Every order that we do is unique therefore, we quote each one. We will need to see the layout you have in mind and the tag size you would like in order to work up pricing for you. You can fax a sketch, email a image, send in a disk, etc. We just need to see what you would like us to make for you. Please consider the following when creating your layout.


Most of our customers use our standard character set for their numbers and letters. This is the fastest and most economical option and it produces a thin line character that is very clear and legible. If you would like bold characters, we use most of the Microsoft true type fonts – the most common being Arial and New Times Roman. These do take longer to etch therefore they do cost a bit more than the standard character set. Keep in mind the width of the laser beam is only .005″ which is about the thickness of a piece of paper.


Throughout our website there are examples of our customers’ logos and images that have been etched into metal using our lasers. We can produce fine graphics with the right artwork. NOTE: Simpler is better! These are very small images when etched on tags, and intricate detail can get lost.

How to submit your artwork/logos for laser etching:

PREFERRED FILE FORMAT: Adobe Illustrator vector files in either AI, PDF, or EPS file formats.

OTHER FILE FORMATS:  If only a JPG or PNG are available, please send it to us and we will determine if an artwork conversion fee is needed. JPG and PNG files should follow these sizing guidelines:

  • File Size – Create your logo graphic 2 times larger than the size you want laser etched. This scaling formula produces the most visually appealing graphic. If you send us a logo that is 5 times larger and we have to shrink it down to make it fit, distortion and loss of detail will occur.
  • Resolution – File should be 300 ppi (pixels per inch).
  • Hint: Try zooming in on your file, if it is blurry, we will not be able to use it.


If you can submit your logo using all the tips above, there is usually no charge for manipulating your logo. If we have to tweak it just a little, it will cost $25. If we have to convert your logo to a Bitmap and clean it up, it will cost $40. If you have very extensive details in your logo that we cannot cleanup, we have to send it out for conversion. This usually can cost $75-150 depending on the complexity. These costs are one time only. Other initial costs such as an initial layout charge may apply. Please contact us for pricing but be prepared to show us a sketch, drawing… anything to give us an idea of what you would like us to consider.


All True Type Fonts (TTF) are available! (We cannot use Open Type Fonts (OTF)). Click here to view commonly used True Type fonts.


text fonts on tags

text fonts on tagstext fonts on tags text fonts on tags