July is Lost Pet Prevention Month

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month! Created by our friends at PetHub, this initiative is aimed at raising awareness and providing pet owners with tools and strategies to prevent their pets from going missing. This month is particularly critical as July 4th celebrations create the largest influx in animal shelters. Fireworks and gatherings can easily startle pets, causing them to flee in fear. Additionally, summer vacations can lead to pets getting lost in unfamiliar environments.

Did you know that over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year? With one in three pets becoming lost at some point during their life, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent this scenario. According to the American Humane Association, only 22% of lost dogs and a mere 2% of lost cats entering shelters without identification are reunited with their families. However, there’s a way to significantly improve these odds: Paw Finders rabies tags from National Band & Tag.

Increase the Chances of a Safe Return with Paw Finders

Paw Finders tags are more than just rabies tags; they are a lost pet recovery system. When someone finds your pet, they can easily use a smartphone to scan the QR Code on the tag to get your phone number and contact you to start the reunion process.

During Lost Pet Prevention Month, take the time to ensure your pet’s safety. If you received a Paw Finders tag from your veterinarian or municipality, scan your QR Code to register your tag, or make sure the registered information is up to date. By registering your Paw Finders, you can greatly increase the likelihood of a happy reunion with your furry friend if they ever go missing. Let’s work together to keep our pets safe and sound, not just in July, but all year round.

Other Tips for Preventing Lost Pets

To help keep your furry family members safe, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Always Use a Collar and ID Tag: Ensure your pet wears a collar with a Paw Finders tag at all times. This is the simplest and most effective way for someone to identify and contact you if your pet is found.
  2. Microchipping: Microchip your pets as a backup form of identification. This permanent form of ID can be scanned by veterinarians and shelters.
  3. Leash and Secure Enclosures: Always walk your dog on a leash, even if they are well-trained. Make your home and yard escape-proof. Check for loose fence boards or gaps and ensure all gates are securely latched.
  4. Spay and Neuter: Spaying and neutering can reduce the likelihood of pets wandering off in search of a mate.
  5. Community Engagement: Actively engage with your community. Encourage neighbors to report missing or found pets on social media and local platforms.

Capacity Nameplate Tags

What Are Capacity Nameplate Tags?

Capacity nameplate tags are durable, metal tags affixed to machinery and equipment to display crucial information regarding the operational capabilities and limitations of the item. These tags typically include data such as maximum load capacity, manufacturing date, model number, and serial number. Durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum are used so the nameplates withstand harsh environments and remain legible throughout the life of the equipment they are attached to. Safety organizations and manufacturers work together to provide specific guidelines on operation, including limitations of equipment. By using identification tags to clearly mark capacity restrictions, you can keep equipment operating with a safe threshold and keep employees safe.

Why Are Capacity Nameplate Tags Important?

The importance of capacity nameplate tags cannot be overstated. They serve several critical functions:

  • Safety: By providing essential information about machinery’s capabilities and limits, these tags help prevent overloading and misuse, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
  • Compliance: Many industries are regulated by safety standards that require the use of capacity nameplates to ensure equipment is used within its operational limits. These tags help companies comply with local, national, and international regulations, avoiding legal issues and fines.
  • Maintenance and Inspection: Capacity nameplate tags offer quick reference points for maintenance personnel, aiding in the proper servicing and inspection of equipment. This helps in maintaining high levels of operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of machinery.

How National Band & Tag Can Assist

National Band & Tag specializes in providing high-quality, custom capacity nameplate tags tailored to meet the specific needs of your machinery and compliance requirements. Here’s how we can assist your organization:

  • Customization: We offer tags that can be fully customized with your desired information, logos, and even barcodes, ensuring that all relevant data is clear and accessible.
  • Durability: Our tags are manufactured from materials that resist corrosion, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals, making them ideal for use in any environment.
  • Customer Service: Our staff is here to help make recommendations on what would work best in your environment and help walk you through all the customization options we offer. Contact us today to talk with a customer service representative.

Whether you need to outfit new equipment or update existing machinery, National Band & Tag’s capacity nameplate tags provide a reliable and effective solution. By ensuring that your equipment displays the necessary operational data clearly and durably, we help enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency in your operations.

