are not duplicated.

WELDING: We sell the spot welder to go with our weldable wing bands.

We have been producing wing bands since 1902. Our years of experience and happy customers is the proof that our product is superior. Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives! Contact us at [email protected] or 859-261-2035 to get a free price quote.

¡No malgaste su dinero en bandas para las alas de acero inoxidable baratas!

Vea por qué las placas soldables de acero de National Band & Tag son mejores que las de la competencia. (Estillo 890-4SS)

MATERIAL: El material es muy delgado haciéndolas más inseguras. Se rompen fácilmente en el punto de soldadura, pues este pasa a ser el punto débil de la placa. Nuestro material es más grueso y resistente, garantizando así una soldadura más robusta y placas más inviolables.

ESTAMPADOS: El marcaje se puede borrar más fácilmente raspándolo, perdiendo así la identidad de la placa por completo. El nuestro es un troquelado permanente e imborrable.

TAMAÑO: La forma de la placa no es ergonómica, por lo que no permite el crecimiento normal de las alas, pudiendo generarles problemas a las aves. El nuestro en más largo, lo que le permite crecer con el pájaro.

LOGOTIPOS: Llevamos un estricto control de los estampados, de manera de garantizar que estos no sean duplicados.

PARA SOLDAR: Vendemos la soldadora de punto.

Tenemos produciendo placas de marcaje desde 1902, nuestra larga experiencia es la garantía detrás de nuestros productos. ¡No se deje engañar!

Dog Tags for Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes, condos, HOA associations, and property managers can all keep track of the pets being kept in their residential housing with pet ID tags.

Benefits to having a Pet ID program:

  • Tag cost is covered by the resident’s pet fee
  • Know what serial number on the tag goes to what apartment number. If a dog gets lost and someone else in the complex finds them, you can help get them home.
  • If you have an enclosed dog park or pet area, for residents only, the tag can act as a visual pass so you know they are a resident.
  • By requiring dogs to wear the tag, you will be able to enforce approved dogs living in the apartments.  Residents won’t be able to easily hide a new dog to avoid the fees.
  • Serial numbers on the tags can be paired with any pet waste management system that you are already using to ID residents not picking up after their pets.

Shown below are two example tags, Style 165 bone and Style 137 circle. We have over 160 pet ID tags to choose from, which you can view here. All of our dog and cat ID tags can be made in colored aluminum, plain aluminum, stainless steel or brass with your customized stamping. Fill out this order form for a free price quote or contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

HIN Tags for TuckTec, the Folding Kayak!

Tree Tag Fundraiser Ideas

Tag fundraising campaigns are a great fundraising idea for arboretums, schools, parks, churches, etc. It is a simple and effective way to get identification tags for your organization and recognize donors with no upfront cost!

Concept #1:

Your organization has 30 trees and 50 plants they’d like to get tags for.  You make a list of each species of tree or plant and let people pick which one they want to donate for. Example: It costs $1,000 for your 80 tags, attachments, and shipping. That comes to $13.00 a tag. If you charge a $25 donation per tag, you profit $840, and get your tags made. Charge $50 a tag and profit $2,590. It is up to you how much you charge per tag!

Concept #2

When you send out an email for an annual membership renewal fee, have the option of adding on $X amount to donate for a tag. This is better for organizations who will need large amounts of tags, because then as 100 donations come in, you can then pick the first 100 tags you want made, and slowly work from your list, sending us multiple batches of tag orders.

Concept #3

For every tag a person donates money for, they get their name put in a hat. Buy 5 tags, get 5 entries into a drawing for a prize. You can use profits from the tags to buy a prize or ask local companies to donate an item to be raffled off.

For more information on our 3″ X 5″ Tree Tags Click Here. For more information on our 1.5″ X 4.5″ Plant Tags Click Here! Contact us for a free price quote to get your tag cost to figure out what you should then charge.

Logotipos estampados para placas para las alas

¿Está interesado en personalizar aún más sus placas para las alas con un logo?  Un logotipo le añade mayor seguridad pues estos son más difíciles de replicar y les dan una identificación única a sus placas.

Abajo tiene algunos ejemplos de los troqueles de acero que nuestros clientes han hecho con nosotros, que son usados para estampar la imagen en las placas. Hay un cargo único entre $200 y $500 (dependiendo de la complejidad del diseño) para fabricar su troquel. El troquel se queda archivado aquí en NB&T, y lo usamos solo para sus órdenes o como usted nos lo indique. Los logos duran mucho tiempo cuando se estampan sobre aluminio. Sin embargo, el acero inoxidable degrada la imagen más rápidamente, por lo que necesitaría ser reemplazado con el tiempo.

star stamp

Las 4 estrellas mostradas aquí, están disponibles para su uso general, sin costo adicional.

Están mostrados aquí en aluminio verde y resaltado con pintura blanca (esto si tiene un costo adicional).

