plastic tagPlant Labels

Plastic and wooden stakes can be written on with a marker for quick identification. Different options and colors available for at-home gardeners or large retail garden centers.

Tree Tags

Multiple sizes, shapes, and materials of tree tags available for assisting with numbering trees, species identification, research and more. Customized to meet your needs.

Vineyard Tags

For marking rows and fence post, proper identification helps make vineyard management easier. Try using large numbers to make viewing from a distance easy.

arboretum tag
Arboretum Tags

Large 3” x 5” tags, made from Black UV Stable material, used for marking trees, walking trails, educational tours, memorial trees, etc.  New nails, springs, and stakes now for sale.

Write-On Tags

Emboss your own tags on the spot using a pen, pencil, or any pointed object. Options include aluminum or copper, and with or without a biodegradable cardboard backing.