Leg Bands for Pet Ducks and Geese

leg bands for pet ducks and geese

The most popular way to know if one of your pet waterfowl are shot by a hunter is to band its leg with a band. Most of our customers like to stamp their name or farm name and phone number on their leg bands. Our aluminum leg bands can be customized with any text you would like (up to a certain character limit depending on band size), as well as multiple colors.

Mallards are usually a size 14.

Canadian Geese are usually a size 28.

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  1. Jamie stoerzinger
    Jamie stoerzinger says:

    We need 11 for mallard ducks.
    Would need to say Jamie Stoerzinger with a phone number of 218-820-7343.

  2. Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers says:

    I’m looking for bands for mallards I raise and release into wild. Please contact me for name and number and pricing please soon as possible

  3. melody gordon
    melody gordon says:

    When is a good time to put a band on your duck? I bought two ducks and I want to band them so they can live on my farm, and I just want to know when is a good time to band them?

    • Alison
      Alison says:

      Hi Melody,

      You will want to wait to band them until they are just about fully grown. If you put the adult size band on their leg while they are young, there will be a gap between the band and their leg that could cause problems.


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