Blank Tags Quick Ship

blank tags

Get blank tags shipped faster when you order through our Quick Ship form. Style 14 Only. Sets of 100.

Custom Metal Plate Tags

custom industrial plate tags
Tags can be blank, stamped, laser etched, bar coded, sequentially numbered, and/or include your logo.


write on tags
Tags you can personally engrave on to identify equipment and more


wire markers
Keep wires, cables, and hoses organized with wrap around wire markers

Utility Pole

Power Pole tags
Identify poles and collect data in the field with custom Utility Pole Tags


valve tags
Use Valve Tags to easily identify and relay important valve and pipe info throughout your facility

Light Gauge

.016 aluminum tags
Thin gauge tags available in .016 Aluminum and .014 Brass. Great for meters, utility poles, etc.

Well Permit Tags

well permit tags
Prevent improper well construction and well abandonment with Well Permit Tags

Plumber Tags

plumber tags
Identify hot water, cold water, and gas main shut-offs, all while promoting your company

Lead Apron ID Tags

apron tags
Pass Joint Commission Inspections with tags for your X-Ray aprons and other lead garments

Crematory Tags

cremation tags

Prevent mistakes and loss of traceability with these durable crematory ID tags.


Hull Identification Number Tag

Boat Hull Identification Number tags for your new or old boat. These tags are guaranteed for life.

Still don’t see the industrial tags you’re looking for? Call us, we can probably make what you need. 859-261-2035