Plastic Apron Tag – Style 2351AT


These plastic apron tags are our most popular style of Lead Apron ID Tags to help you stay compliant and pass inspections! See the exclusive Year Compliance Discs below that are available for this style only.

Minimum 20 tags per color & layout. Tags come in increments of 20.
(Example: If you need 75 Green with “Surgery” and 50 Green with “Radiology”, you would have to order 80 “Surgery” and 60 “Radiology”.)

plastic apron tag

Style 2351AT Tag shown with Style 85V colored vinyl disc

plastic apron tag and year disc

Style 2351AT Tag shown with Style 85V colored vinyl disc

various plastic apron tags

Number/Letter Options
Option 1- Number 1 side
Plastic Tag for marking xray aprons
Option 2 – Number 1 side, 1 line other side
Option 3 – Number 1 side, 2 lines other side
Option 4* – Bar Code 1 side, 1 line other sidePlastic Tag for marking xray aprons
Option 5* – Bar Code 1 side, 2 lines other side

Option 6** – Data Matrix 1 side, 1 line other side
Option 7** – Data Matrix 1 side, 2 lines other side

*For Linear Barcodes, 6 alphanumeric digits will fit on the tag. Linear Barcodes use Code 128 symbology.

**For Data Matrix Codes, we recommend up to 20 alphanumeric characters. We have tested up to 49 characters, which will still read, but is not ideal. The more characters, the more dense the data matrix. The more dense the data matrix, the more likely you will have issues with the scanner being able to read it.

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      The Tags are working out very well. Actually I worked with your company and one of the VP’s in coming up with both the white tag and the colored circle tag to designate the year. In fact during several Joint Commission Inspections gave us high praise for the system. I track the aprons on an Excel spreadsheet. We have over 2,000 aprons in the facility., and everyone is surprised at how well we can track and monitor the aprons in the facility. I am very happy as well as the administration in the hospital with the system. In fact one of the vendors copied the idea.


      automatic lead apron tagger

      Style 2351SA Auto Tagger – see price below

      standard lead apron tagger

      Style 2351S Standard Applicator – see price below