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Important points regarding this scanning station:

1. Hands-free. Trigger is actuated by a built in optical scanner. When you present the bar coded tag, the unit turns itself on and starts scanning instantly.

2. This is a Very aggressive scanner 1207fzy. This scanner uses fuzzy logic mathematical algorithms. When scanning barcodes that are difficult to read (dirty/hazy etc), misdecodes are most likely to occur when a scanner is operating near the limits of its capability. When pushed to the limit, a scanner can misinterpret the sizes of bars or spaces in a barcode, causing misdecodes. This point is reached much sooner with conventional scanners than with Fuzzy scanners, which operate with wide margin even when reading barcodes that other scanners can’t read at all. As a result, Fuzzy scanners are actually less likely to provide incorrect decoded data on low contrast (i.e. dirty surface, colored surface, scratched, torn, etc) barcodes than a conventional scanner that struggles to read the same barcode.
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3. Optical Switch and Scanner are both sealed for a dusty environment. This is a very important issue. Any normal scanner that is exposed to a dusty environment will have the optics and electronics contaminated by the dust and this can affect its performance. The 1207FXY has an IP rating of 54, which basically means it is protected against wind blown dust and rain. Neither of these units can be submerged in fluids. For further information regarding the IP rating system please refer to this link:

4. Scanner can be configured as a USB or Serial scanner by just changing the cables.

5. Hands-free configuration has a wide range of motion due to its gooseneck design and can be fastened to nearly anything using the attached clamp.