Plastic Spiral Bands Style 2104-2116

• Poultry/Small Animal Leg Bands • Bird Bands • Booklet Rings/Book Binding • Electric Wire Harnessing • Decorative Chains • Display Sign Hangers • Arts and Crafts • Plant and Tree Identification • Asset Bands • Equipment Markers

plastic spiral leg bands

Inside Diameter

National’s most widely used and versatile product. Hundreds of uses, made of strong, resilient, colored plastic rod. Spirals are not numbered.

Other Uses for Plastic Spirals
sign hangers

Sign Hangers

Material: Coiled Plastic.

APPLICATOR: None required.

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      StyleDescriptionper 1000Charges11002003004005006007008009001000500010000
      2104Plastic Spiral, Size 4.2BULK 1000/$0.055 EACH0.
      2105Plastic Spiral, Size 5.25BULK 1000/$0.055 EACH0.
      2106Plastic Spiral, Size 6.50BULK 1000/$0.057 EACH0.
      2107Plastic Spiral, Size 7.75BULK 1000/$0.058 EACH0.
      2108Plastic Spiral, Size 81BULK 1000/$0.059 EACH0.
      2109Plastic Spiral, Size 91BULK 1000/$0.059 EACH0.
      2110Plastic Spiral, Size 101.25BULK 1000/$0.060 EACH0.
      2111Plastic Spiral, Size 111.5BULK 1000/$0.060 EACH0.
      2112Plastic Spiral, Size 122BULK 1000/$0.065 EACH0.
      2114Plastic Spiral, Size 142.5BULK 1000/$0.076 EACH0.
      2116Plastic Spiral, Size 163.25BULK 1000/$0.084 EACH0.