World Rabies Awareness Day

IMG_9629In case you didn’t know, this coming Monday is World Rabies Awareness Day. Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system of mammals and is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. This virus is deadly, but luckily there is a fast-acting cure.  The number of rabies cases has gone down as animal vaccination has increased, however, rabies is still deadly and people should exercise caution around animals exhibiting abnormal behavior.

So, what are National Band and Tag’s association with rabies vaccinations?

We manufacture Rabies Vaccination Tags for many veterinary offices. Every time your cat or dog gets a rabies vaccination, they must be wearing the updated vaccination tag alongside their pet license and name tag. Without this tag, it can cost you if your pet gets lost. Keep your pets safe from rabies by keeping them up to date with their vaccinations. Not only are you protecting your pet, but you’re also preventing the possible spread of this deadly virus. Check out the samples of our Rabies Tags!


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