Custom Vineyard/Orchard Labels

vineyard tag on a post

Why use Vineyard Tags:
Improve your vineyard management with Vineyard Tags for your rows, blocks, harvest bins and wine barrels. When the end of the vineyard’s row’s fence post is numbered with a tag, it helps as location indicators for employees and visitors, as well as assisting with managing and recording the row’s care, growth, and harvest rate.

Material Types:
Metal vineyard tags, cattle ear tags, and flexible round tags are all available. UV Stable Black Aluminum metal tags will last outdoors for 20+ years, even in harsh environments. AllFlex cattle ear tags are available in multiple colors, are flexible, and will last outdoors for 5+ years. Perma Flex’s round tags are available in multiple colors, and are a great alternative if you don’t want metal, or a cattle ear tag shape.

Customization Options:
All materials can be customized with large, visible numbers, text, logos, graphics, and barcodes. Some customer use large numbers, others use detailed text with grape vine varieties, rootstock, clones, year it was planted, grafting information, watering method, etc. Some customers use barcoded vineyard tags to track grapes from the row or block they grew in, to the collection bins and who harvested them, all the way to what barrel and bottles they went into.

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How to fasten your tag:

2 1/8″ Stainless Steel Springs (to allow the tag to sit up off the surface)
Style 1528 – $10.00/box of 50

3″ Aluminum Nails
Style 1529 – $5.00/box of 50

3/4″ x 20″ Stake
Style 1530 – $6.00 each
Comes with a 3″ strip of 3M tape already adhered to stake.

tag fasteners

sign stakes