Jiffy Tag – Style 893

Today we would like to feature our Jiffy Tag, style 893! This is one of our most versatile tags that can be used as a wing band, small animal ear tag, rabbit ear tag, fish tag and more! This style is also popular because it is the only self-piercing wing band that comes in brass. Other materials include plain or colored aluminum and monel. This tag has been around for decades and has proven itself in the field time and time again.

Click here to view tagging hints, colors, stamping limitations and other information on the Jiffy: https://nationalband.com/products/jiffy-893/

How do you use your Jiffy tags? Comment below!

jiffy wing bands

Toe Punches for Chicks

Permanently mark your baby chickens with an easy to use Toe Punch! There are up to 16 different marking combinations available, ranging from no marks to all four webs punched. Check out all the combinations in the chart below!

Toe punches are an alternative form of identification to leg and wing bands for those who don’t need their birds numbered and want the process to be quick and easy. Punching the web doesn’t hurt the chick and is a form of permanent identification.

We offer two styles of toe punches, The Punch (style 1538) and The Compound Action Punch (style 1539). Both make a 2mm hole, but the newer compound punch looks like a pair of nail clippers and is easier to use.

chick toe punch

The Punch – Style 1538

compound action chick toe punch

The Compound Action Punch – Style 1539

chick toe punch chart

NEW 898-3 Fusion 2D Barcoded Wing Bands

tab end wingbands barcoded

At National Band & Tag, our poultry business started with backyard birds in the early 1900s. When neighbors squabbled about who’s birds were who’s, Joseph Haas found a solution in creating different colored poultry leg bands and wing bands. This has evolved a great deal over the years, from adding numbering, to custom stamping of names and farms, to our current offerings that include barcodes, fusion ink, and tamper-resistant seals. Keep reading for more detail on the exciting options we offer in poultry bands today!

Tab End 898-3: A pre-formed band that’s fast and secure. This wing band can be applied completely by hand, no applicator required! Approximate dimension when closed 3/16” height x 5/8” length.

Fusion: “Fusion Marked” characters utilize permanent ink for an easy to read, black, contrasting barcode and number. The fusion process on the Tab End and Zip have a 500 band minimum. Tags are available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, and Light Gray.

2D Data Matrix Barcode: The data matrix is superior to the linear barcode for multiple reasons:

  • It can contain up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters, while a linear barcode can contain up to 5 or 6 alphanumeric characters.
  • Data matrixes are great for encoding large amounts of information on a small amount of space, such as a wing band.
  • It is the most secure barcode there is, data cannot be changed or altered once the barcode is created.
  • A 2D data matrix can be scanned with a smart phone or 2D scanner.

Complete number sequences – No duplicate numbers – No missing numbers – Guaranteed!



NB&T at Trade Shows

It’s one our favorite times of the year again, Trade Show Time! We attend trade shows for different industries and products throughout the year, but between January and February we will be exhibiting at 4 shows! If you are attending any of the shows or conventions below, be sure to stop by and see us.

NAGA logo2016 will be NAGA’s 84th Annual Conference. Their mission is “to protect, promote and sustain a positive environment in which game bird producers and hunting preserve operators can grow their businesses through monitoring and influencing of legislation, informing and educating our members on current industry trends and issues, and promoting and sustaining our hunting heritage through increased public awareness.”

IPPE 4c LogoThe International Production and Processing Expo, is also known as the International Poultry Expo. “Hailed as the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, the show focuses on Innovation, Education, Global Reach and Networking”

NWTF logo2016 will be the NWTF’s 40th annual convention. “The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage. “Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” is the NWTF’s 10-year initiative to:

  1. Conserve or enhance 4 million acres of critical upland habitat
  2. Create 1.5 million hunters
  3. Open access to 500,000 additional acres for hunting”

pheasants forever logoPheasants Forever teams up with Quail Forever to put on the National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic each year. “Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.”

Which event will you be attending?


A Look Back at 2015

happy 2015!National Band & Tag Company has had a wonderful 2015! We have introduced new products throughout the year as well as new features for our existing products and more. Check out the links below to see what you might have missed!

New Products

  • Split Ring Chain Sling – Joining our chain sling tag line up, this tag is made of galvanized steel and has a split in the ring that can be welded shut.
  • Plumber Tags – Now available laser etched with boxes that can be written in with a sharpie.
  • Size 14 Bandettes – Our largest sized plastic bandette with a 7/8th inch diameter.
  • Wire Bundles – Customized to the length you need between 3” to 20” inches. Available in 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel.
  • Black UV Cable Ties – These cable ties will stand up to UV exposure, are 18 inches long and come in a 50lb bag.
  • 3/16th hand stamps – Our largest sized hand stamp for letters and numbers so that you can stamp tags yourself.

