Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, laser etched tag

One of our most popular materials. Stainless Steel is heavy-duty and will last.

Plain Aluminum

aluminum laser etched tag
Plain Aluminum is a great option for light engraving — it is very readable.


brass, laser etched tag

Heavy duty brass tags are highly visible and durable.

Plastic / Vinyl

plastic tag

Get plastic plant labels, asset tags, cattle tags, etc., laser marked.

Stock N’ Lase

stock and lase tags

Buy your tags in bulk, store them with us, call us when you’re ready to laser etch.

Laser Etching: Available on metal tags only. Material is physically etched with the laser beam into the surface of the material, deep enough that you can feel it with your finger nail. On anodized and colored aluminum the metal with change color from the base color to white, thus providing a high contrast character.

Laser Marking: Available on plastic tags only. The characters are marked onto the surface of the material using an oxidation process which results is a bold contrasting character. The characters are dark gray, almost black in color. Laser marking is also referred to as laser coloration or laser dark marking.

Laser Engraving: This process is currently not available, but we have laser etching which is a similar process to laser engraving. The main difference is that laser etching turns the metal a high contrasting color from the base color and isn’t engraved as deeply.

Barcodes & Scanners: Laser etched barcoded tags are designed to perform in a wide variety of conditions and environments. Laser etched barcodes perform differently than printed barcodes because they are physically etched or infused into the surface of the material. It is always best to determine if your scanner will adequately read the tags before and after submitting them to your specific environmental conditions. For your convenience, we pass on our barcode equipment discounts to our customers and distributors. Please keep us in mind if you are in need of any equipment or would like to demo a scanner. Because each job is unique, we do quote each one individually. If you would like samples, have any questions or concerns, please contact us. 859-261-2035

Laser Etching Possibilities – We have a wide range of shades and colors!

laser etched tags

Color Spectrum and Laser Etching Capabilities on our Materials

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