Style #890 Zip – NB&T’s Most Popular Wing Band

Wing Bands are a great identification option for poultry. You can put them on day-old chicks, the band will grow with the bird and stay on them for life. National Band & Tag offers multiple styles of wing bands to meet your needs. But if you aren’t sure which band is best for you, we always recommend the style #890 Zip Wing Band!

The Style #890 Zip is National Band & Tag’s most popular wing band! There are two main reasons as to why our customers love this wing band for their poultry: tamper-resistant and highly customizable.

TAMPER-RESISTANT: This poultry wing band is pre-formed with a strong tamper-resistant seal when sealed with our applicator. As you can see in the picture below, once the band has been sealed, the eyelet is now re-formed. So, if the eyelet is messed with, the band can not be re-used. The permanent seal also keeps the band from falling off the bird with normal wear and tear.


SIZE: We have three different sizes to choose from. The -2.75 (1” / 25.4mm), -3 (1 ¼” / 31.75mm), and -4 (1 ½” / 38.1mm). The size 890-3 is the most widely used size, with size 2.75 being used for smaller birds and size 4 for larger birds.

COLOR: We have multiple colors to choose from in both enamel and fusion colors. You get to pick the top color, but the inside color will vary.

EYELETS: The Style #890 Zip has a separate eyelet piece (compared to the style #892 which is made from a drawn tube of metal to form the eyelet). This allows the #890 to have a customized eyelet piece. Colored Eyelets or Stainless-Steel eyelets are available.

STAMPING VS LASER ETCHING VS FUSION MARKING: Most customers prefer stamped wing bands. Stamping can be done on any color band, with a minimum quantity of 100 bands. Laser etching and fusion marking have limits on band size, colors, and the minimum number of bands that must be ordered. Text and serial numbers are included in the price of the band. Logos and barcodes and available for an additional fee. You can see more information on options available here: www.nationalband.com/zip-890

(Stamped bands only, United States & Canada.): www.nationalband.com/store/?model_number=890-3

Use this form for laser etching, fusion marking, and all international orders: www.nationalband.com/ordering-form

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at 859-261-2035.

Round / Circle Tags – 12 Different Sizes to Choose From!

When it comes to tagging solutions, one shape that consistently stands out for its versatility and practicality is the circle tag. At National Band & Tag, we offer a range of round tags that can be tailored to meet a variety of needs, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or personal use.

A Size for Every Application

With twelve different sizes available, ranging from 1/2″ inch to 2-7/8″ inches, we have a size to fit your identification needs. Smaller tags are ideal for smaller items, such as tagging pets or small assets, where a larger tag might be cumbersome. On the other end, the larger tags are perfect for items where visibility from a distance is crucial, such as in tree tagging or valve labeling.

Versatile Uses Across Industries

The practicality of round tags extends across various industries and uses. Just a few of the more popular ones we service include:

  • Tree Tags: Essential for forestry maintenance and research, numbered round tags are used on millions of trees each year.
  • Valve Tags: Used in industrial settings, these tags help in managing and identifying different valves and pipes, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
  • Pet Tags: Rabies tags, pet license tags, or just general pet ID tags. Round tags work for cats and dogs of all sizes.
  • Asset Tags: Useful in tracking and managing assets in businesses, ensuring that each item can be accounted for.
  • Promotional Tags: Companies can use these tags as part of promotional materials, giving away branded keychains or identifying their hand-made products.
  • Crematory Tags: Used to prevent loss and provide 100% traceability. Serial numbered tags are extremely important in this industry.
  • Survey Tags: Our round tags customized with the hole in the middle for a nail, are made from durable material made to last out in the field.

Customization at Its Best

All our round tags can be fully customized to suit your needs. This includes options for laser etching or stamping, with numbers, names, barcodes, logos, or any other information you require. Material and hole size are also customizable to fit your environment and fastening needs. The flexibility in customization makes these tags not only useful for practical purposes but also excellent for promotional activities, where branding needs to be clear and effective.

