Blank Tags Quick Ship

blank tags

Get blank tags shipped faster when you order through our Quick Ship form. Style 14 Only. Sets of 100.

Custom Metal Plate Tags

industrial plate tags
Tags can be blank, stamped, laser etched, bar coded, sequentially numbered, and/or include your logo.


asset tags
Heavy duty, durable Asset Tags to help identify and track your company’s valuable assets


write on tags
Tags you can personally engrave on to identify equipment and more


wire markers
Keep wires, cables, and hoses organized with wrap around wire markers

Utility Pole

utility pole tags
Identify poles and collect data in the field with custom Utility Pole Tags


valve tags
Use Valve Tags to easily identify and relay important valve and pipe info throughout your facility

Light Gauge

.016 aluminum tags
Thin gauge tags available in .016 Aluminum and .014 Brass. Great for meters, utility poles, etc.

Well Permit Tags

well permit tags
Prevent improper well construction and well abandonment with Well Permit Tags


plumber tags
Identify hot water, cold water, and gas main shut-offs, all while promoting your company

Lead Apron ID Tags

Pass Joint Commission Inspections with tags for your X-Ray aprons and other lead garments

Crematory Tags

cremation tags

Prevent mistakes and loss of traceability with these durable crematory ID tags.

(other gauges and material widths may be available)
Aluminum: .050” – 1/2 hard temper
Aluminum: .064” – 1/2 hard temper
Brass: .036” – Alloy 260 70/30 – 1/2 hard temper
Brass: .040 “ – Alloy 260 70/30 – 1/2 hard temper
Brass: .064 “ – Alloy 260 70/30 – dead soft temper
Stainless Steel: .031” – Type 430 2BA finish (Shiny, attracted to magnet, slightly corrosive)
Stainless Steel: .030” – Type 304 2B finish (Dull, not attracted to magnet, non-corrosive)
Stainless Steel: .048” – Type 304 2B finish (Dull, not attracted to magnet, non-corrosive)
Stainless Steel: .048” – Type 430 2BA finish (Shiny, attracted to magnet, slightly corrosive)
Cold Rolled Steel: .025”
Cold Rolled Steel: .048”

Tag Options

blank tag
Standard Price

stamped tag
Standard Price

holes and slots
Holes & Slots
Extra Charge

backside stamped tag
Backside Stamped
Extra Charge

stamped logo tag
Stamped Logo
Extra Charge

paint filled stamped tag
Paint-Filled Stamped
Extra Charge

laser etched tag
Extra Charge

adhesive backed tag
Aluminum Tags Only
Extra Charge

Fasteners & Accessories

S-Hooks Split Rings Rivets Ball Chain
1502 link 1504 link 1505 link 1503 link 1506 ring 1514 ring 1 dog collar rivets ballchain for tags
Style 1502 – Galvanized
Style 1502SS – Stainless
1″ high x .091 dia.
Style 1504 – Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.
Style 1505 – Plated
3/4″ high x .080 dia.
Style 1503 – “Twisted” Galvanized
1″ high x .105 dia.
Style 1506 – Galvanized
Style 1506SS – Stainless
11/16″ outside dia.
Style 1514 – Plated
1″ outside dia.
Style 1508BR – 1/8″ Brass Plated
Style 1508NI – 1/8″ Nickel Plated
needs 9/64″ hole
Style 1507 – 4″ Brass Plated
Style 1507SS – 4″ Stainless Steel
Style 150724 – 24″ Nickel Plated Neck Chain
Wire Bundles Black Zip Ties
ss-&-galvanized-wire black-zip-ties
Style 1525 – .040″ 304 Stainless Steel
Style 1526 – .062″ Galvanized Steel
Standard: 12″ long — 100 piece bundles
Also available in custom sizes from 3″ to 20″ — Call for quote.
Style 1527 — 50lb. Black UV Cable Tie
18″ long
$20 / 100
For more than 1000, call for quote.
Adhesive Backing
adhesive backed tag
Adhesive Backing available only on Aluminum Tags in all tag heights with backing in 3 sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1 1/2.
500 tag minimum. Contact us for a quote.
Ring Application Split Rivet Application
Style 1506S Applicator for 1506, 1506SS, 1514 For Styles 1508BR, 1508NI
Tool to open split ringThis hand tool is a helpful device that spreads the ring apart
for attaching the tag to the ring and to the collar, or cage, or other item.
split rivet application
S-Hook Application Hand Stamps
For Styles 1502, 1502SS, 1503, 1504, 1505 Style 1571: Numbers 0-9 Style 1572: Letters A-Z
s hook application handstampsHardened steel, gothic style, letters and numbers for hand stamping tags.
Contact us for information on Stamping/NumberingMachines.
StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
1502.091 Link4.5 lbs0.0220.0170.0140.0140.013
1502SSStainless Steel Link4 lbs0.1020.0810.0650.0620.060
R1503.105 Twisted Link6 lbs0.0370.0290.0240.0230.022
R1505.080 Link2.7 lbs0.1020.0810.0650.0620.060
150611/16" Ring2.5 lbs0.0290.0240.0200.0170.017
R1506SS11/16" Stainless Steel Ring2.5 lbs0.1020.0810.0650.0620.060
R15141" Ring5 lbs0.0810.0650.0530.0500.048
R1508NINickel Plated Rivets0.8 lbs0.0320.0270.0230.0220.021
R1508BRBrass Plated Rivets0.8 lbs0.0320.0270.0230.0220.021
R1507BR#3 Brass Plated Ball Chain 4"2.5 lbs0.1120.0910.0720.0670.064
R1507NINickel Plated Ball Chain 4"2.5 lbs0.1510.1210.0970.0930.088
R1507SSStainless Steel Ball Chain 4"2.5 lbs0.2780.2240.1790.1710.162
R15072424" Aluminum Ball Chain8 lbs0.3790.3040.2420.2310.221
152512" .040 Stainless Steel Wire5 lbs0.1040.0790.065
152612" .062 Galvanized Steel Wire10 lbs0.0550.0410.033
R152750 lb. Black UV Stable Cable Ties (18")1 lb0.255
R1506SRing Applicator0.5 lbs$9.90
R157106251/16 Numbers 0-90.8 lbs$27.00
R157118753/16 Numbers 0-91.5 lbs$39.00
R157206251/16 Letters A-Z1.75 lbs$70.00
R157218753/16 Letters A-Z3.75 lbs$109.00



100 tags to a wire, 500 to a box.
Contact us for any special Packing Requirements

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