Pinless Peepers – How to Stop the Pecking

Chickens are cannibalistic animals and will peck at each other if they see blood. To stop this, NB&T used to make rose colored chicken glasses. These are now obsolete, and the newest version is a plastic blinder, also known as Pinless Peepers!

pinless peepersNational Band & Tag Company spent 10 years developing these by talking with customers and members of the North American Gamebird Association (NAGA). We modified and improved the design and material used in our Pinless Peeper according to their feedback. You can tell it’s ours because our peeper has “NB&T” molded in the back of the cross bar. While pinless peepers will have a percentage of loss, ours has been designed to stay in longer! Our customers report that with the small percentage of loss with our peeper, the birds are not pecking and there is the added advantage that they don’t lose birds getting caught in the netting.

How to put on a Pinless Peeper:

  1. Warm the blinders before applying, either soak in hot water or lay out in the sun.
  2. Take a Snap Ring Plier (or use your hands) – place tips into blinder behind pins and spread apart.
  3. Line up pins with nostrils and release plier.

Watch an instruction video on how to put them on here:

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