You can see in the picture below a few different samples. Styles #116 & #50 are laser etched while the rest are stamped. Style #145 shows white paint-fill. Styles #81 & #95 show our two different stainless steels, #91 is brass, and the rest are plain, black UV stable, or colored aluminum. Styles #93 & #95 show our optional hole size and placement, different than the standard 1/8″ hole at the top. Contact us with any customization questions.

To order your round tags, you can order online here, email us at [email protected], or call us at 859-261-2035 to talk with a customer service representative. Our sales reps are here to help whether you need a simple tag with text or a highly customized one with a logo and barcode. We look forward to assisting with your order.

We also have 5 different sizes of round tags with a loop on top where the hole goes (not featured above). See those tags here.

Well Permit ID Tags for Drillers and State Agencies

Public water safety is a critical concern that impacts communities nationwide. Ensuring the safety and purity of our water involves meticulous management and strict regulations to prevent any form of contamination. Local ordinances play a crucial role in safeguarding drinking water by regulating activities near groundwater wells. For instance, contractors and construction workers are required to obtain permission from local governments before commencing work near these critical areas.

For government agencies and professional well drillers tasked with managing water well projects, digging new wells, performing well inspections, and other general well maintenance, proper well identification is important. In most states, it’s mandatory for the above-ground head of the well to be clearly marked with a Well Permit Tag on all groundwater wells, inject wells, and other similar installations. This is where National Band & Tag steps in with our custom Well Permit ID Tags, designed to help streamline the permit and inspection process.

Why Choose National Band & Tag’s Well Permit ID Tags?

  1. Durability and Readability: Our tags are manufactured from high-grade materials that are resistant to environmental wear and tear. This ensures that they remain legible and intact for years, safeguarding against the risks of faded or lost information even in the most challenging conditions. The most popular materials to choose from are .050″ plain aluminum, .040″ UV stable black aluminum, and .030″ stainless steel.
  2. Customization Options: Recognizing that each project and jurisdiction may have different needs, we offer customizable tags. Large easy to read serial numbers, text, barcodes and logos can all be added to your tag.
  3. Ease of Installation: Whether you prefer strapping, screws, or even welding or epoxy, we provide various hole and slot options to suit your installation needs.

At National Band & Tag, we understand the critical nature of well management and the importance of reliable identification solutions. Whether you need a quote for 50 tags or are planning a larger project requiring 50,000 tags, we are here to assist. Contact us today to find out how our Well Permit ID Tags can support your efforts in safeguarding water resources.

well drilling permit custom tag

stamped aluminum tag with DO NOT REMOVE well identification program

What’s Your Favorite Tag? – 2024 Edition

At NB&T, we have hundreds of styles of tags to choose from across multiple product lines. So, we asked some of our employees, “What is your favorite tag style and why?”

Mandy (Human Resources): Style 691IL My favorite tag is the 691 because I love the fact that our company provides a product that aids in conservation efforts for Sea Turtles across the globe. Here’s just one list of where you can see how prevalent NB&T turtle tags are in research. https://accstr.ufl.edu/resources/tag-inventory/

Mike (Rabies Department Supervisor): Style 165 – The style 165 dog bone tag is my favorite for its size and popularity. It has enough room on it for all the vital information, without being too large for your pet.

Ximena (Bilingual Customer Service Representative): Style 890 – My favorite is the 890 wing band because it was the first one I learned how to enter an order for when I started working here. It is NB&T’s most popular wing band because it is tamper-resistant with an eyelet and customizable.

Chris (Laser Department) Arboretum & Plant Tags – I enjoy tags that require design work. I laser etch a lot of arboretum and plant tags that have a little bit of everything on them like text, logos, and a QR Code. I also like how the black UV stable aluminum looks when laser etched. The white on black creates a nice clean professional look.

Niki (Accounts Receivable): Write On Tags – My favorite is the write-on tags because you can have them on hand for on-site identification of multiple items.  They are helpful in case you need to label something right away.

write-on tags for identification

Rob (Shipping): Crematory Tags – We make tags for a lot of different uses, but I think crematory tags are one of the more unique things we make. I like to see different uses for our round tags besides the usual dog tags.

custom cremation tag

Evelyn (Administrative Assistant): Style 2725 Wrap Around Write-On Tag – It can be applied to a variety of objects and writing on them is simple with any pointed object. The wrap-around feature is nice because it is a built-in attachment that can wrap around and then be adjusted to fit the size of whatever you are tagging.