New Product Features

  • The letter Ñ ñ stamp is now available to be stamped on any band or tag.
  • Laser etched corners and borders can be added to almost any tag to give it a more decorative look.
  • Laser etched inverted logos are a new creative way to show off your company’s logo.
  • Yellow backing on the Write-On Tag (Style 2702) has been removed, the cardboard backing is biodegradable.
  • Zip 892-3 Wing Band, the 1,000 band minimum has been lowered to a 100 band minimum.

New Services

Are there any new products, features or services you would like to see from National Band & Tag in 2016? Just let us know in the comment section below or call us at 859-261-2035!


We’d also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and many blessings in the New Year!

Poultry Wing Bands

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Are you in need of wing bands for your chickens or roosters? Look no further! We offer a variety of wing bands to meet everyone’s needs from breeding, to research, to game birds and more. Whether you need sequential numbering, your company’s name or a barcode, we can accommodate almost any identification need.

To help you decide which wing band is best for you, view the comparison chart below.

National Band & Tag Wing Band Feature Comparison Chart
Wing Band / Features Tamper Resistant Available Bar coded Materials Applicator Fusion Colors Available Other Features
Tab End Style 898 No Yes Aluminum No Yes 4 different sizes available. Fast and easy to apply.

Style 890

Yes Yes Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes 3 different sizes available. Colored eyelets.

Style 892

Yes No Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes Drawn tube that is similar to an eyelet

Style 893

No No Aluminum, Brass, Monel Yes

(Style 893s)

Yes Self-piercing


Wing Band News:nino-tags

  • The Zip 892 use to have a 1,000 band minimum, it has now been lowered to 100 band minimum.
  • Ñ ñ letters are now available for stamping.
  • All wing bands are now available in fusion colors.
  • Free samples available – call today!

The Zip 890 is one of our most popular wing band styles.

Share below what your favorite wing band is!

National Chicken Wing Day – Chicken Wing Bands

The people of the United States love chicken! July 29 was deemed National Chicken Wing Day by the city of New York where Buffalo Wings were first invented. More chickens are raised for food than all other land animals combined, and Americans alone consume 8 billion chickens a year. Most of these chickens are farm-raised for different fast-food chains and grocery stores. These large corporations raise hundreds of thousands of chickens and need to identify them.

At National Band and Tag, we love chickens and love to make bands for chickens!

For this purpose, we make identification wing bands and leg bands for the chickens in order to track, breed, process, and produce chicken. Our most popular style of wing bands are metal. They can be closed without an applicator and can be laser etched with numbers and bar codes. We have many different styles of bands, colors, and options depending on your needs. Let National Band & Tag help you with all of your identification needs today!

tab end wing band

Tab End Wing Bands – Style 898

zip wing bands

Zip Wing Bands – Style 890

jiffy wing bands

Jiffy Wing Bands – Style 893

To learn more about National Chicken Wing Day check out: http://www.nationalchickenwingday.com/

Bird Flu – What We Can Do To Help

The USDA has confirmed numerous cases of bird flu (avian influenza) since December 2014. It’s been reported in the Pacific, Central, and Mississippi flyways (migratory bird paths). The disease is not limited to any one type of flock, as it has been found in wild birds as well as backyard and commercial poultry flocks. Click here for a current map of the US areas affected.

To help curb the problem the USDA has plans in place, which include surveillance, reporting, biosecurity, movement control, vaccination and depopulation. All of these plans require diligent tracking and tagging of birds. That’s where we come in.

At National Band & Tag, we’ve been providing banding and tagging solutions for birds for over 100 years. We manufacture wing bands, adjustable leg bands and non- adjustable leg bands, as well as hundreds of other products. These styles, specifically, can be helpful tools in the quarantine, eradication, monitoring, and testing processes.

If you have questions, or would like more information about the solutions we offer, give us a call at 859-261-2035. We’d be happy to help.

Specific Products that May Be Useful for Bird Flu Prevention

Poultry Wingbands – Style 681681

Adjustable Leg Bands – Style 305A & 305ALProductTemplate_ATLAS SEAL  305A 305AL

Butt-End Bird Bands – Style 1242ProductTemplate_BUTT-END BANDS1242