It’s Springtime – Get Ready To Ear Tag!

It is officially Springtime! Farmers and ranchers are gearing up to ear tag all the new baby animals that are about to be born.

Many baby animals are born in spring because spring provides better, richer food. This allows mom to produce quality milk for her baby. The temperature also starts to get warmer, making it is easier for babies to survive.

Ear tag regulations differ depending on the animal, and the state. For example, some animals need to have an ear tag applied by a certain age, or before they leave the farm. Most ranchers and farmers prefer to tag their baby animals within hours, to a few days, of them being born. It is easier to tag the baby as soon as it’s born because it’s easier to handle and get away from mom. This also allows farmers to keep track of which baby belongs to which mom.

Now that we are into spring, don’t forget to order your ear tags and wing bands! Order now so that your ear tags are produced, shipped, and in-hand ready to go for when those babies start dropping. We offer lots of different options for meeting your identification needs! Whether you just need an ID number, want to color coordinate, or need full customization, we can help.

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