Tracey (Packing Department): Style 147My favorite is the 147 rosette shape because of its shape and size, they fit really easily in our cartons and I can pack them faster. The 147 is also one of the four main rabies styles of the year. It is the recommended shape for 2025 so I will pack a lot of them soon.

147PAW 2025 rabies tags paw finders

Jerry (Paint-Fill Machine Operator): Wire Rope Tags – I like when there is a custom logo on a wire rope tag because of the way it looks when the paint machine fills it with paint. I also like the way turquoise and yellow aluminum look when they have black paint-fill.

Taste of Texas – ID Your Steaks

National Poultry Day – 2024

March 19th is National Poultry Day, a time to celebrate the incredible contributions of poultry to our diets, economies, and cultures worldwide. From the everyday chicken to the Thanksgiving turkey, poultry plays a significant role in our lives.

Poultry is any domesticated bird used for food. Varieties include chicken, turkey, goose, duck, Cornish game hens, and game birds such as pheasant, squab, and guinea fowl. National Band & Tag manufacturers identification products for all the birds listed above and more! This year’s goal for National Poultry Day is to make doing business with NB&T even easier.


Celebrate National Poultry Day by placing an order for wing bands or leg bands. Spring is a busy time for our poultry department. We operate on a production schedule, so the sooner you order, the faster we can get your bands into the schedule to be made. Our most popular poultry identification products have now been added to our new shopping cart system for easy online check out. You can view pricing, customize your tags, select your shipping method and pay online.


Almost all our products are made to order and can take 4+ weeks for production. If you can’t wait that long, we have some over-run items that are available to be shipped out within two business days. These items are first come first serve. Call us at 859-261-2035 for availability. Let us know what style you need, and how many. We can then tell you what color and number series are available, if any. (Example: You need 500 890-3 wing bands – we might have 500 in blue numbered 5,001-5500 or 500 band in red numbered 501-1000 for you to choose from).


If you have any questions about our products before placing an order, contact us to speak with one of our incredibly knowledgeable customer service representatives. The customer service representatives in our poultry department currently have a combined 25+ years of experience. We also have Spanish speaking bilingual reps available to assist. Contact us at 859-261-2035 or email [email protected].

Cremation & Aquamation Tags

Whether your funeral home performs cremation or aquamation, for pets or humans, we can help with your custom Cremation Tags!

Why Do We Need Crematory ID Tags?

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) recommends that a stainless steel crematory tag (cremation ID disc) stays with the remains throughout the entire process. The serial number on the tag should be assigned when the deceased is first checked in. Identification should be confirmed before cremation, and then the tag will go into the cremation chamber with the remains. The ID tag should then be checked again after the process is complete and go with the remains into an urn. This is the best way to prevent any mix-ups and ensure 100% traceability.

Ordering Identification Tags / Disks with NB&T:

304 Stainless Steel is the best material option for Cremation Tags. It is a durable material that can withstand the heat of the crematorium without melting.

We offer an easy online ordering system for our most popular sizes in stainless steel, Style #85 (1″ circle), Style #137 (1-1/4″ circle), Style #81 (1-1/2″) and Style #92 (1-5/8″). If you would like a different shape or material, use this order form.

The most popular layout is the company name and serial number. We can add additional information, but the more text you add, the smaller it becomes.

Specialty Tags

Shown below:

Picture 1: This is an example of an aluminum tag. While aluminum is a more economical choice compared to stainless steel, it cannot go into the cremation chamber.

Pictures 2 and 3: These two pictures are examples of our stamped custom logos on stainless steel tags. This is an additional charge, contact us for a quote.

Picture 4: This is a laser etched tag with a logo. Laser etched tags cannot go into the crematorium, only stamped tags can. Laser etched tags make a great promotional item that can be tied around the urn. Contact us for a quote.

Picture 5: We also make custom memorial tags for cemeteries. They can go on benches or trees.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or 859-261-2035.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with NB&T and NWTF

The NWTF Convention and Sport Show kicks off February 14th with an evening social and live music with Country Outdoors in the Waterin’ Hole. Official convention activities commence on Thursday, February 15 through Saturday, February 17th.