Para cotizar su logotipo, necesitaríamos un archivo con el mismo. Algunas recomendaciones útiles para enviarnos el arte final de sus logos:

  • Dibujo lineal en blanco y negro
  • Piense en el tamaño de la placa y SIMPLIFIQUE al máximo su diseño, logotipos muy detallados perderán todos los detalles al imprimirse.
  • Sea original, use sus siglas y alguna forma sencilla que lo identifique.

Si usted carece de la posibilidad de realizar su diseño, nosotros podemos ayudarle por una módica suma extra, dependiendo de la complejidad de este, que se añadiría al cargo del troquel.

Contáctenos a través del correo electrónico: [email protected] para hacerle su estimado gratuito

Stamped Logos for Wing Bands

Interested in personalizing your wing bands even more with a stamped logo? Below are a few examples from customers of a custom made steel logo, used to stamp the image into wing bands. There is a one time charge of $200-$500 (or more depending on the detail) to have your stamp block made. We retain the logo for future orders. Logos will last for a very long time when stamping aluminum. However, stainless steel will degrade the life of the logo image, so the logo may need to be replaced over time.

star stamp

The 4 star logos above are available to anyone at no additional fee.
Shown on green aluminum with white paint fill (paint fill is an additional fee).

To get a quote for your custom made logo stamp block, we will need a copy of your logo.

Helpful Hints for submitting your logo artwork.

  • Black and white line art
  • PDF or EPS file type
  • Artwork should scalable (vector file) and as close to actual size as possible
  • Bold lettering is okay if you are NOT getting Paint Fill
  • Outlined lettering is suggested if you ARE getting Paint Fill

Email your artwork to [email protected] to get a free price quote.

Asset Tags for Portable Restrooms

Shoutout to our customer, and fellow local Northern Kentucky company, Got-A-Go Rentals & Septics! They offer portable restrooms to construction sites, festivals and special events. Whatever the event is, GOT-A-GO RENTALS has the perfect portable restroom to fit your needs. They also carry handwash stations, handicap accessible restrooms with ramps, high-rise sling and roller units and holding tanks for construction trailers. Got-A-Go Rentals & Septic Services also offers complete commercial and residential septic service.

When looking to identify all their different assets, Got-A-Go reached out to National Band & Tag Company! Their asset tags are our style #14 (rectangle with rounded corners), 1.5″ x 3.5″ inches, and made from our UV stable black aluminum material. The UV stable material will ensure their tags last for years in the outdoor environments, through cleanings, and transportation. Their custom made asset tags are laser etched with an ID number, their logo, and a QR Code that leads to a customer feedback survey. Proper identification helps to make sure the correct portable restrooms and handwashing stations are going to the correct event,  and that all the assets that were dropped off, are picked up after the event is over.

If you are interested in custom asset tags for your business, call us today at 859-261-2035 for a price quote!

Treasure Trees – Tagging Mecklenburg County’s largest, most historic trees

Are you thinking about creating a legacy tree program for your city or county? Then check out what Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, NC did with their Treasure Tree Program!

The original tree program started in the 1989 and went until 2000 with 123 treasure trees listed. It eventually stopped with no one to run it. Fortunately, the program was picked back up and is now bringing in even more treasure trees! The new Treasure Trees Program seeks to locate the original treasure trees and tell their stories, as well as recognize a new generation of special trees and share their ecological importance to the region’s environment. Local tree enthusiasts, private arborists, city of Charlotte staff and TreesCharlotte representatives make up the program’s committee.

The original tree program used hand-stamped aluminum tags with a tree identification number. Many of the old tags were faded, and some had even been swallowed by the trees as the tree grew around the tag. The new Treasure Tree Program wanted to replace the old tags and modernize the tags to include more information about the tree to educate the public. That is when they contacted National Band & Tag for their new tags! Our UV Stable Arboretum Tree Tags can be customized in any way you want. The Treasure Tree Program choose to have the tree common name, scientific name, and a QR code that would lead visitors straight to a web page dedicated to each tree. Also, to avoid losing tags to tree growth again, they used NB&T’s aluminum nails with stainless steel springs to mount the tags off the tree surface about an inch to allow for future growth.

Brett Dupree, Tree Hunter for the program stated, “We have seen parents and kids utilize the QR codes on our program trees to visit the web pages and learn more about the trees and the program itself, so this tagging solution has been a big win for us.” The new and improved Treasure Tree Program is currently up to 147 trees.

To learn more, check out their website:

View their self-guided tree tours here:

Photo Credit: Brett Dupree

NOTE: National Band & Tag is only responsible for manufacturing the black, rectangle tags. We did not make the white, diamond shaped signs.

2022 – Our Year In Review

2022 has been a busy year here at National Band & Tag! We have been working hard to bring you the best identification solutions possible. Thank you to all our loyal customers, we look forward to serving you in 2023.

Just in case you missed it, here are some important updates from this past year!

