stainless steel valve tag
valve tag on pipe

Help reduce pipe related accidents and pass safety inspections with customized National Band & Tag Valve Tags. Our Valve Tags are available in aluminum, brass, or stainless steel–in many different sizes, colors, and hole placements. They are used to relay important information and identification at the point of need. We produce tags for numerous valve inspections, including:

LDAR                                   LEAK DETECTION AND REPAIR

BWON                                 Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP

LOW E                                 Low Emission

PSV                                      Platform Supply Vessel

LAER                                   LOWEST ACHIEVABLE EMISSION RATE

BACT                                   BEST AVAILABLE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY

MRU                                    MAGNETIC RECEIVER UNIT

VOC                                     VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND

VRU                                     VAPOR RECOVERY UNIT

Uses: Valve Systems, Yard Valves, Slide Gates, Pipe Markers, Steam Traps,

The tags on this page are just a few examples of the many sizes and shapes we can make.

Please refer to our Custom Metal Plate Tags page for full specs on what is available.

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