National Band & Tag will be 1 of 500+ exhibitors at the convention. If you are at the show in Nashville, make sure to stop by our Booth #1426 to chat with our team about your identification needs. Bird bands, ear tags, wildlife conservation tags, tree tags and more, we are here to help. Pick up a free 2024 convention band at our booth (while supplies last).

NB&T has been partnering with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) for 25+ years. Two of our eleven owners, brothers Brad and Fred Haas, always attend the NWTF convention. We asked them, “What is your favorite part about exhibiting at the NWTF convention?”:

Brad Haas: “There are so many people who tell us stories about our bands whether it’s a hunting story, banding birds or tagging critters. It’s always fun talking to the customers at the show who stop by the booth to say hi and talk about how our products are working for them.”

Fred Haas: “My favorite part of the NWTF convention is talking to all the great folks who attend the show and end up stopping at our booth to inquire about all of our tagging solutions. There are lots of experts from every state at the convention to share their knowledge about conservation and wild turkeys.”

So, stop by our booth, say hi to our team, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2024 NWTF Convention and Sport Show this week!

2023 – Our Year In Review

2023 has been a busy year here at National Band & Tag! We are constantly striving to go above and beyond on your identification needs. Thank you to all our customers, we look forward to serving you in 2024.

Just in case you missed it, here are some updates from this past year:

Company News

  • Family member, Faye Haas Wendel will be retiring at the end of 2023. Vice President, Human Resources, and Past President (2012 – 2019). Faye has been at National Band & Tag for 42 years (1981-2023).
  • Pat DePhillips’ retirement was celebrated in July of this year. Pat worked in our bird band department for 31 years (1992-2023).
  • NB&T started a partnership with PetHub to help get even more lost pets home. We are very excited about working together to help reunite lost pets with their owners faster and help avoid a trip to a shelter or veterinarian.

Product Updates

  • Styles #62 and #1005-62 have been discontinued. Please see styles #621, #1005-621, or #681, #1005-681 as a replacement option.
  • Destron Fearing Tags have been discontinued as the company has closed. Please see our Flex-Lok tags or Allflex tags as a replacement option.
  • The Keysie is back in stock. It has a new upgraded design and more color options.

Coming in 2024

  • New Catalog – We will be printing a new 2024 full product catalog. To be added to the mailing list, fill out this form and you’ll receive a free copy in January.
  • There will be a price increase starting January 1, 2024. Quotes made in December with 2023 pricing are valid for 30 days.

Holiday Hours

We will be closed December 25th and 26th for Christmas, and January 1st for New Years.

World Rabies Day – 2023

September 28th is World Rabies Day! Created and coordinated annually by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), World Rabies Day focuses on rabies endemic countries to increase community awareness of the disease and its prevention.

This year’s theme is “Rabies: All for 1, One Health for All”.

  • “All for 1” expresses the responsibility each and every one of us has in the battle to eliminate rabies. All people can work towards One Health, and everyone can contribute to saving a life. Communities can work together to help individual people and animals, and everyone can work towards a single goal effectively.
  • Number 1 can refer to a single person making a difference, to a community, to our one goal, to how one vaccinated animal protects all, and how a single course of PEP can save a life.

As always, this year’s theme supports the overall mission of Zero by 30. To have zero human deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030.

National Band & Tag is a family-owned manufacturer of rabies tags and supporter of World Rabies Day! The National Association of Public Health Veterinarians sets the standard for the color and style of each year’s rabies tags. 2024’s NASPHV recommended style of the year is the Red Heart. NB&T not only produces millions of rabies tags each year, but we also offer Paw Finders. Paw Finders is a rabies tag and lost pet recovery system, all in one tag! The QR Code can be scanned and registered with the pet owner’s name and phone number. If the pet ever goes missing, the finder can scan the QR Code to get the owner’s contact information. This makes returning lost pets home easier and faster. Order your Paw Finders tags for 2024 here.