New Products

  • In April we announced the launch of new quick ship options for Chain Sling Tags and Wire Rope Tags. Quick ship tags are select items kept stocked, ready to ship out in 2 business days. These new products are great options for those who need tags fast.
  • Style #93C – 2″ inch round tag, now available in colored aluminum.
  • Style #95 – 2 7/8″ inch round tag. Our largest round tag yet!

Company Updates

  • Please join us in welcoming a new family member, Amanda Haas! Mandy joined us in November. She is a part of the 5th generation, and the 12th family member now working in our facility. She has joined our HR team.
  • We were very excited to celebrate our 120th anniversary this year!
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, many products are now available to be checked out through the new online shopping cart system. We will continue to add more products to the shopping cart system in 2023.
  • 2022 was our first year trying out a limited tag menu during the busy season for dog and cat tags. This allowed us to offer faster lead times for the most popular tag styles. If you have any feedback about this new program, please contact us.
  • Due to supply chain and labor changes, the 1005-1P has been discontinued as of 9/13/22. You can see alternative products here.

Upcoming in 2023

  • New pricing will start on January 1, 2023. Quotes are good for 30 days. We will only honor 2022 pricing for those that have a quote in by 12/23/22. (We will be closed December 26th – 30th.)
  • Come visit us at these upcoming trade shows!
    • Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) – January 14th – 18th (Orlando, FL)
    • National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention & Sport Show – February 14th – 19th (Nashville, TN)
    • Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) – February 19th – 22nd (Las Vegas, NV)

The Wonders of Bird Migration

Have you ever wondered why researchers band and GPS tag birds? One of the many reasons is to track migration routes. According to the article, “Bird appears to set non-stop distance record with 8,435-mile flight from Alaska to Australia” we may have a new world record for the most miles in a single flight! The previous record was 7,580 miles from Alaska to New Zealand in 2020. Although it is said that the same bird broke its own record in 2021 with a 8,100 mile flight. This new bird in 2022, a bar-tailed godwit, appears to have beaten both records at 8,435 miles. The bar-tailed godwit was equipped with a GPS chip and tiny solar panel. It took 11 days for the bird to travel from Alaska to Tasmania according to the data from Germany’s Max Plank Institute for Ornithology.

From the article above, researchers weren’t sure if the bar-tailed godwit was flying alone, or as part of a flock. The USGS Bird Banding Laboratory receives on average, 1.2 million banding records each year. But even still, there is not enough banded birds out there. Researchers aren’t sure if the bar-tailed godwit traveling that much distance is the norm, or an outlier.

Bird migration is a fascinating phenomenon of nature. As a bird band manufacturer, we enjoy getting to see the research, and findings that our bands help discover. If you are interested learning more about migratory routes, then check out the Audubon’s Bird Migration Explorer. This interactive tool lets you view the paths of over 400 bird species.

Picture from Audubon Field Guide

Dog & Cat Tags: Material Comparison Chart

  Plain Aluminum Colored Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass
Price Level $ $$ $$$ $$$$
Colors Plain (Silver) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Gold, Black, White Plain (Silver) Plain (Bronze)
Thickness .050”




.031” .036”
Material 3003 1/2 hard temper 3003 1/2 hard temper Type 430 2BA finish (Shiny, attracted to magnet, slightly corrosive) Alloy 260 70/30 – 1/2 hard temper
Benefits / Uses .050″ Plain Aluminum is the best choice for those looking for a low cost option. .050” – Standard 1-year tags.

.064” – 3-year tags

To help differentiate tags by year from a distance, color is the best option because you can rotate colors.

Rabies Tags – NASPHV recommended color of the year

3 year tag

Lifetime tags

Has a shinny surface that gives it a high-quality look.

Butt-End Band: Material Comparison Chart

Aluminum Stainless Steel Incoloy Monel
Style # 1242- NB&T Size

1242F – Federal Size

1242FH-SS 1242FH-IL 1242M
Thickness .050” Colored AL
.061” Plain AL

.064” Colored AL

Varies depending on band size.
See thickness options here.
Uses Standard material used by the federal government. Sizes range from a hummingbird to a swan

Promotional bands, banquet bands, lanyard bands

Ravens, crows. Some predatory birds (but lock-on or rivet bands are usually recommended)

Industrial wire markers

Federal projects, gulls, shore birds Fish jaws, shore birds, Shrimp eye
Band Quantity Minimum 100 Bands 1,000 Bands 1,000 Bands 100 Bands
Price $ – Standard Size Bands

$$ Federal Size Bands

$$ $$$ $$
Sizes Size 3 – 28 Size 1B – 9 F2 – F5A Size 4 – 16
Corrosion Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust

Order your 2023 Rabies Tags

paw finders

Why purchase your 2023 rabies tags from National Band & Tag?

  • We have standard rabies tags and Paw Finders rabies tag options
  • Low-cost leader
  • Manufactured in America
  • Multiple sizes available to fit both cats and dogs
  • Your information, custom stamped to meet your rabies vaccination needs
  • Annual order reminders are sent out each year after your first purchase
  • Both 1-year and 3-year rabies tags are available

How to place your 2023 rabies tags order: