Send Us Your Data!

  • If you want sequential numbers, just send us the sequence.
  • If you need 1000 tags with custom data on each tag, your TEXT file should have 1 column & 1000 rows.   See examples below. 
  • TXT Files are Preferred. Acceptable file types include: TXT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX. Please no PDFs.

Using our laser etching machines, we can etch your data onto the tags in a wide variety of layouts. Your “data” includes any words, numbers, logos, graphics, etc. You can layout the tag in nearly any arrangement. If your data is formatted differently than what we require, we may be able to reformat it for you for an additional charge. If you have an example or sketch of how you want the tag formatted, please email the image to your Customer Service Representative or fax it to us at 800-261-8247.

For non-sequential or custom data, the data can be sent to us via email to your Customer Service Representative using the format below:

Microsoft Excel files must be saved as a .TXT (text) file. Do not use leading spaces, delimiters, commas or other characters that you do not want to appear on your tags. For tags with vertical text, punctuation/special characters are not available, and your data must be all upper care or all lower case.

Please be sure to tell us what character height (font size) you would like for each line on your tags.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure the accuracy of your data, as any tags that are misprinted due to incorrect information submitted by the customer is 100% the customer’s responsibility.

Upload Your Data File