Utility Arborist Tags

Are you an utility arborist interested in proper identification for both power poles and trees? Then, we are here to help! National Band & Tag specializes in both Power Pole Tags and Tree Tags. Utility arborists who practice Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) keep vegetation in check around power lines to ensure there are no outages to the electricity and other essential services while also being a steward of the environment and protecting our ecosystems. Everyone wants access to power, but we shouldn’t chop down every tree next to a power pole, making UVM a very important practice.

According to the Utility Arborist Association (UAA),  “An increasing number of utilities follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-300 Part 1: Tree, Shrub and Other Woody Plant Maintenance – Standard Practices, Pruning. These guidelines, endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), promote directional pruning methods which minimize pruning stress and focus on tree health while obtaining necessary clearance from power lines.” Following these pruning standards are a great way to do what is best for the vegetation and power pole lines.

Power Pole Tags and Tree Tags can all be customized to meet your identification needs. Whether that is for treatment, inspection dates, last trimmed date, etc. Shown below are Style #137 round shape (1-1/4″) and Style #89 pie shape (7/8″ x 3/4″). The two tags overlap and have their holes line up so they can be nailed on to the tree or pole together. The tree tag on the left shows the company name and slogan on the round tag, and the tree inspection type and dates on the pie shaped tag. The power pole tag on the right shows the company and year date on the round tag, and the treatment on the pie shaped tag. These are just a two examples of what we can do. We have multiple tag styles and sizes to choose from to meet your needs.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, contact us at [email protected] or 859-261-2035.

Write-On Tags for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

If you need quick, on-site identification, then try Write-On Tags! These thin, flexible tags are made of aluminum or copper and can be engraved with a pen or pointed object. We have multiple shapes and sizes of Write-On tags that can be used for various applications. Write-On tags can be used indoors for industrial uses, such as labeling assets and equipment parts. Or, they can be used outdoors for labeling plants, trees, and other horticultural uses. We have multiple styles of Write-On tags to meet your needs.

The 2702 series comes in 3 different sizes and is available with or without copper wires attached. Made from aluminum stock wrapped around a stiff cardboard backing. This backing allows you to easily write on the aluminum with a pen or pointed object. This tag will last for years, even under harsh environments. The cardboard is biodegradable, but the aluminum “embossed” with your information remains.

The style 2725 wrap around write-on tag is popular because of it’s flexible tail. It’s great for wrapping around wires or plant stems. The tail wraps around the item, through the hole, and then pinches closed to help hold the tag on.

The 2729 and 2720 series are available with or without eyelets. We recommend getting the eyelets because they help reinforce the hole and will help the tag last longer. These two styles are also available with or without copper wires pre-attached.

Amazon Prime Day – July 11-12, 2023

July 11th & 12th, 2023, is Amazon Prime Day! Visit National Band & Tag’s Amazon Store on these two days for deals on Prime and Non-Prime products. Check out our exclusive Amazon only products such as our plumber tag variety packs, Marry Me Bird Bands, Numbered 001-1000 1-1/4″ round tags and more! Most of our standard quick ship items such as the stainless steel rectangle tags, 2023 generic rabies tags, stamped mouse ear tags are also sold on Amazon. Stocked items such as spirals, wires, and attachments are available. Stop by NB&T’s Amazon Store July 11th & 12th to stock up on all your ID needs.

Prime products arrive within 2 days. Non-Prime products ship out from our facility in Northern Kentucky within 2 business days. Ship date will vary for customized products.

(As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases through this paid link).

TN & KY Wild Turkey Banding Project

Did you know that the Kentucky Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Resources, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Tech University and the NWTF  are currently collaborating to collect information on wild turkeys? For this project they are using NB&T’s aluminum rivet bands Style #1242FR9. The Tennessee-Kentucky collaborative banding project is in the second year of its four-year duration. This project will help us better understand wild turkey harvest and survival information that may be impacting wild turkey populations.

According to the article, “Multi-State Wild Turkey Research One Year Closer,” the banding project seeks to gather data that will lead to a better understanding of the biological (i.e., mating phenology or timing), landscape (i.e., habitat quality) and regulatory factors (i.e., season timing, bag limits) that influence male harvest and survival rates across Tennessee and Kentucky.

