Poultry Wing Bands

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Are you in need of wing bands for your chickens or roosters? Look no further! We offer a variety of wing bands to meet everyone’s needs from breeding, to research, to game birds and more. Whether you need sequential numbering, your company’s name or a barcode, we can accommodate almost any identification need.

To help you decide which wing band is best for you, view the comparison chart below.

National Band & Tag Wing Band Feature Comparison Chart
Wing Band / Features Tamper Resistant Available Bar coded Materials Applicator Fusion Colors Available Other Features
Tab End Style 898 No Yes Aluminum No Yes 4 different sizes available. Fast and easy to apply.

Style 890

Yes Yes Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes 3 different sizes available. Colored eyelets.

Style 892

Yes No Aluminum Yes

(Style 890s)

Yes Drawn tube that is similar to an eyelet

Style 893

No No Aluminum, Brass, Monel Yes

(Style 893s)

Yes Self-piercing


Wing Band News:nino-tags

  • The Zip 892 use to have a 1,000 band minimum, it has now been lowered to 100 band minimum.
  • Ñ ñ letters are now available for stamping.
  • All wing bands are now available in fusion colors.
  • Free samples available – call today!

The Zip 890 is one of our most popular wing band styles.

Share below what your favorite wing band is!

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