Our Statement of Purpose

As we start into the New Year, we would like to share our company’s Mission and Statement of Purpose. These statements reflect who we are at National Band & Tag and what we believe in. It always has been, and always will be, our mission to provide unique and innovative identification solutions to our valued customers.



We live for the day when…
The spirit of our unbreakable family blesses everyone we reach.
Trust is built into every solution we produce from concept to delivery.
National Band & Tag is the #1 choice for identification bands and tags.


We are a U.S. manufacturer providing unique and innovative identification solutions for many purposes. Since 1902, we’ve been building our business to SOAR™:
•Sequential numbering and custom design for accurate identification
•On-time and upfront delivery expectations
•Agile and solution-centered customer service
•Reinvention in-house, to save you time and money


We are a responsive and resourceful family manufacturer, earning trust as we faithfully continue our legacy of:
•Planning success for generations to come
•Delivering accuracy with every order
•Operating with honesty and integrity
•Adapting our products across multiple categories to provide the best solution

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