Cremation ID Tags

Use these durable crematory ID tags to prevent mistakes and loss of traceability. Some states require the use of identification tags in the cremation process. The Cremation Association of North America highly recommends that a crematory tag (cremation ID disc) be attached to every case in the cremation chamber.

Available in 304 and 430-grade Stainless Steel. Our Cremation Tags can withstand the heat of the crematorium, allowing it stay with the remains through the whole process. Tags are available with custom stamping and numbering. Several shapes and sizes are available.

See our most popular sizes below, or click here to view other shapes.

• Humans and Pets
• Cremation Identification Discs / Tags
• Aquamation Tags
Memorial Tags / Tree Tags for Green Funerals

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Numbered Stainless Steel Tags – Quick Ship. Sold exclusively on Amazon. 1-1/4″ inch round tags. Pick your set of 100, 500 or 1,000 tags (Number options 001-1000)

StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
BLUE PRICE.030" 304 / .031" 430 Stainless Steel14 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.5110.3380.2810.2530.2360.2240.2170.2100.2050.2010.1890.181
RED PRICE.030" 304 / .031" 430 Stainless Steel25 lbsB,C,E,F,H0.6400.4560.3990.3710.3530.3420.3340.3280.3240.3190.3000.288

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