Celebrate “World Rabies Day” with National Band & Tag

World Rabies Day is approaching! September 28th is the day that brings awareness to rabies worldwide.  It is estimated that over 40,000 people in the US are exposed to rabies each year.  This exposure could come from your own dog or cat or after your dog or cat had an encounter with a raccoon, skunk, fox or a bat that has rabies.  People have associated rabies as an issue for dogs, but in 2009 there were 3 times more cat rabies cases reported than dogs, 81 to 300.  Rabies as a global issue affects 55,000 people and the cost associated with rabies is estimated to be more than $300 million in the US alone.

So, protect your family and pets and remember to get your dog and cat their rabies vaccination shot.  And don’t forget to change the tag on their collar.  The shape and color of the recommended tag changes every year.  There are 4 shapes and colors that are recommend by NASPHV and the shape for 2016 is the red heart.  The shape for 2015 was the green bell.  These shapes and colors are recommended for the 1 year vaccination.  By having the proper tag on, health officials will be able to determine if your animal is up to date with their vaccination.  This might just help keep your dog or cat alive.

For more information about rabies you can go to the CDC website:  http://www.cdc.gov/features/dsRabies/index.html

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