Jiffy 893

• Poultry Wing Band • Small Animal Ear Tag • Rabbit Ear Tag

jiggy 893 wing band, brass wing band

893 Size 3
Inside dimension when Closed:
Approximately 3/16″H x 5/8″L

The Jiffy is a very versatile self-piercing tag that can be used for many different applications. Its sharp reinforced piercing point and concealed locking structure provides the same protection as the sealed band.

Tagging Hints: The Jiffy is designed as a one-step application. Insert the band in the applicator first. Line up the “bubble” on the band with the recess in the applicator. Make sure the “bubble” side of the band is flat against the jaw of the applicator.

Aluminum Enamel Colors:

893 wing band enamel colors

Aluminum Fusion Colors:

893 fusion colors

Stamping Limits

Fill the squares below to design your stamping. Each cell is a character. Spaces and punctuation counts as one character. Your stamping will be made as large as possible, but keep in mind that the more letters you have, the smaller the characters will be. Green: Standard Setup Fee, Orange: Extensive Setup Fee

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.28.02 AM

Options Available
  • Stamped characters, logos, and paint fill

stamped characters logos

Material: 025″
Aluminum, Brass, 0.20″ Monel – see 1005-4, 13/64″ wide.

neon green gold 893 wing band

.50 lb each – see pricing below
jiffy applicator

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      StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
      893Jiffy - Aluminum - Size 31.25B,E,F0.2040.1530.1360.1270.1030.10.0980.0960.0940.0790.0760.073
      893BJiffy - Brass - Size 35 lbsB,E,F0.2420.190.1730.1640.1330.130.1270.1260.1240.1020.0980.094
      893SApplicator for 8930.510.90

      Special Charges could apply to these tags.