NB&T Sizes of Aluminum Butt-End Bird Bands – Style 1242

• Banquet Bands- DU, NWTF,etc. • Bird/ Small Animal Leg Bands • Used by Fish & Wildlife Departments and Conservation Agencies, Zoos, etc • Leg Bands for Migratory Birds: everything from a hummingbird to a swan

1242-3 bird band 1242-4 bird band 1242-5 bird band 1242-6 bird band 1242-7 bird band
1242-8 bird band 1242-10 bird band 1242-12 bird band 1242-14 bird band 1242-16 bird band
1242-18 bird band 1242-20 bird band 1242-22 bird band 1242-24 bird band 1242-28 bird band

National Band & Tag ALUMINUM BUTT-END BANDS 1242


Material: Aluminum.


Plain, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise

Please note – Not all colors available at all times. Please indicate second color choice or contact us for current stock.


Stamped consecutive number. Special stamping available.

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APPLICATORS: Each size band requires its own size applicator

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Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
1242Alum Butt-End Sizes: 3,4,51A,B,F,G18.3013.10105.00
1242Alum Butt-End Sizes: 6,7,8,105A,B,F,G21.1015.10121.00
1242Alum Butt-End Sizes:12,14,16,1812A,B,F,G22.1015.80126.00
1242Alum Butt-End Sizes: 20,22,22Z*,24,2812A,B,D*,F,G26.7019.10153.00
1242SApplicators, NBT 3 - 16, Fed 0A-7B131.50
1242SApplicators, NBT 18-22, Fed 8136.80