**Please Note: Each part is sold separately. Studs and buttons must be purchased individually.**

SNAGFREE DAISY STUD – Style 7300 Blank
STANDARD STUD – Style 7380 Blank; Style 7381 Numbered
SMALL STUD – Style 7385
BUTTON – Style 7350 Blank; Style 7351 Numbered
BADGE – Style 7370 Blank; Style 7371 Numbered, Style 7371N Laser Etched (barcodes, logos, etc.)
ROUNDED BADGE – Style 7375 Blank; Style 7376 Numbered
SMALL EAR TAG – Style 7330 Blank; Style 7331 Numbered
MEDIUM EAR TAG – Style 7320 Blank; Style 7321 Numbered
LARGE EAR TAG – Style 7340 Blank; Style 7341 Numbered
EXTRA LARGE EAR TAG – Style 7310 Blank; Style 7311 Numbered
NECK TAG – Style 7000 Blank; Style 7001 Numbered
LARGE ROUND TAG – Style 7365 Blank; Style 7366 Numbered; Style 7366N Laser Etched (barcodes, logos, etc.)
MARKING PEN – Style 7391


Flexible Polyurethane


Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple


Tags come with ink characters. Styles 7370 and 7380 are also available with Laser-Etched characters and barcodes.


Applicator – Style 7390s
Extra Pins – Style 7392
K-Tag Pen – Style 7391

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permaflex tag applicator style 7390s

Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
7390STag Applicator1 lb/31.50
7392Extra Pins (2 pins) for Applicator.5 lb5.66
7391Marking Pen.254.76
7300Stud - Snagfree Daisy Stud6 lbs0.49
7000Neck Tag - Blank6 lbs0.79
7001Neck Tag - Numbered6 lbs1.04
7380Stud - Blank (White Hard Plastic)6 lbs0.35
7381Stud - Numbered (Hard Plastic)6 lbs
7385Stud - Small (used with 7370) 2.50.17
7370Tag - Blank (Stud End)8 lbs0.35
7371Tag - Numbered (Stud End)8 lbs0.49
7375Tag - Blank (Hole End)6 lbs0.35
7376Tag - Numbered (Hole End)6 lbs0.49
7330Tag - Small Blank9 lbs0.70
7331Tag - Small Numbered9 lbs0.81
7320Tag - Medium Blank14 lb0.77
7321Tag - Medium Numbered14 lb0.88
7350Button - Small Blank6 lbs0.33
7351Button - Small Numbered5 lbs
7340Tag - Large Blank27 lb0.88
7341Tag - Large Numbered27 lb1.02
7310Tag - Extra Large Blank32 lb1.00
7311Tag - Extra Large Numbered32 lb1.11

-Add $.11 per line of text per tag
-Minimum of 25 of a style or color
-Tags and studs priced individually