To date, 669 turkeys have been banded in Tennessee, and 659 turkeys in Kentucky.

Make sure you are following your state’s bag limits and reporting any bands you find on harvested birds. You can report your bird’s leg band ID number to the correct state’s website listed below and on the band of the turkey.
Report KY: www.FW.KY.gov/band
Report TN: www.TNTurkeyBand.com

Read NWTF’s full article here: www.nwtf.org/content-hub/multi-state-wild-turkey-research-one-year-closer

Dog Bark Park Inn – The World’s Largest Beagle

Husband and wife artists, and Dog Bark Park Inn owners, Dennis Sullivan and Francis Conklin have been ordering NB&T tags for over 30 years. They add brass tags, Style #298 Heart, as a “license tag” on every chainsaw dog carving they make. Each “license tag” is stamped with the year, business name, location and zip code. They have carved and sold over 30,000 wooden dog carvings from their Idaho art studio and gift shop.

To go along with their dog shaped chainsaw artwork gift shop, Dennis and Francis added a 30 feet tall beagle shaped bed and breakfast inn. Dog lovers visiting Cottonwood, Idaho can stop and get their picture with the World’s Largest Beagle! If you are lucky enough to snag a reservation to stay at the inn, you will find more dog chainsaw creations on the inside of the beagle.

Francis Conklin states, “National Band & Tag has always been a pleasure to do business with, being friendly on the phone, and supplying our needs in the exact fashion as expected. We have recommended your services to others.”

Learn more about the Dog Bark Park Inn, Bed & Breakfast, and Chainsaw Art Gallery by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dogbarkparkinn

Website: www.dogbarkpark.com.

HIN Tags for TuckTec, the Folding Kayak!

Tree Tag Fundraiser Ideas

Tag fundraising campaigns are a great fundraising idea for arboretums, schools, parks, churches, etc. It is a simple and effective way to get identification tags for your organization and recognize donors with no upfront cost!

Concept #1:

Your organization has 30 trees and 50 plants they’d like to get tags for.  You make a list of each species of tree or plant and let people pick which one they want to donate for. Example: It costs $1,000 for your 80 tags, attachments, and shipping. That comes to $13.00 a tag. If you charge a $25 donation per tag, you profit $840, and get your tags made. Charge $50 a tag and profit $2,590. It is up to you how much you charge per tag!

Concept #2

When you send out an email for an annual membership renewal fee, have the option of adding on $X amount to donate for a tag. This is better for organizations who will need large amounts of tags, because then as 100 donations come in, you can then pick the first 100 tags you want made, and slowly work from your list, sending us multiple batches of tag orders.

Concept #3

For every tag a person donates money for, they get their name put in a hat. Buy 5 tags, get 5 entries into a drawing for a prize. You can use profits from the tags to buy a prize or ask local companies to donate an item to be raffled off.

For more information on our 3″ X 5″ Tree Tags Click Here. For more information on our 1.5″ X 4.5″ Plant Tags Click Here! Contact us for a free price quote to get your tag cost to figure out what you should then charge.

Asset Tags for Portable Restrooms

Shoutout to our customer, and fellow local Northern Kentucky company, Got-A-Go Rentals & Septics! They offer portable restrooms to construction sites, festivals and special events. Whatever the event is, GOT-A-GO RENTALS has the perfect portable restroom to fit your needs. They also carry handwash stations, handicap accessible restrooms with ramps, high-rise sling and roller units and holding tanks for construction trailers. Got-A-Go Rentals & Septic Services also offers complete commercial and residential septic service.

When looking to identify all their different assets, Got-A-Go reached out to National Band & Tag Company! Their asset tags are our style #14 (rectangle with rounded corners), 1.5″ x 3.5″ inches, and made from our UV stable black aluminum material. The UV stable material will ensure their tags last for years in the outdoor environments, through cleanings, and transportation. Their custom made asset tags are laser etched with an ID number, their logo, and a QR Code that leads to a customer feedback survey. Proper identification helps to make sure the correct portable restrooms and handwashing stations are going to the correct event,  and that all the assets that were dropped off, are picked up after the event is over.

If you are interested in custom asset tags for your business, call us today at 859-261-2035 for a price quote!