None (Direct From Press)

Tags have mill and die cut edges and are covered in an oil residue. No additional finishing.

Dry Tumbled (De-Oiled)

Oil residue is removed, but tags may have a sharp edge (die cut edge).

Wet Tumbled (Smooth Edges)

Oil residue and sharp edges are both removed, can cause scratches to tag.

Polished (Premium Finish)

Tags are smooth and shiny. No sharp edges.

engraved tag oily finish

304 Stainless Steel
(Dark Laser Etching)

engraved tag dry tumbled

engraved tag wet tumbled

engraved tag polished finish

light engraved tag

304 Stainless Steel
(Light Laser Engraving)

light engraved tag dry tumbled

light engraved tag wet tumbled

light engraved tag polished