National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

Official Animal Identification Number (AIN) Tags — RFID and Visual NOW AVAILABLE from NB&T, Certified NAIS Tag Manager

Before you can place your order, you must have a Premise ID number. Consult your State Veterinarian to apply for your Premise ID number.

AIN / NAIS / 840 Tags

Sheep/ Goat E.Tag

RFID ear tag
Spec Sheet

Cattle E.Tag

RFID ear tag
Spec Sheet

Cattle Combo E.Tag
RFID ear tag
Spec Sheet

Choice Set
RFID ear tag
Spec Sheet

StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
6390STag Applicator1 lb32.50
6392Extra Pin (1 pin) for Applicator.5 lb5.05
6391Marking Pen0.258.66
6380Stud-Blank-Plastic Tip6 lbs
6381Stud-Numbered-Plastic Tip6 lbs
6383Stud-Blank- Metal Tip*6 lbs0.590.526
6384Stud-Numbered- Metal Tip*6 lbs0.720.649
6370Tag - Blank (Stud End w/ Plastic Tip)8 lbs0.880.794
6371Tag - Numbered (Stud End w/ Plastic Tip)8 lbs1.020.917
6375Tag - Blank (Hole End)6 lbs0.680.618
6376Tag - Numbered (Hole End)6 lbs0.810.732
6340Tag - Dairy Blank (Stud End)*16 lb
6341Tag - Dairy Numbered (Stud End)*16 lb
6360Hog Max - Blank (Stud End)11 lb
6361Hog Max - Numbered (Stud End)11 lb
6350Button - Small Blank6 lbs0.410.371
6351Button - Small - Inkjet Numbered5 lbs0.540.495
6330Tag - Medium Blank*14 lb0.650.588
6331Tag - Medium Numbered*14 lb0.800.721
6320Tag - Large Blank*27 lb0.880.794
6321Tag - Large Numbered*27 lb1.070.958
6315Tag - EX Large Blank*27 lb1.050.938
6316Tag - EX Large Numbered*27 lb1.231.12
6310Tag - Extra Large Blank*32 lb1.211.1
6311Tag - Extra Large Numbered*32 lb1.581.29

*Available in Tamper-Evident Design